Negative Words That Start With P

Negative words that start with P can be difficult to come by, but they exist. Most of these words are not pleasant and may cause discomfort or pain when used. Here is a list of common negative words that begin with the letter P:

negative words that start with p

Negative Words With P

5 Popular Negative words with P

1- Pariah: an outcast; someone who is socially rejected or excluded.

2- Perfunctory: done without any enthusiasm or interest; superficial.

3- Petulant: rude and bad-tempered; irritable and peevish.

4- Plodding: slow, methodical, and tedious.

5- Predatory: seeking to exploit or victimize others for one’s own advantage.

List of Negative Words beginning with P

Provocation Pessimism Prejudicial
Pernicious Prison Pitilessly
Pathetic Pry Parody
Penalty Pandering Paradoxically
Paranoia Pettifog Pillage
Polluters Prattle Phobia
Perplexing Protest Pricey
Pretense Powerless Perturb
Pervasive Procrastinate Preoccupy
Penalize Pinch Panders
Payback Precarious Pitifully
Pugnacity Protracted Poisonously
Profanity Paucity Prohibit
Poor Poorest Painfully
Puzzled Picket Prick
Phobic Provoke Pig
Pugnacious Predicament Parasite
Perilous Prickles Perversely
Presumptuous Pessimistic Peril
Peculiar Panicking Procrastination
Phony Petrified Perturbed
Protesting Proprietary Prickle
Punitive Problems Plague
Partisan Procrastinates Pout
Polluter Pales Pariah
Punch Pollute Preposterous
Punk Perversity Precariously
Perfidious Puny Perish
Pittance Pitiful Pathetically
Paradoxical Pretentious Patronize
Presumptuously Paralyzed Partiality
Pointlessly Posturing Plunderer
Plight Primitive Prejudice
Profane Picketing Persecution
Pest Prohibitive Pedantic
Perplexity Picky Pertinaciously
Pander Paltry Pretend
Poorly Partisans Poison
Perplex Peevish Prohibitively
Poisonous Protested Pimple
Pompous Pains Puzzlement
Persecute Pain Puppet
Passiveness Peeled Plagiarize
Prideful Perilously Plot
Pleas Perversion Propagandize
Precipitous Picketed Precipitate
Provocative Problem Plea
Panicked Pigs Pitiable
Painful Puppets Premeditated
Perverts Pratfall Pessimistically
Protests Pertinacity Pity
Perverse Peeve Preposterously
Pitiless Pillory Plotters
Pretentiously Pickets Petty
Plaything Panicky Pandemonium
Prosecute Pokey Predatory
Pugnaciously Passive Pointless
Pan Pauper Poorer
Poverty Panic Petrify
Punish Prate Perplexed
Pestilent Prejudices Prevaricate
Peeved Plebeian Ploy
Problematic Paranoid Prisoner
Pertinacious Pervert Propaganda
Perfunctory Pale Puzzling
Paupers Punishable Poky
Peevishly Plunder Pique
Prejudge Peculiarly Pricier

Negative Words Starting with P

1- Pessimistic: having a negative outlook on life.

2- Petulant: childish and bad-tempered.

3- Procrastinate: deliberately delay something.

4- Paranoia: an extremely irrational fear of being persecuted by others.

5- Passive Aggressive: expressing feelings of anger indirectly.

6- Pusillanimous: cowardly or timid behavior.

7- Prejudice: an attitude formed without sufficient knowledge.

8- Pedantic: excessively concerned with details or rules.

9- Paranoid: feeling as though people are out to get you.

10- Petrified: filled with fear and terror.

11- Pointless: having no useful purpose.

12- Plodding: tedious and dull work, especially at a slow pace.

13- Perplexed: feeling confused or uncertain.

14- Patronizing: treating someone in an overly condescending way.

15- Prudish: being too conservative in matters of sexual morality.

16- Phobic: an irrational fear of something.

17- Precipitous: done in haste or without due care.

18- Pejorative: intended to be insulting or degrading.

19- Perfidious: deceitful and untrustworthy behavior.

20- Pernicious: having a harmful influence or effect.

Popular Negative Words That Start With P Negative Words Starting With P