Negative Words That Start With N

Negative words that start with N can be powerful and damaging in a variety of contexts. From casual conversations to serious writings, these words can have a profound effect on the listener or reader. Whether one is trying to express strong emotions or just wants to point out something unpleasant, there are plenty of negative words.

For starters, the word “nasty” is often used as an insult to describe someone who has done something wrong or has acted in an unkind manner. Similarly, “nefarious” is typically associated with activities that are morally wrong and illegal such as fraud and deception.

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Negative Words With N

5 Popular Negative words with N

1- Nefarious: wicked and immoral; evil.

2- Noisome: foul-smelling; disgusting or offensive.

3- Nominal: minimal or insignificant in amount or degree.

4- Narrow-minded: having a limited point of view; intolerant to new ideas or change.

5- Notorious: widely known, especially for something bad or immoral.

List of Negative Words beginning with N

Numb Neurotic Nepotism
Nonsense Needy Negativity
Neglected Nonresponsive Nefarious
Nightmarishly Nagging Niggles
Nauseates Negligent Notoriously
Notorious Nitpick Negation
Nastily Nervously Naïve
Nemesis Naive Nastiness
Nosey Nasty Nuisance
Neurotically Negatives Niggle
Neglect Nervous Noise
Needlessly Nebulous Nervousness
Non-confidence Nauseating Naughty
Nettlesome Noises Noxious
Negate Nauseate Noisier
Negative Needless Nag
Nettle Nebulously Nightmare
Nefariously Naively Noisy
Negligence Notoriety Nauseatingly
Nightmarish Narrower Nonexistent

Negative Words Starting with N

1- Neophyte: A beginner or newcomer, someone with little experience.

2- Narcissistic: Excessively self-centered, vain, and admiring oneself.

3- Nefarious: Wicked and evil in nature.

4- Negligent: Failing to take proper care in doing something; careless.

5- Neologism: A newly coined term or phrase that is not yet accepted as the standard language.

6- Nitpicking: Pointing out small flaws and details in order to criticize someone.

7- Naivete: Ignorant, gullible, and lacking experience.

8- Noxious: Harmful or poisonous in nature.

9- Nonchalant: Showing no concern; indifferent to what is happening around them.

10- Necrophilia: Attraction to corpses or dead bodies.

11- Nominalism: The belief that universal concepts exist only in name and not in reality.

12- Nihilism: The belief that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded or meaningless.

13- Nabob: Someone who has become wealthy through dishonest means.

14- Neologize: To use new words or expressions that are not yet accepted as the standard language.

15- Neurotic: Having unhealthy or irrational thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

16- Nattering: To talk incessantly without saying anything of importance.

17- Nagging: Constant and annoying reminders about something; a persistent complaint or request.

18- Narcotize: To dull the senses with drugs or alcohol.

19- Nonsensical: Not making sense; illogical and absurd.

20- Nefariousness: The state or quality of being wicked and evil.

Popular Negative Words That Start With N Negative Words Starting With N