Positive Verbs That Start With A

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Positive Verbs That Start With A! Verbs are powerful words that can be used to express ideas, feelings, and actions. In the English language, there are many positive verbs that start with the letter “A”. These powerful words can be used to bring out a sense of joy and hope in conversation or writing.

The most common positive verb starting with “A” is “appreciate”. Appreciate means to be thankful for something or someone and can often help people feel encouraged after hearing it. Another popular positive verb starting with “A” is “acknowledge” which means to recognize or accept something as true or valid. This word is often used when recognizing successes or accomplishments achieved by someone else.

positive verbs that start with a

This list of positive verbs starting with a is very useful, you may need these action words that start with a for resume writing and letter writing.

10 Popular Positive Verbs With A

1- Appreciate:  To recognize the worth or value of someone or something.

2- Accomplish: To successfully complete a task or goal.

3- Achieve: To succeed in reaching a desired aim, either through effort and hard work or by luck.

4- Applaud: To express approval for an accomplishment with applause.

5- Advance: To make progress or move forward.

6- Aspire: To have a strong desire to achieve something.

7- Assure: To promise someone that something will happen or is true.

8- Attain: To gain or obtain through effort, hard work and dedication.

9- Advocate: To speak in support of someone or something.

10- Accept: To agree to receive or take something offered.

Verbs That Start With A

List of Verbs With A

Acquire Automate Account
Amend Abide Attain
Attend Accumulate Assemble
Acknowledge Align Analyze
Anticipate Abstract Abound
Arrange Accommodate Apprentice
Audit Absolve Appraise
Assist Actualize Amaze
Authorize Ally Acquit
Achieve Affiliate Apply
Advise Administer Arbitrate
Accept Approve Assign
Acclaim Appease Affirm
Assent Associate Aid
Accrue Ample Activate
Admire Address Accelerate
Aspire Add Accomplish
Aced Assess Act
Augment Arouse Appoint
Attract Appreciate Acquaint
Accredit Adore Access
Adapt Allocate Advocate
Answer Adjust Attest
Advance Allow Ascertain
Advertise Accustom  

Positive Verbs That Begin With A

1- Acquire:  To gain or take something for oneself; to come into possession of something.

2- Automate: To use automated systems and processes to carry out a task or series of tasks.

3- Account: To give an explanation or description of something; to be accountable for one’s actions.

4- Amend: To make changes, corrections or improvements to something.

5- Abide: To accept and comply with a rule, decision or set of circumstances.

6- Attain: To reach or achieve a desired goal; to obtain.

7- Attend: To be present at a specific event; to give one’s attention to something.

8- Accumulate: To collect or gather over a period of time; to increase in quantity.

9- Assemble: To put together parts or pieces to form something whole

10- Acknowledge: To recognize and accept the truth

11- Align: To bring into agreement or to place in a parallel line

12- Analyze:  To examine systematically and critically in order to discover the essential elements

13- Anticipate: To expect or prepare for something in advance

14- Abstract: To consider an idea without reference to concrete facts or specific instances

15- Abound: To exist in large numbers; to be plentiful

16- Arrange: To organize and put into order

17- Accommodate: To provide with something necessary or desired

18- Apprentice: To gain experience through practical instruction and guidance from a more experienced person

19- Audit: To examine financial records for accuracy and compliance

20- Absolve: To free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt

21- Appraise: To estimate the worth of something

22- Assist: To help, support or provide aid to someone

23- Actualize: To make real; to put an idea into practice

24- Amaze: To cause wonder or astonishment

25- Authorize: To give permission or power to do something

26- Ally: To join together in a relationship of support or alliance

27- Acquit: To clear from an accusation; to release from a charge

28- Achieve: To accomplish or attain something through effort

29- Affiliate: To join in an association or connection

30- Apply: To make use of something for a particular purpose

31- Advise: To give advice or offer recommendations

32- Administer: To manage, supervise and direct something

33- Arbitrate: To act as an impartial judge in a dispute between two parties

34- Accept: To take something willingly; to agree to receive something

35- Appease: To make calm or pacify; to reduce the intensity of something

36- Affirm: To express agreement or support; to confirm

37- Assent: To agree or comply with; to give consent

38- Associate: To connect or link together in a relationship

39- Aid: To provide help, support and assistance

40- Accrue: To accumulate over time; to come into being

41- Ample: Having or more than enough quantity; generous in size or amount

42- Activate: To bring something into action; to make alive

43- Admire: To regard with respect and approval

44- Address: To speak to someone directly

45- Attain: To succeed in achieving something

46- Amass: To gather or accumulate a large amount of something

47- Alter: To change or modify; to make different

48- Acquiesce: To give in, yield to or agree without protest

49- Appoint: To select and put someone into a position

50- Aspire: To strive towards achieving a goal or ambition.

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