Positive Verbs That Start With W

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Positive verbs starting with the letter W can be great for adding a sense of power and action to your writing. From words of encouragement to words that carry profound meaning, these positive verbs are sure to make any sentence shine. Whether you’re looking for a way to express yourself in a creative essay or just need an extra burst of energy in your daily conversations, here are some positive verbs that begin with W.

Wake up: This verb is often used metaphorically when talking about someone or something becoming energized or alerted after being inactive or unaware. For example, “The team needed some motivation – they finally woke up and took control of the game.”

Welcome: This verb expresses acceptance and hospitality towards someone who has come into one’s presence, either physically or figuratively. For example, “The group welcomed the new member with open arms”.

Positive Verbs With W

This list of positive verbs starting with w is very useful, you may need these action words that start with w for resume writing and letter writing.

Positive Verbs With W

5 Popular Positive Verbs with W

1- Welcome: To greet someone warmly and hospitably.

2- Worship: To revere or honor with great devotion.

3- Win: To be successful in achieving an objective or goal.

4- Wonder: To marvel at something, as if it were miraculous.

5- Work: To apply effort and energy to accomplish something.

Whirl Wheedle Woo
Waft Wedlock Weed
Wonder Wave Willow
Widen Wage Wake
Watch Warble Wrap
Welcome Wow Wilne
Wander Weave Whelp
Well Work Whistle
Whiz Wheel Walk
Warp Warish Wear
Wind Waken Whet
Wish Way Wed
Wag Whip Wing
Write Waterproof Weal
Weld Wash Wall
Weet Want Wink
Whimsey Wield Waggle
Wire Ween Worship
Wiggle Water Withhold
Wandering Wafting Wanting
Welcoming Winking Winning
Wishing Wondering Working
Wowing Wrapping Writing
Whirling Whistling Wiggling
Willing Walking Whispering
Waving Wanton  

20 Positive Verbs Starting with W

1- Wandering: To move around without a particular purpose or direction.

2- Wafting: To move through the air in a gentle manner.

3- Wanting: Having an earnest desire or strong feeling of wanting something.

4- Welcoming: Accepting and greeting with pleasure, warmth, kindness and hospitality.

5- Winking: To close and open one eye quickly as a gesture or signal.

6- Winning: To be successful in gaining something desired or valued.

7- Wishing: Expressing desires for good things to happen to someone else.

8- Wondering: To ponder, think about, contemplate, question and consider something.

9- Working: To be actively involved in a task or job.

10- Wowing: To make someone feel amazed or impressed with something.

11- Wrapping: To encase an object completely in paper, fabric, etc.

12- Writing: To produce literature and other works of art via the written word.

13- Whirling: To move or spin around quickly and in circles.

14- Whistling: To make a sound by forcing breath through the lips.

15- Wiggling: To move back and forth quickly with small movements.

16- Willing: To be ready, eager, and willing to do something.

17- Walking: To move forward on foot taking steps.

18- Whispering: To speak softly in a low, hushed voice.

19- Waving: To move the hand back and forth to signal hello or goodbye.

20- Wanton: Impulsive, unrestrained, and without regard for consequences.

positive verbs that start with w

Popular Positive Verbs That Start With W Positive Verbs That Start With W