Spanish Words That Start With Q

The letter Q is not a very common letter in the Spanish language. In fact, there are only a handful of words that start with this letter. However, despite its rarity, the Q does play an important role in Spanish. Here are just a few of the most common words that start with Q.

Spanish Words That Start With q

Common Spanish Words Starting With Q

Spanish Meanings
que lastima what a pity
quietud quiescence
quince fifteen
químico chemical
quinto fifth
quien whom
quinientos five hundred
quietud quietude

Spanish Words Starting With Q

Spanish Meanings
quienquiera whoever
que quiere decir …? what does … mean?
que tal how are things
quiza, quizas maybe
ques hora es? what time is it?
queroseno kerosene
que pasa? whats going on?
que what?
queso cheese
quimera chimera
quimica chemistry
quien who
querido dear
quiosco newstand
que hay? whats the matter?
que which
quizas perhaps


Spanish Adjectives Starting With Q

  • quebrado: broken
  • quemado: burnt
  • querido: dear
  • quieto: quiet or still

Spanish Nouns Starting With Q

  • Quebradillo
  • Quebradizo
  • Quebrado
  • Quebrador
  • Quebradora
  • Quebradura
  • Quebraja
  • Quebrajar
  • Quebrajosa
  • Quebrajoso
  • Quebramiento
  • Quebrantable
  • Quebrantado
  • Quebrantador
  • Quebrantadora
  • Quebrantadura
  • Quebrantahuesos
  • Quebrantamiento
  • Quebrantanueces
  • Quebrantaolas
  • Quebrantar
  • Quebrantarse
  • Quebrantaterrones
  • Quebranto
  • Quebrar
  • Quebrarse
  • Querida
  • Querida Abuelita
  • Querida Amiga
  • Querida Familia
  • Querida Madre
  • Querida Mamá
  • Querida Mía
  • Querido
  • Querido Amigo
  • Querido Diario
  • Querido Mío
  • Querido Señor
  • Queridos Amigos
  • Queridos Padres
  • Querindongo
  • Quermes
  • Querocha
  • Querochar
  • Querosén
  • Queroseno
  • Querosina
  • Querub
  • Querube
  • Querubica

Common Spanish Words Starting With Q Spanish Words Starting With Q

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