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Having a pet animal can bring a lot of joy and fun to children’s lives. It gives them the opportunity to learn how to care for something, feel responsibility, and more. But how do you decide what kind of pet is best? Thinking about which one will be the right fit for your child’s personality, lifestyle, space considerations and budget can seem daunting, but with some research and thought it will be easier than you might think!

List of Pet Animals In English With Pictures

In this blog post we’re going to cover wide range of popular pet animals.

So if you have been considering getting your family a furry friend – keep on reading!

Pet Animals Name List

  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Pigeon
  4. Duck
  5. Mouse
  6. Horse
  7. Goat
  8. Buffalo
  9. Parrot
  10. Cow
  11. Bull
  12. Pig
  13. Hamster
  14. Fish
  15. Monkey
  16. Rabbit
  17. Hen
  18. Yak
  19. Donkey
  20. Snake
  21. Ox
  22. Chameleon
  23. Camel
  24. Elephant
  25. Turtle
  26. Sheep

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Pet Animals Name in English With Pictures and Example Sentence

1. Dog dog
My dog Herman is a loving and loyal companion.
2. Cat cat
I have two cats – Daisy and Max – who both love to curl up in my lap.
3. Pigeon Pigeon 1
My daughter loves to watch the pigeons fly around.
4. Duck Duck
We recently adopted a duck from the local animal shelter.
5. Mouse Mouse
My pet mouse Charlie is always running around his cage.
6. Horse Horse
My daughter’s favorite pastime is riding her horse, Rocky.
7. Goat Goat
We have two goats in our backyard who love to play with each other.
8. Buffalo Buffalo
I recently visited a buffalo farm and admired their majestic presence.
9. Parrot Parrot 1
Our parrot Sammy loves to chatter away and sing songs.
10. Cow Cow
My family often visits the local farm to see the cows in the fields.
11. Bull Bull
My neighbor has a pet bull who loves to play fetch with him.
12. Pig Pig
My daughter’s pig, Porky, always follows her around the house.
13. Hamster Hamster
My pet hamster Nugget loves to explore his cage.
14. Fish Fish
We have a tank full of tropical fish in our living room.
15. Monkey Monkey
I recently visited an animal sanctuary and saw some monkeys swinging from the trees.
16. Rabbit Rabbit
Our rabbit, Fluffy, loves to snuggle up and sleep in our laps.
17. Hen Hen 1
My grandmother keeps a few hens for fresh eggs every morning.
18. Yak Yak
I once visited Tibet where I saw many yaks roaming around the mountains.
19. Donkey Donkey
My uncle has a pet donkey who he takes for rides on his farm.
20. Snake Snake
My brother has a pet snake that he loves to show off to his friends.
21. Ox Ox
We often visit our local farmers market where there are oxen pulling carts of produce.
22. Chameleon Chameleon
My son’s chameleon, Spike, loves to climb around the branches in his terrarium.
23. Camel Camel
I once went on a desert safari where I was able to ride a camel through the sand dunes.
24. Elephant Elephant
My friend visited an elephant sanctuary and came back with stories of these majestic creatures.
25. Turtle Turtle
His brother is a big fan of turtles and has a few in his terrarium at home.
26. Sheep Sheep
My family lives near a sheep farm and we often see the herd grazing in the field.

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10 Most Common Pet Animals for Kids

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1. Rabbit:


Rabbits make for a great pet for kids, as they are low-maintenance and interact with people in a positive way. Rabbits love to play, jump and explore their environment, so they need plenty of space to do that.

Caring for a rabbit teaches kids responsibility and empathy, plus they will easily form bonds with the friendly animals. Rabbits also provide an unparalleled level of companionship, as they enjoy cuddling up beside their owners or quietly hopping around the house.

With proper grooming and diet, rabbits tend to live 8-10 years on average so they can become a part of the family for many years to come!

2. Hen:


Owning a hen can be a great pet for children, especially since they offer companionship without being too demanding. Keeping a small flock of hens is not only educational but also entertaining as they can be taught to do tricks like preening or coming upon command.

Many breeds of hens form tight bonds with their owners, even imprinting on them as chicks. Not only are they often affectionate and loving, but they also produce nutritious eggs so the kids can learn the importance of food production and self-sufficiency.

An added bonus is that caring for hens teaches children a sense of responsibility and the value of hard work that comes with taking care of something other than themselves.

3. Sheep:


Sheep are smart, gentle creatures that are often kept as pets or for use in farming.

Sheep have been bred over the centuries to produce different types of breeds and different fibers, such as wool and cashmere. Sheep are usually kept in a flock, meaning they move together in one direction and follow the lead of the leader.

4. Pig:


Pigs have become increasingly popular pets over the years due to their intelligence, affectionate nature, and cute appearance. Pigs are very social animals and enjoy the companionship of other pigs, which is why they often appear in pairs or small herds.

Pigs are incredibly smart animals with highly developed senses and an impressive memory for their size. They also love to play, and can quickly become attached to their human companions if properly trained and socialized.

5. Fish:


Fish make great pets for kids for several reasons. Not only are they interesting to look at, but caring for a fish teaches kids responsibility and empathy. Watching tank mates interact and learn about their habitat can be quite educational and even therapeutic. Plus, fish tanks don’t take up too much space, so they’re ideal for households who already have a lot going on.

By having their own fish, children can feel a real connection to nature while also getting the satisfaction of taking care of something that is completely dependent on them. What’s more, fish come in lots of different shapes and sizes so there’s sure to be one that your little one finds adorable!

6. Chameleon:


Chameleons may not be the first pet that comes to mind when you think of kids, but they make great pets! Chameleons are curious, social animals that can form bonds with their owners.

These reptiles also require minimal maintenance and don’t take up much space in the home—making them an ideal pet for smaller living spaces. Chameleons are also very low-key and don’t need a lot of human interaction, which is perfect for busy families.

7. Hamster:


Hamsters make great pets for kids due to their relatively small size, friendly nature and ability to form bonds with humans.

Hamsters have lots of personality and can be quite vocal, squeaking or chirping when they are happy or content. They also love to play and explore, so they will keep kids entertained with their wiggly antics while also teaching them lessons on animal care and responsibility.

Hamsters require a secure environment in order to thrive, so investing in an appropriate cage is a must if you are going to get a hamster as a pet.

8. Parrot:


Owning a parrot as a pet can be a great experience for kids. Not only do they get to form an amazing bond with their feathered companion, but they also get to learn all kinds of new things. Parrots are naturally curious and entertaining animals, which makes them ideal playmates for children.

With an appropriate setup and the guidance from a knowledgeable parent or guardian, kids can have lots of fun teaching their parrot new tricks, such as rolling over and speaking phrases.

Plus, since parrots have amazing memories, whatever your child teaches their feathered friend will stay with them for years to come—making it an educational journey that both parent and child can enjoy together.

9. Cat:


A pet cat is an ideal choice for kids. Not only can cats provide unconditional love, but also teach kids about responsibility and caring for another creature.

Depending on their age, kids can learn how to brush a cat’s fur, scoop the litter box and play safely with their pet. Having a cat in the family also provides an opportunity for kids to interact with the animal, increase their knowledge of its behavior and personality, as well as providing a chance to learn more about being empathetic.

Plus, cats make great listening ears when children need someone to talk too or a shoulder to cry on!

10. Dog:


Dogs are an incredibly rewarding pet for kids, providing them with unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of purpose. They are also great teachers, teaching children responsibility and compassion as they look after their canine companion.

Taking care of a dog encourages kids to form relationships with other people too as they explore nature together – walking the dog in different parks, playing at the beach or visiting friends.

Not only are they great companions but they provide physical and mental benefits too – daily exercise of proper walks helps to keep them healthy while playful games offer entertainment. All in all, owning a dog can prove to be an invaluable addition to any family.

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