Spanish Words That Start With J

The letter j has a long history in the Spanish language. Originally, it was used to represent the sound of an English h. However, over time, the sound of the letter j has shifted to become more like the sound of a hard ch. As a result, many words that start with j have a very distinct sound that can be difficult for English speakers to pronounce. Some common words that start with j include: jugar (to play), joven (young), and justice (justice). While the letter j is not as common in Spanish as it is in English, it still plays an important role in the language. By understanding the history and usage of the letter j, you can better appreciate the richness of the Spanish language.

Spanish Words That Start With j

Common Spanish Words Starting With J

justo just
juicio trial
jornada journey
judio Jewish
jugador player
jugoso Juicy
juez judge
jugo de naranja orange juice
jueves Thursday
jamas not ever
jubilación jubilation


Spanish Words Starting With J

junio June
junta joint
jabon soap
jerarquía hierarchy
juicio judgment
Justicia justice
jefe/a employer
jamon hamburger
joven young man
joyas jewelry
jefe boss
jerga jargon
juvenil juvenile
jardín garden
Julio July
jirafa giraffe
jungla, selva jungle
jardinero gardener
juguete toy
juego set
juicioso judicious
jazmín jasmine
joya jewel
judiciario judiciary
jubiloso jubilant
japonés Japanese
joven youth
juego, partido game
Japon Japan
jugo Juice
junto, juntos together
justificar justify
jurídico juridical
jarra jar
jurado jury
justificado justified


Spanish Adjectives Starting With J

jactancioso boastful
jovial cheerful, jovial
jodido difficult
jodido fucked up, screwed up
jodido fucked, screwed
jodido fucking, darned, crappy
jaranero fun-loving
jamonero ham
jerárquico hierarchical
jeroglífico hieroglyphic
jónico Ionian; Ionic
jónico Ionic
jamaicano Jamaican
jamaiquino Jamaican
japón Japanese
javanés Javanese
jesuita Jesuit
judío Jewish
judaico Jewish, Judaic
jingoísta jingoistic
jocoso jocular
junto joined
jordano Jordanian
jovial Jovian
jubiloso jubilant
judicial judicial
juicioso judicious
jugoso juicy
Jurásico Jurassic
justo just
justificable justifiable
justificado justified
juvenil juvenile
jurídico legal; just
jaspeado mottled
junto near
jadeante panting, gasping
jugable playable
juguetón playful
jubilado retired
justiciero righteous
jíbaro rustic; rural
jabonoso soapy
jaspeado streaked; veined
juvenil teenage
junto together
juicioso wise
joven young, youthful


Spanish Nouns Starting With J

  • Jabalí
  • Jabalina
  • Jabalonar
  • Jabardear
  • Jabardillo
  • Jabardo
  • Jabato
  • Jabeca
  • Jabega
  • Jabeguero
  • Jabeque
  • Jabladera
  • Jable
  • Jabol
  • Jabonada
  • Jabonado
  • Jabonadura
  • Jabonamiento
  • Jabonar
  • Jabonarse
  • Jaboncillo
  • Jabonera
  • Jabonería
  • Jabonero
  • Jactancioso
  • Jactarse
  • Jactarse De
  • Jaculatoria
  • Jaculatorio
  • Jada
  • Jadaizante
  • Jade
  • Jadeante
  • Jadear
  • Jadeo
  • Jadiar
  • Jaecera
  • Jaecero
  • Jaeces
  • Jaez
  • Jafetica

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