Negative Words That Start With R

Negative words that start with the letter ‘R’ can often be hurtful and damaging. They can also be used to belittle, manipulate, or criticize someone. However, understanding what these words mean and how they can be used is essential if you want to avoid using them in a negative way.

Racism is one of the most common negative words. It is defined as prejudice against people of other races or ethnicities and is considered highly offensive.

Other negative terms include ridicule, which means mocking someone’s weaknesses or flaws; rejection which refers to refusing something; and resentment, meaning a feeling of anger towards someone for an injustice they have done.

negative words that start with r

Negative Words With R

5 Popular Negative words with R

1- Rabble: a disorderly crowd; an unruly mob.

2- Revolting: causing intense disgust or revulsion.

3- Repugnant: extremely distasteful; arousing strong dislike or disapproval.

4- Repellent: causing others to feel disgusted, aversion, or repugnance.

5- Rancorous: having a strong feeling of bitterness or resentment; spiteful.

List of Negative Words beginning with R

Ridicules Recalcitrant Repulsively
Rankle Retards Regrettable
Rupture Rife Rail
Rumbling Rot Ruffle
Ruined Recoil Refutes
Repetitive Reprovingly Redundancy
Ranting Rhapsodize Restriction
Restless Reproach Rash
Rattled Revenge Resent
Raging Regression Rotten
Racist Ruthlessly Repudiate
Regretfully Rigid Ridicule
Remorselessly Revile Rusty
Reviled Reprehensibly Reprehensive
Risks Refuse Resurgent
Redundant Ridiculously Refute
Rift Repulse Ruinous
Ramshackle Retaliatory Ravage
Resignation Recant Rampant
Racists Ruthlessness Rude
Revengefully Refusal Recklessly
Rattle Rhetorical Revulsion
Retaliate Riled Retreated
Rejected Rumors Revengeful
Repressive Repel Rivalry
Ruins Rigidity Renunciation
Resentful Rip Reactionary
Repudiation Raked Rip-off
Randomly Regrettably Regretful
Rust Ruffian Restlessness
Rusts Resigned Ruin
Rumor Remorseful Repression
Reluctantly Relentless Retarded
Repulsing Revert Refuses
Raped Recessionary Revoke
Radical Rants Refutation
Rascal Rollercoaster Roadblocks
Resistance Repress Rumple
Remorsefully Rant Rage
Revolt Remorseless Rhetoric
Regress Reprehensible Risky
Rape Ripped Runaway
Radicalization Reject Retard
Rancor Relentlessly Rejects
Raving Revoltingly Repugnant
Refused Repugnance Ridiculous
Retract Rejection Rubbish
Refuted Regret Risk
Repulsiveness Rebuke Reprove
Recession Ricer Rascals
Regretted Rattles Radically
Resentment Regrets Refuting
Relentlessness Restrict Refusing
Recourses Rejecting Rue
Rogue Revulsive Remorselessness
Repugnantly Rifts Run-down
Remorse Rocky Rabid
Rut Reprehension Reprimand
Rough Recklessness Rigidness
Reproachful Ranted Reckless
Repulsive Restricted Radicals
Relapse Reluctance Retreat
Ruining Reticent Raping
Rebellious Revolting Rampage
Rival Racism Ruthless
Rile Renounce Ragged
Reluctant Regressive Repulsed
Racy Ruts Restrictive

Negative Words Starting with R

1- Rabble-Rouser: one who stirs up a mob or crowd for political reasons.

2- Reclusive: Avoid contact with other people, usually through shyness.

3- Rebellious: acting against authority or convention.

4- Rancorous: filled with intense bitterness and hatred.

5- Reactive: responding to a stimulus in an exaggerated way.

6- Rabid: having extreme opinions and enthusiasm for something.

7- Recrimination: blaming someone else for your own wrongdoings.

8- Repellent: causing distaste or repugnance.

9- Rebellious: refusing to obey authority or accept social norms.

10- Rancid: having a bad smell and taste, often because of age.

11- Reticent: reserved or uncommunicative in speech.

12- Repugnant: arousing intense distaste or opposition.

13- Risible: laughable, ridiculous, or absurd.

14- Reprobate: someone who is morally depraved and beyond redemption.

15- Rapacious: excessively greedy or grasping.

16- Reviled: to be held in extremely low regard by others.

17- Rhetorical: using language for the purpose of persuasion or deception.

18- Rudimentary: limited in scope or understanding, primitive.

19- Retaliatory: done in response to an injury or insult.

20- Rigorous: demanding great effort, attention, and accuracy.

Popular Negative Words That Start With R Negative Words Starting With R