Spanish Words That Start With U

Spanish Words That Start With U! Do you ever find that some language learning can be quite tricky? Many of us struggle with memorizing words and phrases, especially when it comes to Spanish. But did you know there are actually a lot of helpful Spanish words that start with the letter “u”? No matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, they can be an amazing tool to help improve your pronunciation and gain a better understanding of the language. Plus, it’s simply fun exploring all the amazingly unique options available. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at everything from everyday terms to more complex concepts as well as their definitions – so buckle up for this wondrous linguistic journey!

Spanish Words That Start With u

Common Spanish Words Starting With U

Spanish Meanings
urgir urge
utensilio utensil
usado used
urgente urgent
universidad university
una pelicude accion action movie
un, una a, an

Spanish Words Starting With U

Spanish Meanings
útero uterus
utilidad utility
universo universe
urbano urban
unánime unanimous
urología urology
ultimamente lately
unas, unos some
uva grape
último ultimate
urgencia urgency
uso use
urbano urbane
unido united
uniforme uniform
un poco de bit of
unidad unit
univalente univalent
ultimo last
Usted you (form)
una fingernail
único unique
univalvo univalve
un, uno, una one
universidad college
unos cuantos a few
utilizar utilize
util useful
unidad unity
Urano Uranus


Spanish Adjectives Starting With U

útil useful
usado / usada used, second-hand
urgente urgent
urbano / urbana urban
universal universal
unisex unisex
uniformado ; unformada uniformed
único / única only, single
último / última last
unido / unida close

Common Spanish Words Starting With U Spanish Words Starting With U

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