Spanish Words That Start With O

The letter “o” is one of the most common letters in the Spanish alphabet, and it can be found at the beginning of a wide variety of words. For example, “ojo” is the Spanish word for “eye,” while “ola” means “wave.” Other common Spanish words that start with “o” include “ojos” (eyes), “oliva” (olive), and “oro” (gold). As you can see, the letter “o” can have a wide range of different meanings in Spanish. However, one thing all these words have in common is that they all start with the same letter. So if you’re ever stuck trying to remember a Spanish word, just think of the letter “o” and you’ll be sure to find the word you’re looking for.

Spanish Words That Start With o

Common Spanish Words Starting With O

Spanish Meanings
objetivo objective
operación operation
ochocientos eight hundred
obrero worker
oferta offer
originalidad originality
otro/otra another
obediente obedient
origen origin
oficio office

Spanish Words Starting With O

Spanish Meanings
oscuro dark
opuesto opposite
oponer oppose
obsesión obsession
ocoso jocose
octavo octave
octavo eighth
obstáculo obstacle
organizar organize
océano ocean
oficial officer
ocupación occupation
ojo eye
orientación orientation
ochenta eighty
optimista optimistic
ofensa offense
ortodoxo orthodox
oeste west
ocasión occasion
oscuridad darkness
obligado obliged
offender offend
opinion opinion
oso bear
observar las ballenas whale watching
oportunidad opportunity
ototropismo phototropism
oficina office
otra vez again
organismo organism
operador operator
obediencia obedience
obligar oblige
otro other
oculto occult
oveja sheep
oriente orient
orden order
obligatorio obligatory
objeción objection
ocurrido occurred
orgánico organic
oficial official
orilla wave
obviamente obviously
ovni ufo
orgulloso/a proud
oreja, oido ear
oro gold
opresión oppression
operar operate
ocupado busy
ocho eight
obligación obligation
organización organization
oportuno opportune
obscuro obscure
ordenado/a neat
orbe orb
organizado organized
ojala god willing
observatorio observatory
optimista optimist
odio odium
oposición opposition
opción option
obra opus
orientado oriented
obra play
once eleven
ortogonal orthogonal
obsesionado obsessed
obscuridad obscurity
ocurrencia occurrence
ordinario ordinary
órgano organ
ontono autumn
olor odor
ordenado ordinate
olvido oblivion
ordenado ordered
optimismo optimism
oración oration
otono fall (season)
odioso odious
obvio obvious
orador orator
opaco opaque
observado observed
omisión omission
oxígeno oxygen
objeto object
observación observation

Spanish Adjectives Starting With O

oscuro dark
oriental Eastern or Oriental
obeso obese
oblicuo oblique
oceánico Oceanic
octogonal octagonal
omnipotente omnipotent
omnipresente omnipresent
omnisciente omniscient
omnívoro omnivorous
ornamental ornamental
otomano Ottoman
occidental Western

Spanish Nouns Starting With O

  • Ocasión
  • Ocasionciita
  • Ocasioncilla
  • Ocaso
  • Occidental
  • Occidentalidad
  • Occidentalismo
  • Occidentalista
  • Occidentalizado
  • Occidentalizar
  • Occidente
  • Occidua
  • Occiduo
  • Occipital
  • Occipucio
  • Occisa
  • Occiso
  • Oceanario
  • Oceanica
  • Oceanografía
  • Oceanográfico
  • Oceanógrafo
  • Octágono
  • Octangular
  • Octano
  • Octante
  • Octava
  • Octava Parte
  • Octavar
  • Octavario
  • Octavilla
  • Octavín
  • Octavo
  • Octavo Año
  • Octavo Grado
  • Octeto
  • Octogenaria
  • Octogenario
  • Octogentésimo
  • Octogésimo
  • Octogona
  • Octogonal
  • Octógono
  • Octopétala
  • Octosílabo
  • Octubre
  • Octupla
  • Octuplicar
  • Ocular
  • Oculista
  • Ocultación
  • Ocultador
  • Ocultadora
  • Ocultamente

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