O Vowel Words | Short and Long O Vowel Words

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O Vowel Words | Short and Long O Vowel Words! In phonetics, a vowel is a sound, such as “ah,” “oh,” or “ooh,” that is produced by the relatively free passage of air through the mouth. Every word in English has at least one vowel. Vowels are classified according to how they are produced.

The three major categories of vowels are monophthongs, diphthongs, and triphthongs. Monophthongs are produced when the airstream from the lungs is not obstructed as it passes through the mouth; they are therefore also sometimes called “unobstructed” or “pure” vowel sounds.

o vowel words

Short O Vowel Sound Words

Tom jog pot
sod pod cod
not lop hot
rot jot odd
god rod top
pop dog nod
bop don tot
dot mop lob
bog con mom
cog hog mob
cot log cop
got lot fog

Long O Vowel Sound Words

doe quote globe
although elbow soap
though oval yoga
note float wardrobe
lobe robe toe
cope mope total
row rose coal
hotel hollo meadow
probe elope snow
goat poach adobe
hope scope dough
boat wrote swallow
pope roe coat
window toast envelope

Short O Vowel Sound Words Long O Vowel Sound Words

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