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Peri is a prefix that comes from the Greek word meaning “around” or “near.” It is often used to describe something that is happening around a certain time or place. For example, perinatal means happening around the time of birth, and periscopic means occurring near or around the viewer.

Peri Prefix Words Meanings

Pericortical Meaning

What is pericortical meaning? Pericortical meaning is the study of meaning that is located around the perimeter of a word. This type of meaning can be found in both single words and phrases. There are several different ways to identify pericortical meaning, including looking at the word’s etymology, its usage within a sentence, and its relationship to other words in the text. Sometimes, pericortical meaning can be difficult to determine, but it is an important tool for understanding the full meaning of a word or phrase.

Pericostal Meaning

Pericostal is an adjective used to describe anything related to the periosteum. The periosteum is a thin membrane of connective tissue that covers and protects bones. It also contains nerves and blood vessels that supply the bone with nutrients.

Pericranial Meaning

The pericranium is the tough, fibrous membrane that covers and protects the brain. It is composed of dense connective tissue and is continuous with the dura mater, the outermost layer of the meninges. The pericranium consists of two layers: an outer layer called the epicranius and an inner layer called the endocranium. The epicranius is a thin, membranous layer that covers the surface of the skull. It is formed by a single sheet of epithelial cells and contains no blood vessels or nerves. The endocranium is a thicker, vascular layer that surrounds the brain. It contains blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves.

Pericratonic Meaning

In geology, the term pericratonic is used to describe a certain type of rock formation. The word “pericratonic” comes from the Greek words peri (meaning around) and krato (meaning strength or power). In other words, pericratonic rocks are those that have been formed around powerful forces.

Pericryptal Meaning

Pericryptal meaning refers to the location of something hidden or concealed. The term is often used when discussing the location of the uterus within the body. The pericryptal area is the space around and behind the uterus where it is located.

Pericutaneous Meaning

The prefix “peri” means around, and the root word “cutaneus” refers to the skin. So, pericutaneous means something that is around the skin. This can refer to anything from medications that are rubbed onto the skin to procedures like injections or IVs that are given through a small hole in the skin.

Pericuticular Meaning

There are many words in the English language with multiple meanings. One such word is “pericuticular.” This word has a few different definitions, all of which are related to one another. The first definition of this word is “of or relating to the hair on the head.” The second definition is “of or relating to the cuticle of the hair.” And finally, the third definition is “of or relating to the outside edge of something.” All three of these definitions are related because they all have to do with hair. The first two definitions are about the hair itself, while the third definition is about what is around the hair.

Pericycle Meaning

The pericycle is a layer of cells in the plant’s stem that surrounds the vascular tissue. This layer helps to transport nutrients and water throughout the plant. The pericycle is also responsible for the production of lateral root systems. Without the pericycle, plants would not be able to grow healthy and robust root systems.

Pericyclic Meaning

Pericyclic reactions are a type of organic reaction that involve the concerted movement of electron pairs between two or more atoms. This type of reaction generally occurs in cycles, hence the name pericyclic. The concerted movement of these electron pairs is what leads to the formation of new bonds and the rearrangement of atoms within the molecule.

Pericyst Meaning

The pericyst is a thin membrane that surrounds the renal pelvis and calyces of the kidney. It helps to support the kidney and acts as a barrier between the renal pelvis and the rest of the body. The pericyst also helps to regulate blood flow through the kidneys.

Words That Start With Peri | List of Peri- (Prefix)

Pericoronal Perienteric Periduodenal
Peribullar Periacinal Periependymal
Peribiliary Pericostal Periarterially
Pericavernous Periendothelial Periannular
Pericystectomy Pericensal Peribullary
Pericorneal Pericytic Pericondylar
Peridural Periacetabular Peribulbar
Periderm Pericicatricial Periendosteal
Perieruptional Pericratonic Pericyte
Pericondensed Periapsis Pericontusional
Periclinal Periarterial Pericentrin
Perichromatin Pericapsidic Peridermal
Periarbuscular Pericranial Periduodenitis
Pericutaneous Peridental Pericytoplasmic
Peridomiciliar Periaxial Periarthritis
Periapically Periantarctic Periclot
Pericholedochal Pericentral Periaqueductal
Perichordal Periappendicular Pericline
Perichondrally Pericardial Pericallosal
Periacinar Peribronchially Peribronchial
Periablational Perielectrode Periductular
Pericoronary Periapical Pericolic
Periastral Peribronchitis Peridomestic
Periapex Peribronchiole Periarachnoid
Periamygdaloid Periactive Perianastomotic
Periaqueduct Peridiastole Pericytherion
Pericondensation Pericolorectal Periablative
Periductal Pericardiophrenic Periatrial
Perianeurysmal Peribaryon Periadipocyte
Peridomestically Pericentromerically Pericentre
Pericentriolar Pericytial Perienteron
Pericentric Periepididymal Peri-apocalyptic
Periadnexal Pericolitis Pericloacal
Peridendritic Periconceptual Peribasal
Pericycle Periarticular Periallocortical
Pericapsular Peridialysis Peribacteroid
Periacinous Pericolonic Periarticularly
Pericartilage Pericentrosomal Periepithelial
Periannulus Pericommissural Peridialytic
Pericystic Periamygdalar Peribronchovascular
Periadventitially Pericystitis Pericaval
Periappendiceal Periareolar Pericenter
Peridomicile Periesophageal Peridomiciliation
Pericortical Perialveolar Pericryptal
Periauricular Pericoerulear Peribuccal
Pericerebral Periaxonal Periaxonemal
Pericentromeric Pericanalicular Peridynamic
Pericentrilobular Pericyst Periadolescent
Periciliary Perianaesthetic Pericarcinomatous
Peribranchial Pericalcarine Pericentriole
Pericyclic Periaortic Pericuticular
Perianth Pericollateral Pericardiotomy
Periconceptional Peridomiciliary Peribursal
Peridigital Periaquatic Periapsides
Periaxoplasmic Periaortal Periergy
Pericapillary Pericarp Perieccrine
Pericatheter Pericholecystic Peridynamics
Periencephalitis Perichondral Periaortically
Peridentate Periadrenal Pericellular
Periblast Perialpine Perianal
Periampullary Periclavicular Pericoeruleus
Periablation Pericentromere Periarteritis
Periarteriolar Periconception Pericentrosome
Periarctic Peridomestication Pericapsid
Pericaudal Perichondrocyte Periadventitial
Pericancerous Perichromosomal Peribacterial
Perichromatic Pericardiocentesis

Peri Root Word Examples – Infographics

peri prefixes peri prefixes 1 peri prefixes 2

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