Spanish Words That Start With R

The Spanish language is full of beautiful words that roll off the tongue. Many of these words start with the letter “r,” which is known for producing a trilling sound when spoken. Here are just a few of the most beautiful Spanish words that start with “r”:

Spanish Words That Start With r

Rosa: meaning “rose” – a symbol of love and beauty

Reloj: meaning “clock” – a reminder that time is precious

Río: meaning “river” – a source of life and refreshment

Romance: meaning “romance” – an expression of love and passion

Whether you’re speaking to a loved one or enjoying a lovely day outdoors, these Spanish words are sure to add a touch of elegance to your conversation. So go ahead and give them a try!

Common Spanish Words Starting With R

religioso religious
rayo ray
rapidamente quickly
region region
retirada retreat
ropa interior underwear
rígido rigid
redacción redaction
representativo representative
relato relation
ruido noise
romance romance


Spanish Words Starting With R

ruta route
reaccionar react
respuesta answer
rancio rancid
razón reason
rollo roll
robusto robust
remoto remote
rosa pink
referido referred
rudito erudite
rico/a wealthy
relevante relevant
ruina ruin
resistencia resistance
rubio blond
retiro retirement
revolución revolution
radio radio
reservado reserved
recriminación recrimination
realizar fulfill
retorno return
refinado refined
relación relation
rotundo rotund
rango rank
religion religion
reciente recent
recientemente recently
retablo retable
referente referential
ridículo ridiculous
reporte report
revelar reveal
raza race
reportaje report
reloj clock
realmente really
racional rational
referencia reference
rivalidad rivalry
reducción reduction
representado represented
residencia residence
regreso regress
regla rule
revista, repaso review
registrado registered
riesgo risk
radiante radiant
revelación revelation
resolución resolution
rapido/a fast, quick
ropa clothes
reloj watch (time)
redondo round
retraso delay
razonable sensible
razonamiento reasoning
revista magazine
recuerdo record
responsabilidad responsibility
realidad reality
recurso resource
recobrar recover
reconocimiento recognition
radiador radiator
recepcionista receptionist
resumen resume
rudo rude
regio regal
rápido rapid
rebaja, venta sale
roca rock
rey king
respecto respective
ramificación ramification
reparacion repair
ración ration
reunido reunited
rodilla knee
rebajado reduced (in price)
romanticismo romanticism
reflejo reflex
rol role
realizado realized
representante representative
rural rural
rizado curly
recepción reception
ransición transition
resorte resort
respeto respect
rosa rose
reserva reserve
regimiento regiment
revolucionario revolutionary
rectificar rectify
rayo X x-ray
rostro rostrum
rubi ruby
regla regulation
refugio refuge
rústico rustic
reparación reparation
romántico romantic
receta recipe
reputación reputation
republicano republican
reconstrucción reconstruction
robotica robotics
recurso recourse
rueda wheel
ritmo rhythm
rebeldía rebelliousness
reino reign
recuerdo souvenir
razonable reasonable
repetición repetition
rabia rabies
respectivo respective
reproche reproach
relacionado related
rara vez seldom
ruso Russian
resultado result
regalo gift
revoltoso rebellious
rojo/a red
rebelión rebellion
reducido reduced
ramo de flores bouquet
renacimiento renaissance
real royal
relieve relief
rojizo reddish
receta medica prescription
red network
refresco soft drink
rebelde rebel
recibo receipt
río river
rico/a rich
revisar revise
resfriado Cold (sick)
rapaz rapacious
renta rent
rencor rancor
robo robbery
remedio remedy
repugnante repugnant
régimen regime
retórica rhetoric
resurrección resurrection
realismo realism
repertorio repertory
recibido received
recocido overcooked
recompensa recompense
reproducción reproduction
retirado retired
realización realization
refigerador refrigerator
revés reverse
reconocido recognized
rana frog
resto rest
raro, rare
raton mouse
reflexión reflection
reacción reaction
roto/a broken
raqueta racket (tennis)
ridiculo/a silly
realista realist
razón ratio
riguroso rigorous
recitar recite
respuesta response
rapidez rapidity
riqueza wealth
registro register
recomendacion recommendation
reforma reform
rancho ranch
representación representation
restaurante restaurant
república republic
reposo repose
responsable responsible
rutina routine
respetable respectable
repercusión repercussion
regalo present (gift)
rosario rosary
reunion meeting
regla ruler


Spanish Adjectives Starting With R

Rosa Pink
Rectangular Rectangular
Rojo Red
regional Regional
romano/romana Roman
románico/románica Romance
rumano/rumana Romanian
Redondo Round
rural Rural
ruso/rusa Russian
Recto Straight


Spanish Nouns Starting With R

  • Rabera
  • Raberón
  • Rabia
  • Rabiadero
  • Rabiar
  • Rabiasca
  • Rabiatar
  • Rabiazorras
  • Rabicán
  • Rabicano
  • Rabicorta
  • Rabicorto
  • Rabieta
  • Rabietas
  • Rabihorcado
  • Rabilarga
  • Rabilargo
  • Rabillo
  • Rabillo Del Ojo
  • Rabimocho
  • Rabinegra
  • Rabinegro
  • Rabinica
  • Rabinismo
  • Rabinista
  • Rabino
  • Rabiosamente
  • Rabioso
  • Rabisalsera
  • Rabiseca
  • Rabiseco
  • Rabito
  • Radiactividad
  • Radiactivo
  • Radiada
  • Radiado
  • Radiador
  • Radial
  • Radiante
  • Radiar
  • Radicación
  • Radicado
  • Radical
  • Radicalidad
  • Radicalismo
  • Radicalización
  • Radicalizar
  • Radicalmente
  • Radicar
  • Radicar En
  • Radicarse
  • Radicha
  • Radicheta
  • Radiestesia
  • Radio
  • Radio Pasillo

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