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Neo prefix is a term used to describe an object or action that is new, different, or improved in some way. It can be used to describe anything from a new fashion trend to the latest technological advance. Often times, something described as “neo” is seen as being superior to older versions of the same thing. For example, the newest version of a phone or computer would be considered neo.

Neo Prefix Words Meanings

Neobavaisoflavone Meaning

What is Neobavaisoflavone? Neobavaisoflavone is a newly discovered flavone that is found in the rhizomes of Curcuma zedoaria. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the potential anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects of neobavaisoflavone.

Neobehavioralism Meaning

Neobehavioralism is a relatively new school of thought in psychology that combines aspects of both behavioralism and cognitive psychology. Proponents of neobehavioralism believe that cognitive processes, such as thinking and decision-making, should be taken into account when studying human behavior. In other words, neobehavioralists believe that behavior cannot be fully understood without taking into account the person’s thoughts and feelings.

Neobehaviorism Meaning

Behaviorism is the scientific study of observable behavior. It is a psychological approach that focuses on the external behavior of people and animals, rather than their internal thoughts and feelings. Behaviorism was founded by John Watson in 1913, and it has been influential in both psychology and education.

Neobehaviorist Meaning

Neobehaviorism, as a scientific term, has been in use for barely over two decades. It refers to a new way of looking at behavior, one that takes into account both the environment and the individual’s inner state. Proponents of neobehaviorism say that it can provide a more complete understanding of how people behave and interact with each other. Critics charge that neobehaviorism is little more than a new name for an old way of thinking.

Neobehaviourism Meaning

In psychology, neobehaviourism is the view that behaviour should be explained in terms of the interaction between psychological and environmental factors. This approach is in contrast to the traditional behaviourism view, which considers only environmental factors in the explanation of behaviour.

Neobehaviourist Meaning

When discussing the meaning of neobehaviourism, it is important to first understand the definition of behaviourism. Behaviourism is a philosophical movement that believes that all behaviour can be explained by environmental factors. It does not take into account mental states or cognitive processes. Neobehaviourism is a term that was coined in the 1970s to describe a movement within behaviourism that took into account mental states and cognitive processes.

Neobetanidin Meaning

Neobetanidin is a flavonoid that belongs to the group of anthocyanins. It is found in various plant species, including red cabbage (Brassica oleracea), black rice (Oryza sativa), and blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum). Neobetanidin has a range of potential health benefits, including antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects. It is also thought to improve cardiovascular health and protect against age-related cognitive decline.

Neobetanin Meaning

Neobetanin is a pigment found in nature that can be made synthetically. It is a red color and is used in food, cosmetics, and other products. The pigment has been around for centuries, but its precise meaning has not always been clear.

Neobladder Meaning

A neobladder is a surgically created urinary storage organ made from a section of small intestine. After the bladder is removed, the surgeon brings one end of the small intestine up to the urinary opening and attaches it there. This forms a new bladder-like structure.

Neoblast Meaning

A neoblast is a young and undifferentiated cell that can develop into any type of specialized cell in the body. These cells are found in embryos and in some adult tissues, such as the bone marrow and skin. In embryos, neoblasts help to build the body’s organs and tissues. In adults, they may help to replace damaged or aging cells.

Words That Start With Neo | List of Neo- (Prefix)

Neoempiricism Neoglucobrassicin Neofascistic
Neophyte Neocapitalism Neoepithelium
Neoabietic Neobehaviourism Neoechinulin
Neolith Neo-Catholic Neocortical
Neocancer Neoconjugate Neoenzyme
Neorealist Neocolonialists Neoandrographolide
Neology Neobetanin Neoevolutionism
Neoformalism Neoned Neoplasia
Neoendocrine Neobavaisoflavone Neoblast
Neocortices Neocatastrophism Neochromosome
Neoaconitine Neocortex Neomorphs
Neo-atheist Neoplasm Neodrosopterin
Neoadjuvantly Neobehaviorist Neophiliacs
Neo-Darwinism Neocartilaginous Neoautopolyploid
Neocon Neoattine Neoatherosclerotic
Neofascist Neomorph Neofunctionalism
Neocriticism Neochlorogenic acid Neofeudalist
Neologizes Neonatologist Neophiliac
Neoglacial Neocortexes Neogambogic acid
Neorealism Neocyanine Neoclassical
Neo-creationism Neogeography Neo-eugenics
Neologizing Neoadjuvancy Neoterics
Neonatologies Neoliths Neofolk
Neoconservatism Neoallergen Neochondrogenesis
Neoplasties Neo-Christianity Neocembrene
Neoclassicist Neoantigenic Neoliberalisms
Neoethnicity Neoglucogenic Neogastropod
Neocolonialist Neophytes Neoplasticism
Neophytic Neocentromere Neocubism
Neoevolution Neoprenes Neotypes
Neofemale Neologies Neofeudalism
Neonatology Neoglycoconjugate Neoadventitial
Neofunctionalist Neocritical Nearthrosis
Neofan Neofunctionalisation Neotenies
Neoendothelialization Neoglucogenesis Neocassette
Neoculturation Neobetanidin Neodeposition
Neoepidermis Neoantigen Neodiagnosis
Neogambogic Neocerebellar
Neotenous Neoplastic Neocarrabiose
Neocasomorphin Neoclovene Neologic
Neocentromeric Neonatal Neocyte
Neoliberal Neoplasticisms Neostigmines
Neodymiums Neocytolysis Neomycins
Neo-charismatic Neoconceptual Neo-authoritarianism
Neoehrlichiosis Neocentric Neofeudal
Neoammonite Neoliberalism Neoelastogenesis
Neo-druid Neoaspidistrin Neocolonialism
Neoexpression Neoteric Neodihydrocarveol
Neoplasticists Neocorporatism Neoallopolyploid
Neoorthodoxies Neocardiomyogenesis Neologisms
Neobehaviorism Neobank Neofeminist
Neoformalist Neofascism Neocosmic
Neoclassicism Neocolonialization Neoadjuvant
Neoconservativism Neoepitope Neologized
Neoflavonoid Neo-Aramaic Neogenesis
Neorealistic Neocardiovascular Neoorthodoxy
Neoteny Neorealisms Neon
Neocracy Neogeneration Neo-Attic
Neoplasias Neotropics Neoconceptualist
Neocapitalist Neo-Druidry Neoliberals
Neoclassicisms Neocollagenesis Neocommunism
Neo-druidism Neologist Neophilia
Neogenetic Neocolonialisms Neodomestication
Neofunctionalize Neotenic Neoendorphin
Neoautotetraploid Neoalveolarization Neocons
Neoantigenicity Neogen Neobehavioralism
Neoclassicists Neocapillary Neoatherogenesis
Neolithic Neoendothelium Neodermis
Neonatologists Neocapitalistic Neoconceptualism
Neorealists Neobanking Neoendemic
Neoatheist Neodermal Neodecanoic
Neoambrosin Neologism
Neoepithelial Neofunctionalization Neoconservative
Neoprene Neoevolutionist Neologize
Neoepitopic Neocolonialistic Neocartilage
Neoclassic Neofunctionalise Neonatally
Neoglucodigifucoside Neoangiogenesis Neophilias
Neodolastane Neoorthodox Neonate
Neocriticist Neoepidermal Neons
Neodiapsid Neostigmine Neotype
Neocervix Neobehaviourist Neologistic
Neoepithelialization Neoendemism Neochlorogenic
Neoagarobiose Neoplasms Neomycin
Neodymium Neobladder Neocarb
Neoplasty Neocerebellum Neologists
Neoformation Neogene Neofeudalistic
Neoempiricist Neocorticogenesis Neoarsphenamine
Neoglans Neo-colony Neofuturism
Neo-burlesque Neoatherosclerosis Neoassociationist
Neo-Dada Neoconcrete Neoformed
Neoamygdalin Neoallotetraploid Neonates
Neobaramin Neoburlesque Neoplasticist
Neoconcretism Neoglaciation Neoformative
Neofibrogenesis Neocolonial Neo-Baroque

Neo Root Word Examples – Infographics

neo prefixes 1 neo prefixes neo prefixes 2 neo prefixes 3 neo prefixes 4

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