Positive Verbs That Start With B

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Positive Verbs That Start With B! B is a powerful letter of the alphabet, and has many positive verbs that can be used to describe a wide range of activities. From being bold to building bridges, here are some of the most common and versatile positive verbs that start with B.

Being bold is one of the most popular positive verbs beginning with B. It means having courage when facing difficult situations or making choices in life. Being brave requires strength, but it also requires self-confidence and determination. When we are able to stand boldly in the face of opposition or change, we demonstrate our tenacity and resilience.

positive verbs that start with b

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Positive Verbs With B

10 Popular Positive Verbs With B

1- Believe: To think that something is true, correct, or real.

2- Bond: To form a close personal relationship between people or groups.

3- Boost: To increase the power, strength, and spirit of someone or something.

4- Broaden: To widen in scope or to become more varied.

5- Breathe: To take in air through the mouth and nostrils while exhaling.

6- Balance: To maintain an even distribution of weight on either side.

7- Believe: To accept as true or real without proof.

8- Build: To create or construct something out of various components.

9- Bless: To bestow good fortune, prosperity, and health upon someone.

10- Become: To start to be in a particular state or condition.

List of Positive Verbs With B

Bud Bought Better
Bless Beautify Busy
Build Balance Bolster
Best Brief Boss
Budget Buff Bound
Benefit Brighten Befriend
Bestow Broaden Beatify
Begin Boost Blossom
Brisk Built Bloom
Bundle up Bargain

Positive Verbs Starting With B

1- Boast: to speak with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements.

2- Bolster: to support or strengthen; prop up.

3- Bond: to unify or draw together in a close relationship.

4- Boost: to lift or raise by pushing from behind.

5- Beautify: to make something more beautiful or attractive.

6- Blaze: to burn brightly and intensely.

7- Bless: to offer a prayer of divine blessing or protection.

8- Blast: to release with great force, often with an explosive noise.

9- Bequeath: to give or pass on to someone, especially in a will.

10- Blossom: to bloom; to produce flowers.

11- Befriend: to be friendly and establish a relationship with someone.

12- Bestow: to give as a gift or honor.

13- Buoy: to keep afloat, as by a buoy or similar device.

14- Babel: to speak in a confusing and unintelligible way.

15- Bear: to give birth to; produce.

16- Brave: to face or endure courageously; be resolute in the face of danger or pain.

17- Bask: to enjoy something pleasant, usually in a relaxed or leisurely way.

18- Bridge: to connect two places with a bridge.

19- Behold: to look at; gaze upon.

20- Brighten: to become brighter; give out lighter.

Popular Positive Verbs That Start With B

Positive Verbs That Start With B