Negative Words That Start With O

Negative words that start with “O” can be a little difficult to find, but they certainly exist. Outrageous behavior or ideas, for example, might be seen as disrespectful or dangerous. On the other hand, one might feel overwhelmed by a situation and become overly obstinate in their approach.

Other negative words include ominous and oppressive. Ominous implies a sense of dread, while oppressive relates more to the feeling of being restricted or controlled by something. Overbearing is another word that suggests someone who is too demanding or pushy; one who uses their power in an unjust way against those weaker than them. Opprobrium refers to public disgrace or contempt and is often used to describe criticism of behavior that goes against accepted norms or values.

negative words that start with o

Negative Words With O

5 Popular Negative words with O

1- Obdurate: stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or attitude.

2- Obstinate: determined to have one’s own way; pigheaded.

3- Odious: arousing intense dislike and disgust; hateful.

4- Oblique: indirect in a way that is difficult to understand.

5- Ominous: suggesting that something bad or harmful is likely to happen.

List of Negative Words beginning with O

Overthrow Obscurity Over-awe
Overloaded Offend Overweight
Obstinate Occluding Oppressive
Outlaw Obstruct Obese
Overstated Overblown Overbalance
Outbursts Obliterated Obnoxious
Overpriced Over-hyped Oddest
Outmoded Odor Overwhelming
Overtaxed Oppose Overshadow
Oversight Oppressiveness Ordeal
Obstruction Overdone Obstructed
Overturn Occluded Overwhelm
Outrageousness Overemphasize Obscene
Overact Obsess Overreach
Obstructing Obsolete Oblivious
Overstatements Oversize Overdue
Overzealously Overpower Offensive
Overrated Outbreak Oppression
Overwhelmingly Oppress Over-priced
Obscenity Outrage Offender
Oddly Overbalanced Overacted
Opinionated Ostracize Onerously
Ominously Overkill Outsider
Overrun Obtrusive Objectionable
Obsessively Oversights Object
Occlude Oblique Overawe
Orphan Opponent Oversimplification
Opportunistic Overstatement Odder
Oppressively Objection Offenses
Overheat Omission Officious
Obscenely Oversimplify Outrageous
Obstructs Outraged Overthrows
Overpaid Offensiveness Occludes
Oddity Over-balanced Obscures
Outcry Obsessive Overstates
Obliterate Offending Obnoxiously
Over-valuation Offence Odd
Omit Overbearing Obtuse
Obstinately Offensively Overstate
Opposition Outrageously Overwhelmed
Onslaught Oppressors Outburst
Obstacle Overwhelms Outcast
Obsessiveness Over-acted Overbearingly
Ominous One-sided Overplay
Overlook Objections Obscure
Oversimplified Overzealous Oppositions
Onerous Oddities Outrages
Overdo Obscured  

Negative Words Starting with O

1- Obsequious: Excessively compliant, servile, and eager to please in an unctuous manner.

2- Obstreperous: Noisy and disruptive in nature; difficult to control or manage.

3- Obdurate: Refusing to change one’s views, beliefs, or behavior; stubbornly intractable.

4- Odious: Deserving of hatred and aversion; repugnant and loathsome.

5- Obsolete: Outdated and no longer useful; antiquated or archaic.

6- Obstinate: Refusing to change one’s views, beliefs, or behavior, often for selfish reasons.

7- Occult: Involving supernatural forces and secretive knowledge that is obscure or hidden from general understanding.

8- Ominous:  Foreboding and portending danger or harm; threatening.

9- Obtuse: Displaying a lack of understanding, insight, or sharpness of mind; stupid.

10- Opprobrium: Harsh criticism and condemnation; public disgrace and dishonor.

11- Ornery: Difficult to deal with and unpleasant in nature; cantankerous.

12- Opprobrious: Expressing or characterized by contempt, insult, and scorn.

13- Overbearing: Domineering and oppressive in nature; controlling and arrogant.

14- Oxymoemon: A person who is wise in their own eyes yet lacks common sense.

15- Odium: A feeling of intense dislike or distaste; extreme hatred and aversion.

16- Onerous: Burdensome and oppressive in nature; difficult to accomplish or bear.

17- Ostentatious: Showy, pretentious, and flamboyant in an attempt to impress others.

18- Obfuscate: To deliberately obscure or make something confusing; to cloud the truth.

19- Offal: Waste or refuse, particularly animal entrails and other inedible parts.

20- Oblivion: Complete forgetfulness; a state of not knowing or being aware of something.

Popular Negative Words That Start With O Negative Words Starting With O