Poly Prefixes: Words That Start With Poly

Poly prefixes are words that are added to the beginning of a word to make it plural. Some common poly prefixes are “multi,” “poli,” and “tri.” These prefixes can be used with almost any word, regardless of its part of speech.

For example, the word “dog” can become “multidog” by adding the poly prefix “multi.” The word “house” can become “polihouse” by adding the poly prefix “poli.” The word “cat” can become “tricat” by adding the poly prefix “tri.”

Poly prefixes are a great way to make words sound more impressive or scientific. They can also be used to show that there is more than one of something. Polyprefixes are very versatile, and can be used in many different ways.

Poly Prefixes Words Meanings

Polyethylene Meaning

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from the polymerization of ethylene. It is the most common plastic in the world and is used in a variety of applications, including packaging, textiles, automotive parts, and construction materials. Polyethylene has a low melting point and can be molded into a variety of shapes. It is also non-toxic and resistant to weathering.

Polyurethane Meaning

What is polyurethane? Polyurethane is a polymer that is used in a variety of applications, including insulation, furniture, and car parts. It can be made from both natural and synthetic materials, and it comes in a range of colors and textures. Polyurethane can be molded into any shape, making it a versatile material for many different applications.

Polymorphism Meaning

Polymorphism is a term used in object-oriented programming that describes the ability of an object to change its form or behavior in response to different situations. Polymorphism is often used to make code more efficient, as it allows a programmer to create one set of code that can be used for multiple tasks. For example, a programmer might create a function that can be called with different types of data, and the function will then automatically use the correct method to process the data.

Polysyllabic Meaning

The word polysyllabic is an adjective meaning “consisting of several syllables.” A polysyllabic word is a word with more than one syllable. English has many polysyllabic words, including beautiful, interesting, and difficult.

Polyneuritis Meaning

Polyneuritis is a neurological disorder that affects the peripheral nerves. These nerves send messages between the brain and spinal cord, and the rest of the body. Polyneuritis can cause pain, numbness, weakness, and other symptoms. The cause of polyneuritis is often unknown. However, it may be caused by a virus, autoimmune disease, or some other underlying condition. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and managing the underlying condition.

Polycythemia Meaning

Polycythemia is a condition in which there is an abnormally high number of red blood cells. This can lead to complications such as blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Polycythemia may be caused by a variety of factors, including smoking, alcohol abuse, and certain cancers. Treatment options include blood-thinning medications and radiation therapy.

Polyhedrosis Meaning

Polyhedrosis is a rare disease that affects the skin. It is caused by a virus and results in the formation of small, fluid-filled blisters on the skin. These blisters can rupture and release the fluid, which can cause additional skin irritation. Polyhedrosis is not contagious and typically resolves without treatment within a few weeks.

Polysynaptic Meaning

What is the polysynaptic meaning? The polysynaptic meaning is the most common and general way of understanding a word’s meaning. It is the conglomeration of multiple, smaller, individual meanings that are associated with a word. Each of these meanings can be thought of as a “node” in a network, with the word itself serving as the central point. This web of interconnected meanings can be dense and complex, but it ultimately provides a much more thorough understanding of a word than any one definition could.

Polysyndeton Meaning

Polysyndeton is a rhetorical device where a series of conjunctions are used in close succession. This device is often used for emphasis, and can add rhythm or lyricism to speech or writing. Polysyndeton can also be used to create an effect of solemnity or formality. In literature, polysyndeton can be used to slow the reader down, and draw attention to specific words or phrases.

Words That Start With Poly – List of Poly Prefixes

Polyargyrite Polygene Polycarbonic
Polyanion Polyhydrogenated Polylinguist
Polyneme Polygraphically Polycyclic
Polyalternating Polymyoid Polyphenylalanine
Polyphonously Polyadenine Polyarchy
Polymixin Polyking Polymyalgia
Polychotomy Polychlorotrifluoroethylene Polyuric
Polypeptidic Polypharmacological Poly-harmony
Polydisulfide Polychromed Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Polymasty Polylingualism Polypneic
Polygon of forces Polycosanol Polyallelism
Polyesterurethane Polyadelphy Polyvalence
Polygenesic Polycythaemia Polydnaviral
Polypides Polycarpellary Polydnavirion
Polythetic Polyphonist Polyloglog
Polytheist Polyak Polyblend
Polyethylene terephthalate Polyenic Polypetalous
Polyenylphosphatidylcholine Polyatomic Polyzoic
Polymictic Polypharmacy Polyconvex
Polysemous Polygalic Polyarthritic
Polyaxial Polyphenism Polybasite
Polymerase Polytheistic Polyinosine


Polychotomous Polymaths Polycentrisms
Polysymptomatic Polyhistorical Polymorph-perverse
Polycontexturality Polymerisation Polymenorrhea
Polyetiological Polysynaptically Polymixiid
Polygynandrous Polyhedron Polymersome
Polyinstantiation Polymerous Polypharmacology
Polyadelphia Polybius square Polychroite
Polytech Polyribosome Polyphones
Polysyllabic Polymer Polymethyl methyacrylate
Polygamian Polyphemus moth Polypyrrole
Polyethoxylation Polycameratic Polystyrenes
Polygenes Polyclinid Polyclady
Polycarbon Polyptoton Polyacid
Polymatroid Polymacrocyclic Polyethercarbonate
Polyherbal Polyarteritis Polymatroidal
Polycratic Polyploidies Polyhistors
Polyachene Polychoric Polyphenolic
Polygyne Polygalaceous Polyfidelitous
Polynymy Polyanthuses Polygraphical
Polyfluoroalkyl Polyhydroxyalkanoic Polygalin
Polymicrobic Polygranular Polycatenary
Polycationic Polygonometry Polyergic
Polyhydric Polylingual Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride
Polyose Polyonychia Polycaprolactone
Polymorphistic Polyphenyl Poly theism


Polyazo Polyopia Polygram
Polynesian arrowroot Polygrammatic Polyadenylated
Polypi Polydeoxyribo- Polychrome
Polyenyl Polymorphous perversity Polygonum
Polyparous Polyarchism Polymerized
Polynomial function Polyanthas Polymicrogyria
Polyarticular Polychromatic Polydactylous
Polydeist Polychaete Polytone
Polymethylacrylate Polyedrous Polymerases
Polyedron Polydipsic Polygraphists
Polyammonium Polyethylenic Polysyllables
Polygamic Polyharmonic Polykite
Polyketidic Polycarb Polysyndetons
Polygonoscope Polyamine Polymorphitis
Polyad Polyandries Polymeniscous
Polytheistical Polyhalogenated Polyped
Polyderivative Polyacrylic acid Polyphenols
Polyfoil Polyneopterous Polybutene
Polyisocyanate Polycarbosilane Polygons
Polynucleotidic Polyonymies Polyadic
Polycholia Polymorphia Polyoestrous
Polymythia Polyhandicap Polydisperse
Polylactide Polyenoic acid Polyhex
Polystyrene Polymercaptan Polytonality
Polymythy Polyploid Polyperythrin
Polycots Polyacrylate Polyonymic
Polyhistor Polyalcohols Polyisoprene
Polyaminopolycarboxylic Poly-deism Polyandrogyny
Polyandric Poly sci Polymethyl methacrylate
Polyandrous Polymorphonucleate Polychlorinated biphenyl
Polyasparagine Polynucleolar Polyfunctionalized
Polybrominated Polyabolo Polyorchid
Polynucleosomal Polycarbamate Polyiodide
Polyhelicene Polyeidic Polymnite
Polymorphisms Polyclinic Polygyny
Polyclinics Polycerid Polydeism
Polyglottism Polyoxometallate Polyphenol


Polymolecule Polyhydroxyphenol Polyandrum
Polymorph Polypeds Polymethyl
Polymyarian Polycation Polydopamine
Polymerogenicity Polyembryonies Polyploidy
Polycycle Polyethyleneglycol Polynomiograph
Polycracy Poly theistic Polyol
Polygonic Polymatrix Polyclonal antibody
Polyribosomal Polyamides Polyphenylene
Polyhymnian Polymethine Polyacetylene
Polymethylene Polysorbates Polynia
Polycoria Polyhedrous Polyalanine
Polyandrian Polymastism Polyimide


Polymastic Polychlorinated naphthalene Polyphilia
Polydisc Polydrug Polyetherimide
Polyligation Polymatin Polypod
Polyethersulphone Polytheists Polyinosinic
Polylineal Polysyllable Polyclinical
Polycentrid Polynoxylin Polylogarithmically
Polycarbazole Polyalkenoate Polycythemic
Polyparium Polymerisable Polyonymous
Polypectomy Polyclonally Polysorbate
Polymethyl acrylate Polychoir Polyhedroid
Polyrhythms Polygenetic Polyvinylidene
Polychroming Polyphemid Polyfold
Polyoxide Polycytosine Polyglycerol
Polycombustible Polynya Polygamia
Polyodont Polycrystalline Polyneuropathy
Polynucleated Polyphyletic Polypaint
Polycotylid Polyamide Polypharmacist
Polypharmacotherapy Polygonous Polygamizing
Polyazulene Polyostotic Polyisoprenoid
Polyploids Polyadenous Polyphasic
Polygamies Polydesoxyribonucleotide Polyovular
Polymathic Polyembryo Polyethersulfone
Polyargite Polyfloral Polygamously
Polyethylene Polyautography Polyglycoside
Polypide Polychloroterphenyl Polyphenotypic
Polybian Polydent Polyleucine
Polyamines Polynomiality Polyaddiction
Polyangular Polymericity Polylactic
Polycrase Polyion Polyelectrolytic
Polycentric Polymerogenic Polybenzimidazole
Polyazide Polylobed Polyadelphian
Polype Polynegative Polyantha
Polyattentiveness Polypeptone Polydeistical
Polygraphed Polydeistic Polygynian
Polyhedrally Polyolefin Polysemies
Polydioxanone Polygonate Polynucleotides
Polyformaldehyde Polyionic Polymyodian
Polyalphabetically Polychromatic acid Polytechnical
Polythene Polyamorously Polyols
Polygraph Polyfluoroolefin Polycerate
Polygynies Polychitin Polycarbonate
Polycrotism Polytrauma Polygala


Polychroism Polytechnic Polyphosphate
Polyzygotic Polyhydride Polyalgorithm
Polymedia Polypous Polydrupe
Polyallelic Polyacrylamides Polyhedrane
Polyoxyethylene Polyelectronic Polyclonality
Polyabuser Polygony Polylactic acid
Polytene Polyhalite Polyendocrine
Polyalphabetic Polyclonal Polymania
Polydalin Polyneopteran Polyphagies
Polyarch Polygenic Polyesterification
Polyethoxylate Polyonomous Polychaetes
Polypoid Polytextual Polyandrist
Polyamourous Polygamomonoecious Polypeptide
Polyandrium Polymerisations Polyaromatic
Polycarboxylic Polymorphy Polyhedrosis
Polyalcohol Polyphenic Polytypic
Polyketide Polyglycine Polychordal
Polyphonies Polyedric Polylysines
Polyhierarchy Polysulfides Polyampholyte
Polylinear Polyepoxide Polygenesis
Polymenorrhoea Polygalacturonate Polygonhood
Polyclad Polyarsenite Polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate
Polytypes Polymodality Polymolecularity
Polychloroprene Polychlorinated Polyoxophosphomolybdate
Polychoral Polytheism Polyembryoma
Polygeline Polymath Polytomous
Polypus Polysome Polycarbonates
Polyoma Polyposis Polynesia
Polydeoxy- Polyfunctionality Polyander
Polymery Polyamoury Polymerization
Polyesterify Polymenorrhagia Polychoron
Polymorpho- Polyphagias Polyetheretherketone
Polydivisible Polypody Polygrooved
Polycythemia Polygeneric Polymetamorphic
Polypropylenes Polyhydrite Polyvinylchloride
Polyphemus Polyglycolic acid Polydiversity
Polyzoary Polyodontid Polygastric
Polyextremophilic Polygasoline Polypodium
Polygraphic Polyphonous Polyptych
Polyesteramide Poly pocket Polynorbornene
Poly-theistic Polygonise Polyenoic


Polypterid Polymorphous Polyglotisms
Polycount Polyfuroside Polybag
Polymignyte Polynomial equation Polymastia
Polyonymosity Polybutadienes Polyunsaturated
Polyenone Polyethene Polyarchal
Polyestradiol phosphate Polypores Polycystid
Polycythaemic Polycythemias Polyphobic
Polymathist Polyphonically Polyfactorial
Polymeride Polyhormonal Polyphalange
Polyodontoid Polymerizing Polycatenane
Polycrystal Polygonization Polygalas
Polys Polyanthous Polyiamond
Polygon Polypeptides Polyandrism
Polyandrogynous Polymetamorphism Polyglots
Polychloride Polyphaser Polyzoan
Polytonalities Polyurethanes Polymerizability
Polygonatoside Polygalacturonic acid Polygamists
Polyenyne Polyadelphous Polyhydramnios
Polydactylism Polyolefine Polynuclear
Polygeny Polynucleate Polyphagous
Polyfoto Polyfoam Polycistronic
Polygoneutic Polygonies Polyadenitis
Polytype Polyamorphous Polytetrafluoroethylene
Polymineralic Polygonaceous Polynyas
Polymerizes Polyphenylenevinylene Polyamine oxidase
Polymegethism Polymethacrylic Polyribosomes
Polyatheist Polyhomeostatic Polygastrica
Polycotyledonous Polyeidism Polychete
Polyharmony Polydromic Polypuses
Polyphony Polymodal Polyanionic
Polypods Polydimethylsiloxane Polyepitope
Polyether Polycystic ovary syndrome Polycytidylic
Polylemma Polycotyledon Polylysine
Polynesian rat Polybrids Polydisk
Polygenically Polyphagy Polysynaptic
Polyperylene Polygonically Polytenies
Polynucleic acid Polyangiaceous Polyene
Polypnea Polynym Polycrotic
Polyadelph Polyfluorinated Polysyndeton
Polyoxamic Polyalkylation Polyembryonate
Polyornithine Polyfrob Polybrominated biphenyl
Polygamy Polymerising Polyarchic
Polyoxazoline Polytonal Polygonums
Polydeistically Polyhexanide Polyoncosis
Polymerone Polyaramid Polymetric
Polywater Polyonomy Polyfocal
Polynemoid Polyphagid Polymethacrylate
Polymathically Polyhe Polyuria
Polyhedrin Polymedicate Polyhexamethylenebiguanide
Polyfidelity Polymethylmethacrylate Polyethyleneoxide
Polynitrogen Polyamory Polycondensate
Polynosic Polymerizer Polyoxygenated
Polymerised Polyaminopolycarboxylic acid Polyabuse
Polycondensed Polynesianist Polybaraminic
Polyangle Polyculture Polybrene
Polycaliber Polymastiid Polygamizes
Polydispersion Polytheisms Polyisoprenyl
Polycephalic Polyanthropy Polydiverse
Polymyxin E Polycondense Polyamorous
Polymerises Polybaramin Polyhalogeno
Polylogy Polymorphic Polychromy
Polyethnic Polyphase Polynomially
Polyphase circuit Polylinker Polyfill
Polycalic Polyadenosis Polysilicon
Polymerizations Polyangiitis Polyrhythmic
Polyline Polygraphy Polycotton
Polyoxorim Polyacoustics Polychaetotic
Polypodies Polyester Polyandrion
Polychromies Polymorphonuclear Polynucleosis
Polycarboxylic acid Polymyositis Polysemic
Polyfluoroalkylated Polypropylene Polymelia
Polyamorphism Polynomiography Polyhedrons
Polyp Polycaprolactam Polydeoxynucleotide
Polyteny Polyalkylimide Polyphone
Polyligated Polygonally Polyoxymethylene


Polycarpies Polyonym Polygamious
Polychlorobiphenyl Polybromide Polycotyledonary
Polyhistidine Polytunnel Polyfunctional
Polycot Polygonial Polypary
Polyneuropathic Polymerise Polyarchical
Polychromate Polydatin Polylectic
Polygraphs Polygeneous Polyopisthocotylean
Polypeptidase Polyglotism Polygamically
Polyzoaries Polyparia Polytraumatic
Polygyn Polysulphide Poly-phenylalanine
Polyacrilamide Polygynously Polyphloisbic
Polyoxoanion Polystichous Polyacene
Polygraphist Polydactyly Polyduct
Polycentrism Polymorphism Polyconjugate
Polybenzobisoxazole Polydextrose Polyodontia
Polyolefins Polyoxometalate Polygastrian
Polycephaly Polyache Polypoidal
Polygamize Polyphemic Polyocracy
Polymodally Polyhydroxy Polygonation
Polyps Polyhydroxyalkanoate Polycladose
Polycrystals Polyhued Polyazole
Polygonal Polycystic Polyacidic
Polyforming Polyembryonic Polyfused
Polymorphean Polyrhythm Polygamist
Polymignite Polyaxially Polycomb
Polyomaviral Polyextremophile Polyendocrinopathy
Polyhandicapped Polycropping Polyanhydride
Polyoxin Polyadenylate Polypneas
Polysemy Polyhydroxylated Polybrid
Polydomous Polydactylies Polyarthralgia
Polymeric Polycausal Polyenes
Polymetrically Polyaminopolycarboxylate Polynoid
Polysaccharides Polybasic Polychromatophilia
Polyesterase Polyisoprenylated Polypharmaceutical
Polymyodous Polynesic Polypean
Polynome Polymerasic Polyethylenes
Polycythemia vera Polygordius Polymorphousness
Polyhistoric Polymorphemic Polypantheism
Polyadenylic acid Polygoneutism Polyclone
Polychelid Polyphonism Polyphagia
Polygonality Polynomic Polydrafter
Polymerism Polyfilla Polyhierarchical
Polyneuritis Polyisobutene Polyestrous
Polyethylene glycol Polyparasitism Polynemid
Polyacoustic Polygamma function Polydemic
Polyfluorescent Polymannuronic Polydiacetylene
Polynomial Polyimides Polygalactia
Polymalformative Polynema Polycystin
Polylogarithm Polylogue Polypheme
Polyacrylonitrile Polyhedrality Polycarbophil
Polymyxin Polymicrobial Polydentate
Polyalicyclic Polygenesist Polychetes
Polydipsias Polyglycol Polymyxins
Polygodial Polyconvexity Polyadenylation
Polychaeta Polygyria Polymerlike
Polycell Polyisobutylene Polyglottisms
Polyphenylene oxide Polydnavirus Polyamorphic
Polygonboden Polydomain Polyanthea
Polyadenylic Polyhaloalkane Polyanthapolyanthi
Polybasal Polyvalences Polygamodioecious
Polyomavirus Polyomino Polymorphid
Polygamized Polychotomies Polyphene
Polycopid Polymerics Polyhedral
Polycladous Polyglossia Polyacetal
Polyscope Polymorphonucleocyte Polymesh
Polyhymnia Polymicrogyric Polymorphically
Polycentral Polymorphonucleated Polymerically
Polydispersivity Polynyi Polychromasia
Polychemotherapy Polyethoxylated Polyzonal
Polydactyl Polyethism Polylobate
Polygamise Polytechnics Polygalic acid
Polymetallic Polyphonic Polymerizate
Polymorphosis Polyoptrum Polyphage
Polyorama Polyaniline Polymelous
Polyisocyanurate Polyphiloprogenitive Polynucleotidase
Polydrugs Polycentropodid Polynucleosome
Polyadenosine Polyhedra Polyembryony
Polyactina Polyomaviruria Polycarboxylate
Polymyositic Polyesters Polycarbene
Polyform Polyhalogenation Polyarthritis
Polycarpous Polydomy Polyodic
Polymorphously Polybetaine Polyceratid
Polymolecular Polyketone Polygraphing
Polyextremotolerant Polyamidation Polynomial form
Polybutylene terephthalate Polyhedric Polyptychs
Polyloquent Polyadelphite Polypore
Polychord Polynormal Polyomas
Polyommatous Polyinstanton Polypharmacologically
Polybutylene Polynucleotide Polychrest
Polymerizable Polyphloroglucinol Polycystine
Polynesian Polyaxiality Polymathies
Polyglycerol polyricinoleate Polygyrid Polyandry
Polylog Polychelating Polyhedroses
Polylithionite Polyglot Polygendered
Polynucleic Polychrest salt Polytonally
Polythenes Polycarpy Polyfluorene
Polyamorist Polyurias Polynomials
Polymers Polylith Polygamical
Polyfluoro Polylactosamine Polycloning
Polydispersive Polyelectrolyte Polygender
Polymerisms Polyphobia Polydesmid
Polygonar Polyacrylamide Polysulfide
Polygamous Polydeuces Polyneuritises
Polyacrylic Polykay Polylege
Polymathy Polyoid Polyneuronal
Polynomial time Polyzoans Polygraphers
Polyvocal Polyvalent Polynandrian
Polylogarithmic Polyanth Polyorchism
Polygon mesh Polymorphocellular Polysomes


Polycarpic Polynymous Polycrystallinity
Polyandrious Polyparasitic Polyinhalant
Polymorphs Polyallylamine Polyless
Polypharmacal Polyconic Polysaccharide
Polyacanthous Polybacterial Polyfunctionalised
Polyanthus Polyethyleneimine Polysemantic
Polyorchidism Polygeneses Polychromatophilic
Polygalacturonase Polyfluorophenyl Polynemiform
Polyester Protestant Polymerase chain reaction Polyphon
Polybutadiene Polyanna Polyctenid
Poly-theism Polybase Polyvinyl
Polylobulated Polychromes Polyoctenamer
Polyurethane Polyfunctionalization Polysomics
Polycube Polysomic Polygrapher
Polydipsia Polymerize Polyglycolide
Polyflavonoid Polygynist Polygynous
Polydispersed Polydispersity Polyaspidid
Polychondritis Polyonymy Polygonic acid
Polygynandry Polyparies Polymitotic

Poly Prefix Words – Infographics

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