Negative Words That Start With S

The English language has a vast array of words and phrases, some of which can have a negative connotation. In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used negative words that start with the letter S.

Some common examples include “scorn,” “spiteful,” and “stingy.” These words are often used to describe an individual who is unkind or lacks generosity.

Additionally, they can be used to describe actions that are mean-spirited or unfair. The word “snub” is another example; it usually implies a lack of respect or recognition for someone or something.

The terms “scam” and “sham” can also be considered negative as they indicate deceitfulness or dishonesty on the part of an individual.

negative words that start with s

Negative Words With S

5 Popular Negative words with S

1- Shoddy: of poor quality; made with inferior materials.

2- Spurious: lacking authenticity or validity; false or counterfeit.

3- Squalid: filthy and sordid; in a disgusting condition.

4- Stingy: unwilling to share or give away money, possessions, or resources.

5- Slothful: habitually lazy and slow; disinclined to work or exertion.

List of Negative Words beginning with S

Shortcoming Standstill Scandalized
Smear Stupid Sermonize
Spoil Swelled Salacious
Sloppy Struck Shamefulness
Squander Scoundrel Snare
Subvert Skinny Strain
Shortsighted Startle Sadly
Skeptic Sleazy Stolen
Strictly Sidetracked Stifle
Sinfully Stingingly Sinisterly
Stink Scarce Smoke
Stuttering Scathingly Smuttier
Subpoena Secretive Sorrow
Sully Self-serving Spilling
Surrender Scarcity Smolder
Sty Sarcasm Slow
Struggles Shockingly Stalemate
Shaky Sporadic Shabby
Spookily Self-humiliation Spewed
Superstitious Satirize Sluggish
Stuffy Savaged Slumping
Stumbled Sharply Squeal
Set-up Spoilages Swindle
Sadden Slaves Strict
Scolded Snag Subservient
Siege Stifling Slanderer
Strangest Selfish Spinster
Susceptible Scornful Snappish
Subversive Shrew Starvation
Shortchange Stampede Scuffs
Solicitude Sugarcoated Shipwreck
Stab Skulk Strange
Shirk Stagnant Seedy
Sorrowfully Sunk Seething
Sour Superficial Shunned
Stereotype Scarier Smudge
Subdued Sham Spurious
Scare Smoldering Stymied
Shortness Starkly Scary
Smugly Submissive Shortsightedness
Startling Sensationalize Spitefulness
Suspiciously Sinking Stodgy
Sagging Slogging Strike
Shame Sputter Savages
Slut Stump Sever
Spook Symptom Scandalous
Smell Stupidest Sagged
Slogged Strife Slanderous
Strangle Simplistically Stigmatize
Shimmer Squeals Scared
Smother Sub-par Scapegoat
Smelly Stutter Savage
Slump Stumble Short-lived
Stalls Shocked Stains
Shambles Spurn Shrivel
Stealing Shark Squeaky
Scrambled Sneakily Sucker
Skeptically Stooges Shatter
Squealing Self-defeating Spank
Superfluous Second-tier Soreness
Sullen Sickening Stern
Skeletons Stole Shriek
Starve Second-class Sorely
Sulk Setback Spoiled
Swipe Shroud Steals
Scam Sly Stumps
Selfishly Spiritless Suspect
Sadness Slime Strident
Shrouded Steep Sags
Sloppily Stringently Scourge
Snarky Succumb Scorn
Snags Subversion Skittish
Strained Sinful Stinging
Shadowy Spooky Skittishly
Straining Severe Spookier
Symptoms Sinister Stingy
Skeptical Stooge Screwed-up
Sober Suffocate Self-criticism
Spade Superficially Screw-up
Soapy Suffering Scratched
Snob Sues Shamefully
Squabbling Senselessly Split
Swamped Shimmy Squirm
Scarily Smudges Subjection
Sardonic Slower Stubborn
Scandals Smelling Stupidly
Shirker Stagnate Slanders
Strenuous Sarcastic Slow-moving
Struggling Scars Smug
Subjugation Sass Slowly
Stubbornness Sidetrack Stiffness
Sickeningly Stew Severity
Spookiest Syndrome Self-coup
Sourly Superficiality Skepticism
Stormy Screwy Sobering
Sugar-coat Sanctimonious Sloth
Struggle Sacrificed Slaughtered
Stressfully Shit Stagnation
Scuff Solemn Sugar-coated
Shoddy Stall Scold
Smutty Subservience Sedentary
Sorrowful Sunder Sick
Stereotypical Sarcastically Slowed
Strut Shrug Steeply
Skimpy Straggler Slap
Stress Scramble Sneak
Sucked Shameful Squabble
Saggy Slogs Stringent
Scratches Snobbish Suffer
Scrap Sneering Sue
Scaly Sluts Stumped
Shock Stain Semi-retarded
Spiteful Suspicions Scariest
Smudged Subjected Selfishness
Spite Suspicion Shortcomings
Stark Shamelessly Squeak
Scrambling Sneer Sucky
Simplistic Stigma Scathing
Smut Subordinate Scorching
Snagging Subtract Shun
Stench Servitude Spoilage
Swelling Scandalize Smash
Stunted Self-interested Spews
Suppression Scandalously Smelled
Stupidity Shortage Stammer
Satirical Slug Stuck
Scowl Snarl Suck
Savagery Slur Stumbles
Sabotage Slashing Stresses
Setbacks Spoils Swollen
Scornfully Snappishly Subversively
Scoff Smuttiest Subpoenas
Scratchy Snobby Suffered
Shady Spoon-fed Scarred
Smudging Subjugate Scarcely
Smokescreen Stutters Scrambles
Sneaky Sucks Sin
Sting Sickness Stiff
Shocking Stale Scum
Somber Suicidal Senile
Spitefully Suspicious Showdown
Startlingly Sketchy Straggle
Screwed Sob Suffers
Sickly Sticky Slack
Strangely Seethe Sorry
Sunken Self-destructive Spew
Superstition Silly Stiflingly
Scar Smelt Stuttered
Shrill Static Self-interest
Spewing Suppress Sap
Slothful Struggled Scant
Smells Stupor Seriousness
Splitting Sweaty Shake
Spoon-feed Sack Slaughter
Stressful Scratch Sneeringly
Sued Scream Snobs
Sufferer Shamelessness Squeaks
Sink Stinks Shameless
Squash Sardonically Slowest
Stubbornly Scams Smack
Stun Shiver Staid
Sag Slog Stridently
Sicken Stereotypically Slander
Stranger Shrilly Steal
Scummy Sore Suicide
Sad Slave Stricken
Screech Snub Sufferers
Scolding Snagged Substandard
Senseless Splatter Swagger
Slanderously Streaky Shallow
Spotty Scandal Smallish

Negative Words Starting with S

1- Sacrilegious: disrespecting or violating something sacred.

2- Scurrilous: using vulgar and offensive language.

3- Sabotage: intentionally destroying or damaging property.

4- Slothful: lazy, slow to act, lacking in effort.

5- Stingy: unwilling to give or share generously.

6- Superficial: shallow, lacking in substance or depth.

7- Scandalous: causing public outrage due to extreme immorality.

8- Shrill: high pitched and piercing; loud and unpleasant.

9- Splenetic: having an ill-tempered and spiteful disposition.

10- Scant: insufficient, lacking, or inadequate in amount.

11- Salacious: suggestive of sexual indecency or immorality.

12- Solicitous: overly attentive and concerned with someone’s welfare.

13- Spurious: not genuine, false, or counterfeit.

14- Subversive: working against the established rules or authority.

15- Smug: overly and unpleasantly self-satisfied.

16- Sluggish: characterized by slow movement or dullness.

17- Scatheful: causing harm, hurtful or damaging.

18- Shallow: lacking in depth or substance.

19- Snide: expressing sarcasm in a subtle, usually insulting way.

20- Spartan: marked by extreme self-discipline and austerity.

Popular Negative Words That Start With S Negative Words Starting With S