Negative Words That Start With X

Negative words that start with the letter X have an intimidating and powerful effect. From ‘xenophobia’ to ‘xanthophobic’, these words convey strong feelings of fear and dislike. Understanding the meaning of negative words starting with X can be difficult as they often originate from other languages or may not have a direct English translation.

Xenophobia is perhaps one of the most well-known negative words beginning with X. It is defined as an intense or irrational fear or hatred of people from other countries, cultures, or ethnicities and has become increasingly prominent in recent years. Another more obscure word is xanthophobic, which means someone has an abnormal fear of yellow objects or colors. Other examples include xerophobia (fear of dryness), xenodochial (unfriendly toward strangers) and xeric (extremely dry).

Popular Negative Words That Start With X Negative Words With X

5 Popular Negative words with X

1- Xenophobic: having or showing fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.

2- Xanthic: foul and yellowish in color; unhealthy.

3- Xeric: lacking sufficient moisture; extremely dry.

4- Xenial: hostile, unfriendly, and unsympathetic.

5- Xiphoid: sharply pointed; having a sword like shape or point.

List of Negative Words beginning with X

Negative Words Starting with X

1- Xenophobia: fear, hatred, or mistrust of strangers or foreigners.

2- Xerostomia: dryness of the mouth caused by a lack of saliva.

3- Xanthous: having an unnatural yellow color to skin, hair, etc.

4- Xenial: hostile or unfriendly in attitude or manner.

5- Xeric: unusually dry and providing little moisture.

6- Xanthophobia: fear of the color yellow or things related to it.

7- Xerophyte: plant adapted to survive in a hot, arid environment.

8- Xyster: medical instrument used for scraping or smoothening surfaces.

9- Xenolith: a foreign rock fragment found in an igneous rock.

10- Xylophagous: feeding on, infesting, or boring into wood.

11- Xeranthemum: having a dry and withered appearance.

12- Xanthic: of or related to the color yellow.

13- Xenophobic: having an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers.

14- Xanthelasma: a yellow patch of fatty deposits under the skin around the eyes.

15- Xenodochium: a public inn or guesthouse where travelers could stay.

16- Xanthomatous: having yellow tumors on the skin as a symptom of the disease.

17- Xystus: an open, colonnaded court used for exercise in ancient Rome.

18- Xerophthalmia: dryness and soreness of the eyeballs caused by a lack of vitamin A.

19- Xanthan: an artificial thickening, stabilizing, and suspending agent used in food.

20- Xanthopsia: an abnormal yellowish discoloration of vision.

Negative Words Starting With X

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