Positive Verbs That Start With D

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Positive Verbs That Start With D! If you want to describe something in a positive light, then choosing verbs that start with D is an excellent way to go about it. Here are some positive verbs that start with D for you to use in your next piece of writing.

positive verbs that start with d

This list of positive verbs starting with d is very useful, you may need these action words that start with d for resume writing and letter writing.

Positive Verbs With D

10 Popular Positive Verbs With D

1- Devote: To commit or dedicate one’s time and energy to a particular task or cause.

2- Discover: To uncover something that was previously hidden or unknown.

3- Deliver: To send, transport, and distribute goods, services, or information.

4- Develop: To progress gradually and become more advanced over time.

5- Dare: To have the courage to attempt something that might be difficult or dangerous.

6- Dream: To have a series of imaginative thoughts while sleeping.

7- Design: To create or bring together components in order to form something new.

8- Defend: To protect someone or something from harm or danger.

9- Demonstrate: To clearly explain, show, or prove something to an audience.

10- Dignify: To give someone a sense of self-respect and honor.

List of Positive Verbs With D

Drink Disinvovle Determine
Descry Discrete Dye
Deck Deposit Dispense
Doll Doted on Depreicate
Discover Deliver Dig
Dew Decoct Decore
Delibate Defer Disenslave
Deputize Draft Drive
Disenchant Dight Deepen
Dulcorate Donate Deosculate
Desire Dance Describe
Daintify Draw Discumber
Disillusion Develop Devise
Deserve Deduce Defix
Define Distribute Deoppilate
Dub Ding Display
Do Decree Desume
Dispand Disclose Demulce
Depict Declare Dissolve
Determinate Dip Disentangle
Drape Delight Drib
Deonerate Droll Document
Derive Delectate Deed
Depute Defend Dovetail
Direct Detect Diadem
Decorate Duplicate Dispatch
Dulcify Disciple Depurate
Dizen Dream Discuss
Diamondize Dabble Deliberate
Discloud Dignify Dress

Positive Verbs Starting With D

1- Discern: to recognize or detect with the eye or mind.

2- Dispel: to drive away; put an end to.

3- Divert: to turn aside from a course, direction, or purpose.

4- Dare: to have enough courage to do something; challenge.

5- Dream: to experience a series of thoughts, images, and sensations in the mind.

6- Discover: to be the first to find or observe something; unearth.

7- Deliver: to free from restraint or danger; rescue.

8- Defend: to protect or safeguard from attack or harm.

9- Deserve: to be worthy of; merit.

10- Demonstrate: to show clearly, as by presenting tangible evidence.

11- Disarm: to remove weapons from a person or place; make harmless.

12- Disseminate: to spread widely or distribute.

13- Debate: to consider both sides of an issue; discuss pro and con.

14- Decide: to settle or determine by making a judgment or choice.

15- Diversify: to make different; vary or add variety to something.

16- Devise: to come up with; invent or find a solution to something.

17- Develop: to grow, progress, unfold, or evolve over time.

18- Dole: to give out in small portions; distribute sparingly.

19- Dream: to envision a goal and plan how to achieve it.

20- Dialogue: to converse or communicate with another in an open and friendly way.

Popular Positive Verbs That Start With D Positive Verbs That Start With D