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A sub prefix is a letter or group of letters placed at the beginning of a word to indicate its role within a larger phrase. For example, in the phrase “submarine sandwich,” the word “sub” is a sub prefix that indicates the sandwich’s role within the larger phrase. This prefix can also be used to create new words, as in the case of “submarine.”

While sub prefixes are most commonly used in words derived from Latin and Greek, they can also be used in other languages. In French, for example, the word “sous” is a sub prefix that means “under.” This prefix is often used in compound words to indicate location or status. For example, the word “sous-chef” means “under-chef,” and the word “sous-marin” means “underwater.

Sub Prefix Words Meanings

Subangstrom Meaning

Subangstrom (sb) is a unit of length that is 10−10 meters, or 1 femtometer. This tiny measurement is used in physics to describe the size of particles and wavelengths. For example, the diameter of a proton is about 0.87 sb.

Subangular Meaning

Subangular meaning can be difficult to determine because it is not a word that is used often. It is a term that is used in geology to describe the way in which rocks have been fractured. When a rock has been fractured in this way, it means that the fracture has not gone all the way through the rock. This type of fracture can be seen in rocks that have been subjected to extreme pressure.

Subangularly Meaning

What does the word “subangularly” mean? It’s not a word you hear every day, but it’s one that has a specific meaning. The word is derived from the Latin sub, which means “under,” and angularis, which means “of an angle.” So, the word “subangularly” means “in a way that is under an angle.” This can refer to the position of something in space or to its shape. For example, if you say that something is positioned subangularly, you might mean that it’s located below or in front of something else. And if you say that something has a subangular shape, you might mean that it’s not symmetrical and doesn’t have a smooth curve.

Subangulate Meaning

Subangulate is a word that is not often used, but it has a very specific meaning. The word comes from the Latin word subangulus, which means “below the angle.” When you subangulate something, you are measuring it using a right angle as your point of reference. This can be done with a ruler or other tool, or simply by drawing a line between two points that are at right angles to each other.

Subanimate Meaning

In everyday speech, we use the word “subanimate” to describe objects that are inanimate, but with a special meaning. We might say that a chair is subanimate because it doesn’t have a mind of its own and can only act according to the will of the person sitting in it. In this way, the chair is like an extension of the person sitting in it.

Subannual Meaning

The word subannual is derived from the Latin prefix sub-, meaning “below,” and annus, meaning “year.” As an adjective, it means “occurring or happening every half year.” The word can be used to describe events, such as weather patterns, or periods of time, such as six-month intervals.

Subanorectic Meaning

Subanorectic is an adjective which means thin to the point of being unhealthy. It is often used to describe people who are dangerously thin, as their body weight is below what is considered healthy. Subanorexia nervosa is a mental disorder which causes people to obsessively worry about their weight and appearance, to the point where they will starve themselves in order to lose weight.

Subantarctic Meaning

The term subantarctic refers to an area of the world located just below the Antarctic Circle. The climate and ecosystems in this region are unique and fascinating, and scientists are still learning a great deal about them.

Subantennal Meaning

The subantennal region of an insect’s head is the area between the antennae and the mouth. This region is often used to identify different species of insects, as it can vary in size and shape depending on the insect. In some cases, the subantennal region can be used to determine the age or sex of an insect. For example, in honey bees, the subantennal region is larger in males than in females.

Subanterior Meaning

When discussing the anterior of the spine, there are two primary terms that are used: subanterior and superanterior. The subanterior region is located towards the front of the spine, below the neck. This area includes the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. The superanterior region is located at the front of the spine, above the neck. This includes the cervical vertebrae and skull.

Subanteriorly Meaning

Anteriorly means towards the front of the body, while posteriorly refers to the back. The term subanteriorly is used to describe something that is located slightly in front of the anterior region. This can be helpful for doctors and surgeons when they are describing the location of an organ or other body part. For example, if a doctor needs to remove a tumor from near the stomach, they may refer to it as being subanteriorly located. This allows them to be precise in their descriptions and helps ensure that they are operating on the correct area.

Words That Start With Sub

Subfoveal Substring Subduct
Subferulary Subapostolic Subincision
Sublime Subintima Subvent
Sub-para Suberous Subconscious
Subjectless Subdecanal Subdatasheet
Subhumanly Subtractive Subaqueously
Subcalibre Subspherical Subinjurious
Subgyrogroup Suballocation Subarrangement
Subcylindrical Subendothelium Subject-matter
Sub-fusc Subtlety Subtle
Subadditive Subalign Subalgebraic
Subgrade Subharmonically Subnormality
Subsume Subsaturation Subequal
Subcompartmental Subalveolar Subversion
Subsistent Subcontinent Subaural
Subanaesthetic Subcolumnar Substitutable
Sub silencio Subaudi Subbottom
Subepidemic Subcategorisation Subber
Subway Subconceptual Subscript
Subgena Subito Subcontrary
Subhierarchy Subspecialist Subgranule
Submitter Subcycling Subclassification
Subprincipal Subcomplex Subcytotoxic
Subdeck Subabdominal Subitaneously
Subgenus Subrogation Subarcuate
Subitem Subgalactic Subfossil
Subaxillary Subhumanness Subrounded
Subadiabatic Subdean Subsist
Subheaded Sub-byzantine Subadult
Subfont Subjet Subskill
Submersible Subanterior Subsection
Substantival Sublate Substantiation
Subcontrol Subabbot Subhedral
Subdataset Suburbanisation Suberosis
Substructure Subanorectic Subacid
Subconcept Subfeu Subfolder
Subarid Subhaplogroup Subereous
Subfilter Subesophageal Subarea
Subforum Sub-carpathian rus Subglobular
Suberitid Subauricular Substrate
Subclan Subantimicrobial Subgridding
Suburbia Subarcmin Subfreezing
Subbag Subfibrous Subcortex
Subject-control Sub-prime Subsidise
Subarticulate Subgeneric Subhalo
Subfunctionalization Subbureau Subhorizontal
Subsetted Suburb Subunit
Subfunctional Subclassified Subcube
Subjectist Subanalyse Subcontrabass
Subbundle Subarticle Sub-surface
Subsequently Subalgebra Subidentity
Subassembly Subacute Subjecthood
Subitise Subaxially Subgingivally
Subgenotype Subdivisional Suberize
Subiculum Subbasin Subarcsecond
Subdermal Subcohort Subindication
Subauditory Suberin Submissiveness


Subject indexing Subcritically Subcurve
Subalgorithm Subinspector Subcultivation
Subcrenate Subfastigiate Subcapsular
Subcostal Subtraction Subordinately
Subordinance Subcone Submissive
Subfund Sub-superstition Subjectiveness
Subrange Subfan Submit
Subsonic Subacuminate Subclonal
Subterranean Subglossal Subinduce
Subfusc Subcreative Subantral
Subependymoma Subconfluence Subbreed
Subcontextual Subitive Subxiphoid
Subhypsodont Subcurrent Subdeaconship
Subjectivism Sub-national Substratum
Subarchive Subpopulation Subbarrio
Subcompartment Subcostalis Subcooling
Subglottically Submariner Subformula
Subappendix Subgeneration
Subarian Subcamp Subarc
Subserosal Sub-municipality Subaerially
Subscribe Subahdary Subconfluent
Subbituminous Subsolar Subgovernor
Substitutionary Subpool Subclinical
Subface Subgender Subatomics
Subornation Subtree Suberone
Subgrant Suballocator Subcontractable
Subarticular Subframe Subarterial
Subanal Subsidisation Subhyoidean
Subambient Subcountable Subconsole
Submarine Subdirectory Subheader
Subject clause Subterm Subhaplotype
Subzone Subastringent
Subfractionation Sub-audible Subequatorial
Sub-atomic Subependyma Substudy
Subfactorial Subessive Submenu
Subconformable Subproblem Subessive case
Subaerial Subbasally Subdural
Subextremal Subheap Subathizone
Suballele Subitany Subirrigate
Suboptimum Subacoustic Subglottis
Subgens Subglacial Subhymenium
Sub-problem Subfluvial Sub-prefecture
Subbarrier Subexpression Suberanilohydroxamic acid
Subassemblage Submentum Subcompact
Subcanopy Subcontemporaneous Subsidiarity
Subtyping Subindex Subaquatics
Subaridity Subitization Subcutaneously
Subanesthesia Subartu Subagent
Subagglutinating Subplot Subethnicity
Subclassify Subdivision Subincise
Subforest Subvention Subcomb
Subtense Subservience Subadjacent
Subculturalist Subgelatinous Subpackage
Subhumid Subhemolytic Subcaliber
Subcreator Subcontinuum Subaffluent
Subaction Subintelligitur Suballiance
Subactivity Subfecundity Subanalyze
Subcommission Subassertive Subterminal
Subindividual Subluxation Subdeacon
Subbacterial Suborder Submatrix
Subfemtotesla Subcultural Subgigahertz
Subaculear Subacidity Submandibular
Subsolidus Subsid Subitaneous
Subcondensate Subcoeruleus Subbatch
Sub-discipline Subfix Subgluteal
Subcategorization Subcode Subclass
Subgenius Subaspect Subcase
Subitemset Subsea Subclimate
Subtilly Subbasement Subformat
Subcool Subregional Subaltricial
Subfoliate Subgraph Subareolar
Subvocal Subcultivate Subsector
Subcooled Suberic acid Subaudite
Subclavius Subcover Subinertial
Subgrid Subtend Subcategory
Subjugation Subfulgent Subbilobate
Subiect Subgaleal Subaverage
Subsequent Subinfer Subactivating
Subsubsection Subarborescent Subassumption
Subdivisible Subentire Subarctic
Subapterous Subancipital Subgaussian
Subepidermal Submissively Subbenthic
Subfornical Subashi Subcontraoctave
Subversiveness Subaggregate Subaudible
Sub-tropical Subcounty Subcommand
Substitutional Subbronchial Subacetate
Subfertility Subbrachycephalic Subclaim
Subvolcanic Subsaharan Subah
Subgerminal Subarboreal Subfraction
Subaqua Subgenome Subserosa
Suberoyl Sub-standard
Subitize Subspecific Subhypergraph
Subjoinder Substandard Substantiate
Sublevel Subfunction Submucosal
Subcritical Subconfluency Subatmosphere
Suborbital Subglacial lake Submergent
Subcorneous Subgoal Subsurface
Subgram Subprogramme Subacrosomal
Subspace Subcrepitant Subject complement
Suberoylanilide Subjecter Subbuteo
Subfault Subcontinental Subintimal
Subclone Subliterature Subalternate
Subcolony Subexponentially Subcurative
Subalternating Subgranular Sub out
Subapocarpous Subfab Subingression
Subgrammar Sublanguage Subphonemic
Subependymal Subordinate Subastral
Subject case Subgrantee Subliminally
Suballantoid Subaid Subterfuge
Subanesthetic Subdiscipline Subextensive


Subcallosal Subgenre Subgenogroup
Subclinically Subjectively Sub-page
Subintellectual Subirrigation Subcranial
Subapical Subaudition Suberization
Subareal Subparallel Subdatabase
Subrent Subadditivity Subspecies
Subexponentiality Subbasal Subcrossing
Subinvolution Subjoin Subarchipelago
Subeconomic Subidea Suboptimal
Sub-province Suberite Sublunary
Subcycle Subadviser Sub-provincial
Submodality Subcritical mass Subnarial
Subdue Subintrinsic Subconfiguration
Subaquarian Subapically Subflora
Subjective time Subbase Subj
Subjectivistically Subdecibel Subcaste
Sub-zero Subclausal Subadvisor
Submicron Subaquatic Subglutinol
Subbimodule Subfamily Suboesophageal
Subcontractee Subangulate Subadar
Subthreshold Suberect Subatomically
Subhauler Suberose Subamygdaloid
Subgenital Subarctometatarsus Subjectivity
Subsecond Subatom Subaddictive
Subglottal Subera Subcultrate
Suburbanization Subhistory Subatrium
Submillimetre Subtract Subaddress
Subhuman Subtherapeutic Subcutis
Submission Subaffective Subhaanu
Submerge Subclavian artery Substitution
Subpotency Subfragment Subhelic arc
Suburban Sub-deacon Subitaneousness
Subcosmopolitan Subcross Sub voce
Subheadline Submembranous Subjectivize
Subcontractor Subcontiguous Sublingual
Subincusation Subarboreally Subarchitecture
Subatrial Subhealth Substrategic
Subtext Subimage Subjectivization
Subnet Subagency Subaphyric
Subsumption Subhumanity Subarcuated
Subacromial Subfossilized Sublethal
Submachine Subadnate Subtropical
Subcontinuous Subitizer Subfertile
Subacutely Subendothelial Submucosa
Subtitle Subside Subcordate
Suberine Subform Subendocardial
Suberror Subacicular Subproject
Subject heading Subcuisine Subacademic
Subsoiler Subcolumn Subalkaline
Subanalysis Subgenual Subfranchisee
Subculturing Sublabial Subadditively
Subfrequency Subconstituent Subalar
Subcookie Subversive Subcrystalline
Subeditor Subclade Subexcedant
Subanimate Subtour Subconstituency
Subtility Subadiabaticity Subsidy
Subenvironment Subaerobic Subband
Subantihypertensive Subjectwise Subserve
Subjicible Subordinacy Sublibrary
Subculture Subperitoneal Subconfluently
Subroutine Subclustered Submerse
Subpentagonal Subhead Subrule
Subconsciously Subharmonic Subaxolemmal
Subanteriorly Subgenitalia Subcoriaceous
Subfigure Sublunar Subprocess
Subacidulous Subintestinal Subcompressed
Subdecision Subgame Subgreywacke
Subfebrile Subconversation Subbranch


Subfranchise Subterraneous Subfractal
Subvert Subculturally Subcorpus
Sub-lieutenant Subfemtomolar Subtheme
Subfusk Subcloud Subtype
Subsystem Subtest Sublet
Subkingdom Submediant Subject matter
Subgum Subahship Sublexical
Subpolar Subcache Subcoxa
Subglumaceous Sublimate Subregion
Subcontext Subjectivistic Subbrand
Substance Subsample Subsistence
Substage Subconvexity Subcongenic
Suborn Subcondylar Subheadword
Subclip Subhornblendic Subglottic
Subcompound Sublittoral Subannual
Subheading Sublimation Subalmoner
Subfile Subinfeudation
Suburbanism Subaduncate Subjective case
Subarration Subcreation Subangular
Substitutionally Subfovea Subadamantine
Subarachnoid space Subangstrom Substantiality
Subchondral Subarachnoid Subserviency
Subconcave Subcuticular Subcylinder
Sub-light Subbay Subjectable
Subadarship Subactive Subcovering
Subhorizontally Subarrange Substitutivity
Subcollection Subhertz Submergence
Suborner Subcriticality Subacidic
Subtask Subfield Subglaucous
Subtotal Subcorneal Subhedging
Subglobose Subcommittee Subindustry
Subtenancy Subhomogeneous Subfactor
Submassive Subarcminute Subaperture
Subcommunity Subtile Subtenant
Subtly Sublation Subjacently
Subsoil Subtelomeric Subfuscous
Subcluster Subbeadle Subconstellation
Subjectivation Subgingival Subhorizon
Sub-system Subamnion Subaccount
Subhypergroup Subfascial Sub-par
Subverter Subdeanery Sublease
Subhepatic Subdiaphragmatic Suberate
Subia Subcomposition Subequally
Subcortical Subdeaconry Subinspectorship
Subpoena Subhyaline Subcortically
Subdocument Subfulminant Subconjunctiva
Subiniac Substituent Subjunctive
Subtopia Substantively Subarchitectural
Subevent Subdominant Subcomponent
Subversively Sublimely Subcollege
Submembrane Subcapital Sublicense
Subconvex Subtidal Sub-admiral
Subbotnik Subentry Subgradient
Subgovernment Subcrustal Subhallucinogenic
Subclause Subgroup Subitizable
Subjugate Subcontrariety Subincumbent
Subaerophytic Subadulthood Subsalicylate
Subicular Substantial Subfloor
Subconjunctival Subatomic particle Subjectify
Subattribute Sub-saharan Subfeature
Subahdar Subfloral Suberise
Subwoofer Subaqueous Subcompounding
Sub judice Submaximal Suballocate
Subaltern Sub-element Subcontroller
Subcampanulate Subgiant Sub-excavation
Subergorgiid Subapennine Subalignment
Subliminal Subaliquot Subordination
Subjection Subatmospheric Subepiglottic
Subconducting Submucous Subinvestment
Subaccountant Subhyaloid Subnasal
Subdaily Subgraywacke Subby
Subhadra Subsidence Subconsomic
Subinterface Subacrid Subsidization
Subbrachian Subcoastal Subword
Substation Subexponential Subcrescentic
Sub-paragraph Sub-bass Subaxial
Subsymbolic Subalpine Subcabinet
Substate Subepithelial Subconsciousness
Subcrustaceous Subsidiary Subject matter jurisdiction
Subauroral Subinteraction Subject-clause
Subparagraph Subconical Subject of labor
Subhourly Subcollegiate Subcoracoid
Subaru Sub-rectangular Subgrouping
Subequation Subamplicon
Subject pronoun Subcontract Subscale
Subhyperbolic Subcriterion Subperiod
Subcubic Subjectification Subnotebook
Subgenal Sub atomic Subangularly
Subinterval Subaquæous
Subnational Subapoptotic Subsidize
Subgap Subfenestral Subdivide
Subarytenoid Subisostatic Subglabrous
Subarchesporial Subscription Subjectivist
Subfreshman Subcentre Substitutive
Subscriber Subantennal Subimago
Subset Subapex Subadministrative
Subglacially Subinhibitory Subnormal
Subhastation Subinfeudatory Sub-floral
Subaleurone Subcommander Subflooring
Substitutability Submicroscopic Subdeb
Suber Sub-category Subatlantic
Subinstruction Subjective Subhadronic
Subatomic Subarray Subfamilial
Submaxillary Subanalytic Subgenomic
Subclosure Subfemtosecond Subjacent
Subfacial Subclavian steal syndrome Subcleithral
Subclavian Subadvocate Subindicate
Subjectness Sub-apartment Subadministrator
Submersion Suberic Subconstruct
Subbasis Subinfeodation Submillimetric
Subassociation Subsampling Subsequence
Subamniotic Sub bench Subcourse
Subjectile Subepicardial Subtleness
Sub-aqueous Subantique Subcircuit
Sublimity Subcylindric Substantive
Subbie Subisopygous Subboard
Substantially Subaortic Subspecialty
Subjector Substitute Subzero
Subjectivise Subjacency Subzygomatic
Subcosta Subgroupoid Subglandular
Sub-desert Subduction Subarachnoidal
Subcovariance Subcutaneous Subtopian
Subfunctor Subcellular Sub-saharan africa
Sub-gaussian Subtropics Subconjunctivally
Subeth Subantarctic Sub-cloud car
Subclavicular Subculturist Subadolescent
Sub-renter Subblock Subsoiling
Subhexagonal Subapplication Subcountability
Subancipitous Subgrain Submontane
Subfastigiately Subconversational Subcondition
Subline Subservient Subgigabyte

Sub Root Word Examples – Infographics

sub prefixes sub prefixes 2 1 sub prefixes 2 sub prefixes 3 sub prefixes 4

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