500 Funny & Famous Penguin Names

Penguins are a unique and interesting species of bird. One of the things that makes them so special is the fact that they have several different names depending on where in the world you are. Here is a list of some of the different names for penguins: Penguin, Penguine, Penquin, Pingouin, Pinguino.

Well, we have arranged a list of 500 most awesome penguin names, so let us have a look.

Penguin Names List

List of Funny Names for Penguin

Fluffs Avalanche Curly
Icy Queen Demo Oreo
Freezle Mo Icepop
Fisher Dapper Dan Gimme Fish
Pacman Smurfette Happy
Skate Tapdance Gap Tooth
Fission Chips Emperor Sir Waddles
Pebble Friar Tuz Funkyfeathers
Madam Freezle    

List of Famous Names for Penguin

Norbert Kasey Berty
Jason Fisher Noodle
Frost Christy Nick
Albert Chris Pip
Chumly Solana Aurora
Winter Breeze Gatsby Peachy
Cleo Colon Pudge
Slusie Pepper Jasper
Mumble Noel Dog
Kippie Peace Totsie
Equinox Mickey  

List of Cool Names for Pet Penguin

Frosted Tom Emily
Jacob Maggie Pebble
Ebony Pee-Wee Mario
Melody Flippers Montana
Turbo Burly Poquita
Mike Bruno Blizzard
Tetra Carmen Skipper
Penny Icy Tux
Kiki Ping Zinger
Pluto Francesca Joy
Ice Pop Tops IceBird
Ivory Cassie Hubble
Pumpkin Frederico Hubie
FancyFrost Emerald Candy Cane
Misty Boats Pingy

List of Most Common Penguin Names

Levi Zabeth Filomena
Breeze Josey Shiloh
Icecube Calli Coraline
Charlie Shiver Ethan
Elvis Selda Betsy
Midnight Igloo Jingles

List of Penguin Names From Movies

Rosemary Piper Scarlett
Hulk Willow Peggy
Lola Stella Winter Chill
Jazzy Thyme Phil
Mira Cara Powly
Atlantic Wiggles Echo
Alpine Oreo Bumper

List of Female Penguin Names

Koko Kiki Honeypie
Hana Aurora Fancy
Ebony Judy Olivia
Ice Queen Pearl Natalie
Dahlia Rosalie Bobo
Cassie Dolo Dodo
Gogo Romanoff Lucy
Carla Suisui Alaska
Susie Alexa Maya
Snow Chirsty Mandella
Martini Penelope Silver
Zabeth Snowflake Bianca
Matilda Slushee Solana
Scarlett Harley Misty
Princess Sweetie Ted
Cherry Mattilda Simba
Emily Dimitri Pooh
Minnie Oreo Cat woman
Coco Pipa Stella
Fiona Skyler Piper

List of Male Penguin Pet Names

Dave Homer Tom
Coolio Beed Norwal
Jake Shorty Foroutman
Holiday Chester Baby
Turbo Pearl Sonny
Lennon Nibbles Torreto
Dolo Ethan Black Jack
Tai Iceland Cheeku
Jerrico Hobbes Little
Ezra Nayana Sherwin
Deckard Mike Comet
Phil Alpine Master Shifu
Copper Rocky Pingie
Pablo Eddy Puppy
Selda Tux Pepper
Munchkin Simba Milo
Frostie Earl Magneto
Kurt Tuxedo  

List of Cartoon Penguin Names

Slushee Frosty Helen
Penguia Kate Chance
Arctic Pedro Duke
Peepers Petal Tesla
Barney Blondie Mille
Poochie Pingie Domino
Ice Carrot Top Hobbes
Edward Rudolph Pingu
Pablo Puppy Sunshine
Mandy Dolo May
Joker Puff Ayana
Booboo Iceland Jake
Snow White Snowdrop Chilly
Elle Honey Bear Jenny
Crystal Bebe Ozzie
Lollipop Black Jack Jojo
Winter Mittens Boo
Hana King Skater
Cola Pebbles Nora
Tuffy Skyler Torreto
Penelope Glacier Glory
Happy Audrey Dexy
Pooly Ice-Cap Popper
DeeDee Icee Pitbull
Snowy Icing Bianca
Minnie Pearly Pannie
Jedi Sled Norwal
Romanoff Miss Fluffy Snowball
Wylie Graciela Picasso
Patience Bella Coke
Christmas Scout Vortex
Snowflake Carol Shine
Wobbles Artic Everest
Prince Holiday Muffin
Snow Angel Angel Daisy
Snowbelle Dahlia Martini
Fancy Squirt Comet
Mara Baby Doll Scuba
Icicles Sam Snow
Be Cool Ahi Poke Iceberg
Small Coolsquid Ici
Deckard Tapper Splash
Lady Sweetie Eric
Lily Anton Rox
Chirpy Ice Cube Coco
Koko Niki Dixy
Bobo Christian Sky
Presley Caruso Kane
Wonder Marlene Fiona
Holly Rosalie Knightley
Cookie Waddles Zorro
Newton Mars Lime
Cheeky Cindy Ezra
Smiley Dimitri Matilda
Trigger Pearl Flipper

List of Penguin Pet Names Related to Food

Lolly Abi Persimmon
Sunny Whiteblack Maya
Vanilla Icey Liz
Mia Immy Sammy
Juliet Packer Izzy
Rambo Icicle Icecream

Penguin Pet Names – Cards

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