Spanish Words That Start With G

Spanish Words That Start With G! If you’re looking for a challenge, studying Spanish vocabulary can be a great place to start. Whether you’re just beginning your language learning journey or are an experienced speaker preparing for more advanced classes and conversations, improving your grip on Spanish syntax is essential. To make it easier to tackle the task ahead of you, this blog will provide a convenient starting point: A list of some important common words in the Spanish language that begin with the letter G! Studying this information can help hone your grammar and pronunciation skills while expanding your ability to express yourself concisely in Spanish. Read on to learn more – ¡vamos!

Spanish Words That Start With g

Common Spanish Words Starting With G

  • Gordo – fat
  • Gorila – gorilla
  • Gato – cat
  • Guapo – handsome
  • Guerrero – warrior
  • Golfo – gulf
  • Girar – turn
  • Gustar – to like

Spanish Words Starting With G

Spanish Meanings
gobierno government
 gorra cap
gracioso gracious
grato grateful
gafa eyeglasses
garaje garage
guapo/a handsome
 guía guide
gótico gothic
gafas de sol sunglasses
 gaseosa soda
garantía guarantee
generosidad generosity
generalidad generality
geometría geometry
gesto gesture
 gasolina gasoline
 gerente de oficina office manager
 gallo rooster
 guion dash
glotón glutton
 gorrion sparrow
gloria glory
galope gallop
globo globe
 gramo gram
gentil gentle
 gigante giant
galante gallant
gorila gorilla
grado grade
 guerra war
 gasto expense
gris gray
gracioso funny
guapo cute
 ganador winner
 grano pimple
 grupo ground
galón gallon
genuino genuine
gerente manager
 gente people
grasa grease
 gota drop
 galleta cookir
guarnición garnish
grandeza grandeur
gravedad gravity
grande, gran great
geográfico geographical
gobernador governor
 gol goal
grande, gran grand
gneralmente generally
genio genius
gratis for free
genérico generic
 guitarra guitar
gravitación gravitation
grande big
glorioso glorious
grupo group
glosario glossary
guardia guard
generación generation
gigantesco gigantic
giro gyre
 gato cat
gesticulación gesticulation
galería gallery
 guante glove
 ganga bargin
glándula gland
 goma de pagar glue
 gimnasio gym
grotesco grotesque
gestación gestation
 gemo twin
 gallina hen
galaxia galaxy
gratitud gratitude
 garganta throat
 gasoleo dis fu
 gramática grammar
grano grain
 guia telefonica telephone book
gracia grace
 guagua bus
género gender
geografía geography
gramatical grammatical
 gabinete cabinet
 golpe blow
 girasol sunflower
 goma de borrar pencil eraser
germen germ
glucosa glucose
gnóstico gnostic
gentil genteel


Spanish Adjectives Starting With G

guatemalteca Guatemalan
griega Greek
germánica Germanic
gallega Galician


Spanish Nouns Starting With G

  • Galafatear
  • Galaica
  • Galaico
  • Galamera
  • Galamero
  • Galanamente
  • Galancete
  • Galancito
  • Galanga
  • Galano
  • Galante
  • Galanteador
  • Galantear
  • Galantemente
  • Galanteo
  • Galantería
  • Galanto
  • Galanura
  • Galapagueño
  • Galapo
  • Galardón
  • Galardonado
  • Galardonador
  • Galardonadora
  • Galardonar
  • Galas
  • Galatite
  • Galato
  • Galaxia
  • Galaxía
  • Galbana
  • Galbanada
  • Galbanado
  • Galbanera
  • Galbanero
  • Galbanosa
  • Galbanoso
  • Galdosiano
  • Galdrope
  • Galeata
  • Galeato
  • Galeaza
  • Galega
  • Galembo
  • Galena
  • Galeniano
  • Galenica
  • Galenismo
  • Gallo Pinto
  • Gallobosque
  • Gallocresta
  • Gallofa
  • Gallofear
  • Gallofera
  • Gallofero
  • Gallofo
  • Gallón
  • Gallonada
  • Gallote
  • Galluda
  • Gallumbos
  • Galo
  • Galocha
  • Galonazo
  • Galoneadura
  • Galonear
  • Galonero
  • Galop
  • Galopada
  • Galopante
  • Galopar
  • Galope
  • Galopeada

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