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A re prefix is a Latin word meaning “again” or “back.” It is used in English to mean “backward in time” or “back to an earlier state.” For example, the word replay means to play something back again. The word refund means to give money back to someone.

Re Words and Definitions

Reaccretion Meaning

Reaccretion meaning is the process of gradual accumulation of material, typically sediment, on a shore or river bank. This process can be seen in the development of a delta as the river deposits sediment into the water and slows down its flow. Over time, this deposition builds up a mound of material which pushes out into the water and forms a new coastline. The same process can also be seen in the build-up of sandbars and other coastal features. Reaccretion is an important geological process that shapes our planet’s landscape over time.

Reaccrue Meaning

When most people think about the word “accrue,” they think of it in terms of finances. Money that is earned but not yet received starts to accrue over time. This usage of the word is derived from the Latin word “accrescere,” which means “to grow.”

Reacculturate Meaning

Reacculturation is the process of adapting to a new culture. It can be difficult, but it’s also a chance to learn new things and grow as a person. There are many different aspects of culture, so it’s important to be open-minded when trying to reacculturate. Some things may be easy to adapt to, while others may be more challenging. It’s important to take things one step at a time and not try to rush the process. With patience and perseverance, anyone can successfully reacculturate into a new culture.

Reaccumulate Meaning

In everyday conversation, we use the word “meaning” in a lot of different ways. We might say that a particular action has meaning for us, or that something we’ve experienced has deep meaning. But what does it mean to say that something has meaning?

Reaccumulated Meaning

We all know the phrase “life is what you make it.” It’s a mantra that we’ve all heard time and time again. We’re told that if we want something, we have to work for it. And while this may be true, it’s not the only thing that matters in life. What about the things we can’t control? The things that happen to us that are out of our hands?

Reaccumulation Meaning

When a company experiences a financial crisis and is forced to sell assets in order to pay off its debt, the reaccumulation of these assets can be a good sign for the company’s future. This occurs when the company is able to buy back these assets at a lower price than they were sold, allowing the company to improve its financial stability and future prospects.

Reaccusation Meaning

When you are falsely accused of a crime, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Unfortunately, this feeling is often accurate, as dealing with a criminal charge can be incredibly difficult. If you are falsely accused, it is important to understand the reaccusation meaning and how to best protect yourself.

Reaccuse Meaning

There can be a few different meanings to the word reaccuse, but they all generally have to do with accusing someone again. One definition is when someone who has already been accused of a crime is accused again, even if they have already been cleared of the charges. Another definition is when someone who has previously been accused of doing something wrong or harmful now accuses someone else of the same thing. This could be in an attempt to shift the blame or to get back at the person who originally accused them.

Reaccustom Meaning

The word “reaccustom” is often used when referring to getting used to something again. This could be something that you have not done in a while, or something that is new to you. It is important to reaccustom yourself to these things so that you can get used to them and be comfortable with them. This will help you in the long run, and can make things easier for you.

Words That Start With Re

Respecter Reafforest Reuse
Retinue Reallude Residence
Retina Revamp Real-world
Residential Reflexology Remorseful
Reissue Redwood Reaim
Report Regulationist Reanneal
Red-rimmed Rewire Regrowth
Recycle Reciprocity Recurrent
Rehearsal Remedy Refinement
Restive Repairer Reggae
Remand Regio Reabuse
Regicide Regain Retrospective
Retreat Re-investigation Refinance
Ret Receptacle Relearn
Reception Receptive Remotely
Reachable Respectively Reaccount
Realkalinization Regroup Request
Recant Readjudicate Renationalise
Referendum Reflective Reusable
Religiosity Reassess Reaccustom
Rectification Remedial Revere
Retrofit Rejuvenate Remarkable
Rebirth Recalcitrance Reversibility
Reverently Redress Readhesion
Religion Remission Redundancy
Revisit Refundable Reimburse
Retention Respiration Recombination
Relativist Reedy Retrace
Regionalist Redwing Redraft
Retrain Reformative Reverential
Repopulation Respite Restlessness
Recruit Referable Remortgage
Resit Retardation Ree
Regnal Red-handed Reannotate
Receptionist Re-use Reair
Remorselessly Resurgent Reaccelerate
Retiral Reafference Redesign
Revisionist Reno Repossess
Regality Respectfully Recent
Rehabilitation Re-evaluation Rectum
Reflectively Recreational Resolvable
Relevant Restaurateur Resplendent


Recover Restock Reign
Realignment Reorientation Reforestation
Resorption Release Retroactive
Reheat Relevancy Restrain
Relapse Reaerosolise Ren
Revise Reorder Readable
Relationship Reckon Reprehensible
Reddish Reversible Referee
Redundant Redistribution Resting-place
Responsive Refuel Reification
Reprint Realism Reminiscence
Reparation Redolent Readdress
Relative Renounce Relevantly
Rejoinder Reanesthetize Red-headed
Relegate Retroviral Recite
Regime Redemptive Rebus
Reviewable Readability Reindeer
Resurface Residual Replay
Render Rearrange Reaccentuation
Resume Respect Retrogressive
Re-ally Rend Readvertise
Redistributive Reproachfully Resolute
Resident Repartee Reinstate
Realienate Reciprocally Rerun
Realkalize Respectable Remove
Read-out Regularity Regard
Repertory Reflexivity Refocus
Reaccentuate Rectitude Resignation
Reannexation Record Realistically
Redoubt Reallege Regulatory
Redistribute Reactionary Regretfully
Repetitious Reactor Reserve
Retrospectively Recalcitrant Recorder
Recluse Rely Reanaesthetised
Relentless Reamalgamate Reproduce
Recipient Reform Refinery
Reproduction Regress Reshape
Recognition Reconvene Revolt
Restorative Redon Retinoblastoma
Reapparel Reconnect Reverence
Reebok Refutation Recombinant
Revisionism Red Revision
Reverend Revolutionize Retinal
Revocation Relish Reabsorptive
Repression Reiterate Resource
Repast Reek
Redouble Residuary Reality
Reagudization Readsorb Relaxation
Require Repudiation Reaccomplish
Revitalisation Replanning Reaggregation
Reversal Reflectance Reamendment
Reprise Reamend Reciprocate
Reacclimate Repressor Recantation
Resolutely Resupply Rediffusion
Reagglomeration Reacetylation Reveal
Reverberate Re-examine Readvancement
Redeployment Retrievable Reed
Renegade Retinopathy Readvance
Repressive Recap Residuum
Representation Reformulate Repeat
Replenishment Revolve Reconcilable
Refill Retract Rendition
Reanalyze Republicanism Resistor
Reacetylate Reset Readjourn
Redman Resilience Reputable
Revelation Retd Relativism
Redeemer Reaffirmance Relator
Relate Recline Revolutionise


Reappearance Resultant Redirect
Recollect Re-run Reunification
Reannihilation Recapture Redox
Revealingly Reamplification Regretful
Recessionary Reconstruct Resection
Repulsion Reactualize Refraction
Reacylation Reflux Reacclimatize
Reconnaissance Red-hot Replica
Reread Rex Regiment
Reliable Reaccuse Reanimation
Reabandonment Reasonable Readjournment
Revenge Realimentation Remainder
Relevance Re-educate Rejection
Renegotiation Refit Reproducible
Resurgence Repay Reanswer
Redbrick Ready-to-wear Revelry
Relieve Reinfection Relay
Retainer Resurrect Reeve
Remembrance Repentant Reportedly
Remarkably Return Reinscription
Reaffiliate Reacquire Reaeration
Removable Revitalize Remain
Researcher Reacquaintance Recoverability
Reliant Reclusive Reg
Redirection Reputation Reproachful
Reluctant Reprographics Readduce
Realisation Reassert Recognizably
Rem Revoke Retinol
Renew Reveille Recompense
Recital Remuneration Re-education
Reabolish Respectful Remnant
Reticence Restless Reannotation
Reaccrete Reaffirmation Retribution
Readopt Recount Rec
Revive Ref Redemption
Reaffiliation Redevelop Recapitulate
Reflexive Recoverable Recharge
Reamass Renewable Retaliate
Re-establish Repetitive Reassertion
Repress Resin Realisable
Review Replenish Reagglomerate
Reaccreditation Recklessly Regardless
Rediscover Replicator Refrigerate
Reprovingly Remoteness Real-estate
Repurchase Rewind Recruitment
Redoubtable Resuscitate Reinforce
Read Redecorate Resurrection
Renin Reconciliation Reasoner
Rearmament Reaggravate Reporter
Reacculturate Reflect Replacement
Reanimalize Recanalisation Relativistic
Reinforcement Regular Resist
Reperfusion Rep Realter
Redshift Readmit Rehearse
Reappointment Rejoice Republican
Respectably Reflation Reedbed
Reputedly Refine Realistic
Repentance Renown Reverse
Referential Reinvest Reintroduce
Re-export Reagent Relation
Restructure Read-only Retrenchment
Reannounce Reliquary Retractable
Reaccommodate Refreshingly Religious
Relatedness Revie Reactive
Reactivation Recuperation Regional
Resistant Reflectivity Re-evaluate
Result Real-time Reinforcer
Relaunch Reappease Reallegorize
Returner Readeption Repent
Reabandon Recombine Reason
Readorn Res Reproof
Revelatory Redevelopment Renege
Reportage Rescript Real-life
Recognize Reaffix Recommence
Remount Repository Receive
Retaliation Reanimate Resilient
Revival Recrimination Retraction
Reablate Retinitis Reproach
Regression Reaccumulated Reverberation
Restlessly Refugee Remind
Reapplicant Rehabilitative Reactivate
Resolve Reabridge Reversion
Reaerate Refrigeration Remarriage
Realty Rewrite Reborn
Remember Remix Readoption
Revitalization Remittance Reassurance
Receivable Registrable Reaccredit
Retort Reliability Realpolitik
Reverb Resoundingly Refreshment
Rest Replication Reconsider
Readhere Redefinition Recollection
Restrict Rechargeable Resourcefulness
Revalue Reticulum Reliance
Re-abuse Reintroduction Recreate
Re-enter Ready-mixed Recognisable
Retaliatory Reselection Rehouse
Record-breaking Relatively Reachieve
Reaffirm Resonate Recall
Reacidification Reanastomosis Repertoire
Re-introduce Retrovirus Reannex
Retentive Redcurrant Recently
Reacidify Reocclusion Retake
Reabsolve Reaccrue Renovate
Readmittance Reacclimation Reaccession
Reprisal Regimental Readdicting
Restaurant Reach Retinoic
Respondent Recur Response
Really Regency Reamplify
Reviewer Rebellious Rejuvenation
Recruiter Reamputation Recapitulation


Regnum Reanoint Reverberant
Restore Recency Recess
Rendezvous Reabolition Relist
Rearguard Repetitively Revolutionary
Relic Reallocate Reinvestment
Repellent Renunciation Reaerosolization
Restatement Republic
Rectory Rear Readvise
Realarm Regimentation Resound
Reconquer Registry Rebelliousness
Remark Reformist Renovation
Reafflict Recast Reprieve
Resemblance Redecoration Refund
Rebuke Realize Reprobate
Resignedly Reel Realliance
Re-enactment Recipe Regulation
Retributivism Reestablish Replant
Rebuff Reacceleration Restorer
Reacquisition Reaccess Rego
Reintegration Reverent Revert
Removal Reprimand Resumption
Resonator Repaint Reformulation
Reorganisation Reefer Reverie
Reappraise Reannouncement Remote
Repudiate Recondite Readership
Repro Reinsurance Repton
Reduction Reunion Rectifier
Rectangular Reminisce Rearrangement
Repair Reappeal Retire
Reabsorbable Recognise Revenue
Refectory Reciprocation Reynard
Rectify Restriction Restate
Rebellion Retardant Reimbursement
Recklessness Redness Rectilinear
Requiem Relocation Readminister
Readaptation Receptor Re-elect
Reallow Reward Representativeness
Revaluation Re-establishment Religiously
Recovery Reabsorbability Reinfarction
Regatta Reambulate Remediation
Remonstrate Readhesive Re-entry
Resemble Realteration Rehydration
Recuperate Reactance Reanalysis
Recoil Realkalization Readiness
Resettle Reanointment Reamination
Reactant Reafforestation Replace
Reaffect Recommendation Requisite
Reformism Reaccelerated Re-emerge
Reabstract Restrictive Re-enact
Repayable Reprocess Reanastomosed
Reanalyse Reaccede Restorationist
Relegation Relational Receivership
Regent Rescuer Remover
Receptiveness Reproducibility Retsina
Referent Reallegation Rectosigmoid
Reagree Record-holder Reassure
Reapply Respirator Reafferent
Replete Reorganize Ready
Responsible Reductionist Retch
Redraw Renewal Revulsion
Reinterpret Regius Reappeasement
Rejoin Reabsent Reactivity
Recognisably Residue Representative
Reappear Readjustable Reciprocal
Recoup Reversionary Readjust
Returnable Redden Referral
Retrospect Regimen Respectability
Retro Residency Restoration
Resistance Rephrase Responsibility
Repeatable Regularly Readdiction
Refloat Reiteration Rework
Resign Respective Reflector
Reincarnation Realienation Rebate
Refuge Rectal Remorseless
React Reptile Resettlement
Reptilian Recreation Red-eyed
Renal Regrettably Rename
Repugnant Regulate Restitution
Reagitate Reduce Reductivist
Ready-made Resonant Reliably
Restraint Regal Rebuttal
Reaccretion Recuperative Reticent
Refurbish Reasonably Reap


Relativity Recurrence Regurgitation
Recogniser Resort Respiratory
Revitalise Recommend Red-blooded
Repose Reallot Reaccept
Reanchor Resourceful Readjudication
Real Refrigerant Reabsorb
Refresher Remarry Reconstitute
Refer Repetition Receptivity
Reacquirement Rejectionist Readministration
Recessive Revolution Remediable
Reappraisal Regressive Repulsive
Rekindle Reply Relief
Reload Rescind Rematch
Regale Rent-free Retain
Responsiveness Reference Reshuffle
Realign Restful Retail
Remunerative Reside Reductivism
Retributive Repulse Rectangle
Reasonableness Reinvent Reaggregate
Revivalist Reservation Redefine
Revocable Rebel Research
Realkylate Realization Realm
Rector Rehabilitate Recursion
Reaggravation Readdition Reiter
Reclaim Repayment Reinstatement
Reflection Rebuild Reconsideration
Refresh Reapplaud Restart
Registrar Reacceptance Reaccomplishment
Reaccompany Revers Retirement
Reaper Reabsorption Rethink
Requisition Reuptake Redeemable
Re-create Relentlessly Reinterpretation
Retard Regeneration Regrettable
Relax Reassemble Refrigerator
Remiss Reschedule Readd
Resuscitation Reconcile Replicate
Receiver Recognizable Reorganization
Retrograde Remorse Resentment
Replaceable Readdicted Repeater
Representational Repute Reallocation
Readapt Repossession Reactuate
Re-creation Readjustment Retriever
Recyclable Recordable Re-election
Reboot Resentfully Reacknowledge
Relive Reddy Rental
Redo Regenerate Repo
Regionalism Region Reluctance
Reunite Recumbent Readily
Resistivity Repatriation Recede
Regenerative Regionally Remit
Re-union Reproductive Repeal
Retailer Revel Reacquaint
Readdict Reaccommodation Reanaesthetize
Reclamation Remodel Regurgitate
Reaccumulate Recitative Retrial
Recursive Readout Reangle
Readenylation Revue Reductionism
Rebut Reconstitution Refusal
Resale Refractive Repel
Register Resell Reformer
Reaccumulation Refrain Reject
Recitation Reambulation Repatriate
Reorganise Reluctantly Rediscovery
Reader Reflex Regulator
Reconquest Receipt Refute
Redhead Represent Rev
Respond Renaissance Reminder
Refuse Revolver Repugnance
Reservoir Reaction Recession
Repeatedly Readmission Resentful
Regulative Retrieval Redeploy
Reapologize Reconnoitre Recce
Regret Reassessment Redeem
Re-form Reseller Realizable
Realveolarization Refurbishment Renowned
Requirement Refractory Restrictively
Resolution Realveolization Reablation
Rein Rescue Reaccusation
Readsorption Regally Relocate
Recursively Resinous Realphabetize
Red-faced Reassuringly Responsibly
Registration Reposition Reopen
Recourse Re-examination Reacylate
Reducible Realist Reductive
Red-haired Reformat Retrieve
Reflexively Reconstruction Readornment
Reckless Relict Reclassification
Reconnection Resonance Remake
Resistive Reaccent Renegotiate
Reminiscent Realise Redshank
Rescission Reformation Reef

Re Prefix Words – Infographics

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