400+ Best Pet Axolotl Names

Pet Axolotl Names! Axolotls, also known as Mexican walking fish, are interesting creatures. They have the ability to regenerate their limbs and spinal cord if they are injured. They can grow up to a foot long and come in a variety of colors.

When it comes to naming your axolotl, you have a lot of options. You can use a name that reflects their color, like Blue or Greenie. Or you could choose a name that reflects their personality, like Snuggles or Lucky.

If you want something more unique, you could choose a name from mythology or nature. Examples include Apollo, Poseidon, and Atlas. Alternatively, you could go with something simple like Bob or Sally.

No matter what name you choose for your axolotl, be sure to spend time bonding with them so they know they are loved.

400+  Pet Axolotl Names


30 Best Axolotl Names

Axo-little Fatboy Frankie
Aragorn Buffy Alex
Hector Elphy Nero
Mochi Pokemon Hoover
Stumpy Mirinda Dylan
Hellboy Mojo Poseidon
Doodle Sprinkles Itachi
Owen Monster Cpt Jack
Stitch Pringles Henry
Aximus Jester Caliban

List of Female Axolotl Names

Anya Rose Janie
Anna Iris Myca
Henley Axiegel Maple
Coco Crystal Basil
Darla Elsa Molly
Muffin Baby Gracie
Frieda Fiona Flo
Kira Irene Paris
Crimson Lilly Lucy
Joji Luna Chloe
Mandy Clay Diva
Mango Nala Chelsea
Milly Haven Roxy
Sophie Lola Sally Mander
Marylin Fancy Mia
Pumpkin Izzie Sakura
Kiwi Abby Zoe
Princess Shmoo Jasmine
Minnie Ivory Hope

List of Male Axolotl Names

Evil Thor Winston
Logan Mars Woozle
Angus Ozzy Popper
Woody Bentley Simco
Alpha Bruce Freddy
Jaym Teddy Longzy
Karl Austin Scout
Arthur Nova Charlie
Tucker Gary Jason
Archie Monty Rylie
Oreo Benji Wagner
Proton Micah Duke
Lilo Ruben Hugo
Georgie Paco Simba
Chester Jerry Sparky
Stone Libby Captain

List of Beautiful Axolotl Names

Billy Bob Mirinda Cookie
Shoosh Jasper Neptune
Rooster Sandy Finley
Skinny Nero Buddy
Boo Magoose Poseidon
Icy Mercury Slippy
Goldie Sushi Elphy
Stitch Popper Sprint
Dylan Stitch Buffy
Binky Binky Goosie
Mochi Bazoo Tuna
Jojo Flippy Jester
Axel Gulb girl Leapy
Brownie Bully Pringles
Corny Caliban Swimmer

Some Cute Axolotl Names

Pickle Button Boba
Anomaly Suzu Cutie
Biff Sir Mixolotl Noodle
Mochi Gubbins Bubba
Galaxy Etsy Magoo
Obby Daylla Chalupa
Bamboo Coven Zula
Doodle Valor Neo
Daz Mad Maxolotl Wink
Yeti Axie Shmoo
Castle Puff Toothless
Bean Cici Tokyo
Squirt Axo-little  

Some Aquatic-Inspired Names

Minnow Tetra Squishy
Sponge Bob Sushi Bobble
Smiley Algae Sandy
Jelly Kelp Aquaman
Slime Smiles Swimmer
Pacific Noodle Blocky
Jaws Grin Orca
Flipper Sebastian Jello
Fin Sally Mander Pudding
Seadragon Slippy Gummy
Bubbles Blob Medusa
Crabby Toad  

List of Most Common Axolotl Names

Yellowbelly Bellatrix Sebastien
Luigi Soapy Peanut
Holy Sock Jaxalotl Fozzie
Flight Ember Kirby
Mushu Mania George
Dogga Gemini Cujo
Ash Spike Nibbler
Bongo Hoover Spongebob
Wally Bucky Stevy
Bonnie Taco Pokemon
Jupiter Chuckie Skylar
Axo-little Milos Cat Jack
Aximus Olive Araxie
Nomie Coco Chanel Bubba
Neekap Nancy Stardust
Fizz Frankie Henge
Chip Atlas Butters
Daenerys Bubbles Yoshi
Dobby Midas Toadstool
Wooper Lupo Axel
Dwarfy Haku Toothless
Dexter Shifter  

List of Most Famous Axolotl Names

Tuco Boris Sushi
Sophie Murph Falcon
Otis Axor Ponyo
Flair Kabuto Travis
Jello Fleabag Ginger
Percy Chief Speckles
Oga Tetra Jalapeno
Pete the Dragon Malvolio Cheeto
Yoda Giller Haku
Ox Hydra Noodle
Marvin Spud Nico
Toni Fury Nibbles
Aragorn Toby Sugar

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