Positive Verbs That Start With I

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There are countless verbs in the English language, but few of them start with the letter I. Fortunately, there are some positive verbs starting with I that can help you express yourself clearly in your writing.

For example, “initiate” is a great word for starting off an idea or suggestion. It implies a sense of action and progress. Similarly, “invigorate” conveys energy and enthusiasm while also suggesting refreshment and renewal. Other positive verbs beginning with I include “inspire” which implies motivation and creativity; “illuminate” which means to shed light on an issue; and “intensify” which suggests strength and passion.

Positive Verbs With i

This list of positive verbs starting with i is very useful, you may need these action words that start with i for resume writing and letter writing.

Positive Verbs With I

5 Popular Positive Verbs With I

1- Illuminate: To make something clear or understandable.

2- Innovate: To introduce something new and different.

3- Inspire: To motivate or encourage someone to do something.

4- Increase: To make greater in size, amount, intensity, etc.

5- Improve: To make something better or of higher quality.

List of Positive Verbs With I

Illustrate Instruct Identify
Inspect Integrate Interest
Invigorate Introduce Intertwine
Import Institute Install
Immerse Initiate Interpret
Influence Increase Inventory
Invent Interface Innovate
Input Insure Implement
Index Improvise Involve
Improve Impart Investigate
Interview Intimate Illuminate
Individualize Impress Inspire
Inform Interact Incorporate
Inebriate Inspirit Invite

Positive Verbs Starting With I

1- Illuminate: to make something brighter or clearer

2- Invigorate: to give energy and enthusiasm

3- Improvise: to invent or create something quickly

4- Ignite: to set something on fire

5- Intuit: to have a strong sense of understanding

6- Investigate: to carefully look into something

7- Involve: to include or connect with something

8- Incite: to stir up feeling or action in someone

9- Inspire: to motivate or encourage someone

10- Invest: to put money, time, and effort into something

11- Innovate: to introduce something new

12- Intensify: to increase the strength or clarity of something

13- Invent: to create a new product, process, or idea

14- Ideate: to think up ideas and concepts

15- Indulge: To give into enjoyment of something

16- Initiate: To begin or start something

17- Irrigate: To provide water for crops and plants

18- Integrate: to bring together different elements

19- Illumine: to shed light on something

20- Invoke: to call upon someone or something for help.

Popular Positive Verbs That Start With i Positive Verbs That Start With i 1