Positive Verbs That Start With V

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Verbs like “vibrate”, “validate”, “visualize”, and “volunteer” are some examples of positive verbs starting with V. These words are often used when discussing ideas or expressing feelings about a situation. “Vibrate” could refer to something that is exciting or stimulating, while “validate” could refer to confirming someone’s feelings or opinions. “Visualize” implies imagining something in the mind while “volunteer” indicates taking action to help others without expecting anything in return.

Positive Verbs With V

This list of positive verbs starting with v is very useful, you may need these action words that start with v for resume writing and letter writing.

Positive Verbs With V

5 Popular Positive Verbs with V

1- Value: To have or appreciate the worth or importance of something.

2- Validate: To confirm that something is correct, valid, or legitimate.

3- Volunteer: To give time and effort to a cause without expecting anything in return.

4- Venerate: To regard with great respect and admiration.

5- Vibrate: To produce or be filled with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Vest Vail Vigor
Visit Value Vault
Vaunt Vocalize Visualize
Voyage Venerate Vibrate
Vitalize Vifivicate Vaunce
Ventilate Volunteer Van
Vie Vamp Vouch
Variegate Valance Vamper
Vent Voice Vow
Vernate Victual Vary
Vegetate Vote Vindicate
Vifivy Validate View
Vantage Venture Verify


Vindicate Vanquish Vouchsafe
Verbify Vail Vivify
Vitalize Valorize Vamoose
Valuate Vituperate Vacillate
Verbigerate Venerate Vicariously
Vivify Vindicate Vehemently
Valiantly Venerable  

20 Positive Verbs Starting with V

1- Vindicate: To clear someone of an accusation or suspicion.

2- Vanquish: To defeat, conquer, or subdue somebody or something.

3- Vouchsafe: To grant a privilege, such as permission or the right to do something.

4- Verbify: To convert a noun into verb form.

5- Vail: To lower, as a flag or hat, in respect or courtesy.

6- Vivify: To make something livelier and more attractive.

7- Vitalize: To give life to something that was previously inactive or lifeless.

8- Valorize: To regard with admiration due to one’s courage and bravery.

9- Vamoose: To leave quickly or abruptly.

10- Valuate: To assess the worth of something, either monetary or intrinsic.

11- Vituperate: To criticize someone severely in an abusive manner.

12- Vacillate: To waver between different choices or opinions.

13- Verbigerate: To repeat meaningless words or phrases when speaking.

14- Venerate: To respect and revere someone or something.

15- Vicariously: To experience something through the imagination.

16- Vivify: To make something more interesting, attractive, and alive.

17- Vindicate: To clear someone’s name from false accusations.

18- Vehemently: Acting with great intensity and vigor.

19- Valiantly: Showing courage and boldness when facing danger or difficulty.

20- Venerable: Deserving respect because of age, wisdom, or character

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