Spanish Words That Start With N

The Spanish language has a lot to offer learners, and one of its many benefits is the wide range of vocabulary. There are many words that start with the letter “n” in Spanish, and each one has a unique meaning. For example, the word “nadar” means “to swim,” while “naranja” refers to the color orange. Other common words that start with “n” in Spanish include “necesitar” (to need), “noveno” (ninth), and “normalmente” (normally). By learning these and other Spanish words starting with “n,” you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient speaker of the language.

Spanish Words That Start With n

Common Spanish Words Starting With N

Spanish Meanings
negociante businessman
nuera daugther in law
nublado cloudy
nervioso nervous
ninguno none
norteño northern
novio boyfriend
navaja de afeitar razor
nada nothing
número number
ningun, ninguno/a not any
narración narration
novelesco novelistic

Spanish Words Starting With N

Spanish Meanings
nadie nobody, no one
negociar negotiate
notificar notify
novecientos nine hundred
notorio notorious
noche night
nariz nose
nube nebula
núcleo nucleus
nuez nutritive
nuestro/a our
nocturno nocturnal
nacional national
Naciones Unidas united nations
no obstante regardless
novio fiance
notario notary
nordeste northeast
nevada snowfall, snowstorm
nutrido nourished
neutro neutral
necesario necessary
nanotubo nanotube
notación decimal decimal notation
negligencia negligence
negocio business
nervio nerve
negativo negative
neblina fog
naranja orange
narrar narrate
narcótico narcotic
Neptuno Neptune
novia girlfriend
novia bride
novia fiancee
nunca never
nobleza nobility
nublado/a foggy
navegación navigation
novela novel
no no
numerador numerator
nieta granddaugther
nombre name
nanómetro nanometer
necesidad necessity
norma norm
nadie no one
nutritivo nutritive
nido nest
necesitado necessitous
ninguna vez never once
noveno ninth
noticia notice
nunca mas never ever
nota note
novio groom
necesidad need
no colineal noncollinear
necesitar necessitate
navegable navigable
nuevo new
noviembre november
nos us
nilon nylon
normalidad normality
numero de telefono telephone number
nacionalidad nationality
ninez childhood
nieto grandson
no convencional non-conventional
nosotros we
Nihilismo Nihilism
natacion swimming
nación nation
no coplanar non-coplanar
nueve nine
noventa ninety
naturaleza nature
numeroso numerous
novedad novelty
normalmente normally
no digas dont say!
nada not anything
noción notion
nieve snow
noticias news
nube cloud
novelesco novelesque
noche evening
novelista novelist
norte north
naturalmente naturally
nivel level
nanosegundo nanosecond


Spanish Adjectives Starting With N

naturales  natural
necesario  necessary
nervioso  nervous
nublado  cloudy
nuevo  new

Spanish Nouns Starting With N

  • Natatoria
  • Natatorio
  • Naterón
  • Natillas
  • Nativa
  • Natividad
  • Nativo
  • Nativo Americano
  • Nato
  • Natrón
  • Natura
  • Naturaca
  • Natural
  • Naturaleza
  • Nazareno
  • Nazareo
  • Nazi
  • Nazismo
  • Nazista
  • Neandertal
  • Nebladura
  • Neblí
  • Neblina
  • Neblinoso
  • Nebrina
  • Nebulizador
  • Nebulosa
  • Nebulosidad
  • Nebuloso
  • Necear

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