Negative Words That Start With L

Negative words that start with L can have a profound effect when used in conversation. From words of anger to words of disappointment, negative L-words are often used to express one’s displeasure or upset. It is important for those who use these words to be mindful and aware of their impact on the person or situation at hand.

Words like ‘lazy’, ‘loathe’, and ‘liar’ are all commonly used terms that carry a significant amount of negativity. These three words alone demonstrate how powerful and damaging language can be when it is used in an aggressive manner. Similarly, other words such as ‘lethargic’, ‘ludicrous’, and ‘limp’ carry a lot of weight when spoken out loud.

negative words that start with l

Negative Words With L

5 Popular Negative words with L

1- Languid: lacking energy or enthusiasm; sluggish.

2- Loutish: rude, crude, and uncouth in behavior.

3- Loathsome: causing intense disgust or revulsion.

4- Lurid: shocking; described in disgusting detail.

5- Labyrinthine: complicated and confusing; hard to understand.

List of Negative Words beginning with L

Laughably Loot Lambast
Lukewarm Lethargic Lacks
Layoff-happy Leer Litigious
Lonely Leak Lame-duck
Loveless Lost Loathsomely
Languorous Lanky Lure
Loser Lackluster Lemon
Loner Letch Limitations
Lying Livid Loath
Leaking Low-rated Leakage
Lechery Longingly Lagging
Ludicrous Lapsed Losing
Laughingstock Lagged Lurk
Leakages Lawlessness Languorously
Lowly Lurch Lewdness
Lurid Loathly Listless
Limp Losers Lascivious
Lonesome Laconic Laid-off
Lethargy Lesser-known Loud
Loss Lifeless Loathing
Lies Licentious Lugubrious
Loopholes Lurking Leaky
Lamentably Lawbreaking Lack
Lament Lecherous Languish
Losses Loathe Limit
Lambaste Lackeys Limitation
Left-leaning Little-known Lamentable
Lackadaisical Lewdly Ludicrously
Lags Licentiously Liar
Lapses Long-winded Leaks
Long-time Lumpy Liable
Leech Less-developed Lose
Laughable Loneliness Lawbreaker
Languor Lewd Lapse
Lacked Loses Lethal
Leery Licentiousness Louder
Lecher Lazy Liability
Limited Longing Life-threatening
Lividly Loathsome Layoff
Lone Lame Lawless
Loose Lousy Lackey
Liars Lie Lunatic
Lull Languid Last-ditch
Lag Limits Lacking
Lied Lengthy Loophole
Lovelorn Latency  

Negative Words Starting with L

1- Laggard: Someone who is slow and behind in progress.

2- Lethargic: Sluggish, lacking enthusiasm or initiative.

3- Leprosy: A contagious infection that can cause disfigurement or disability.

4- Loutish: Rude, boorish, and uncouth behavior.

5- Luddite: Someone opposed to technology and progress.

6- Lurid: Horrifyingly graphic or shocking.

7- Leprous: Contagious and disfiguring skin disease caused by bacteria.

8- Libelous: False and damaging statement made about someone else.

9- Lust:  Intense and uncontrolled sexual desire.

10- Loathsome: Repulsive, disgusting, or offensive.

11- Lizard-brain: To be ruled by one’s base instincts and desires.

12- Lycanthropy: A delusion that one has transformed into a wolf or other animal.

13- Languid: Lacking energy or enthusiasm.

14- Lurker: Someone who watches others without participating in the activity.

15- Limp-wristed: Weak, lacking confidence and conviction.

16- Lavish: Excessively extravagant or wasteful spending.

17- Lagooning: To be inactive and unproductive; wasting time.

18- Levity: Showing a lack of seriousness or respect.

19- Laggardly: Slow, sluggish, and behind in progress.

20- Litigious: Quick to engage in legal action to settle disputes.

Popular Negative Words That Start With L Negative Words Starting With L