Supra Prefix: Words That Start With Supra

Supra is a prefix meaning “above” or “over.” It is often used to describe something that is greater than normal or greater than expected. For example, a supra-normal event would be something that is greater than what is normally expected. A supra-large pizza would be a pizza that is larger than a regular-sized pizza.

Supra Prefix Words Meanings

Supraacetabular Meaning

Supraacetabular meaning is a surgical term that is used to describe the condition of the hip joint. The term is used to describe the location of the acetabulum, which is the socket that forms the hip joint. The supraacetabular region is the area above the acetabulum.

Supraacromial Meaning

Supraacromial is a term used to describe the anatomical location above the acromion. The acromion is a bony projection on the shoulder blade that forms the highest point of the shoulder. The supraacromial space is located between the acromion and the top of the shoulder joint capsule. This space contains soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Supraanal Meaning

Supraanal comes from two Latin words: supra, meaning “above,” and anus, meaning “anus.” Together, they form the adjective “supraanal,” which is used to describe something that is located or situated above the anus. The term is most commonly used in reference to the location of the prostate gland, which is located just above the male anal opening.

Supraangular Meaning

The supraangular meaning is the most abstract and least specific of the six possible meanings of a word. It is the meaning that is left when all of the other five meanings are taken away. This meaning can be thought of as the “essence” or “purpose” of a word.

Supraaortal Meaning

Supraaortal meaning is an adjective that is used to describe something that is beyond or above the natural world. It can be used to describe things that are spiritual or divine in nature. The term can also be used to describe things that are extraordinary or amazing.

Supraaortic Meaning

Supraaortic is a term used in anatomy to describe structures above the aorta. These include the carotid arteries, the thyroid gland, and the larynx. The term can also be used to describe blood vessels that originate above the aorta, such as the renal arteries.

Supra-aural Meaning

Supraaural headphones sit on top of your ears rather than around them, which makes them a lighter, more portable option. They’re not as immersive as over-ear headphones, but they offer decent sound quality and are great for everyday use.

Supraauricular Meaning

Supraauricular is a Latin word that means “above the ears.” The supraauricular region is the area above the ears on the head. This region includes the temples, forehead, and hairline.

Supramenable Meaning

There is much debate surrounding the meaning of the word ‘supramenable’. Some people say that it is a word that cannot be defined, while others insist that it has a very specific meaning. The truth is, there is no one correct definition for the word. Supramenable can mean different things to different people, depending on their individual interpretation. To some, it may refer to an ability or quality that is above and beyond what is normally possible. To others, it may represent a level of excellence or superiority that is unmatched by any other. Still others may see it as a state of being that is beyond comprehension or understanding. Ultimately, the definition of supramenable is subjective and up to each individual to interpret.

Words That Start With Supra | List of Supra- (Prefix)

Supramicrosurgery Supramolecular
Supraesophageally Supragenome
Supraclypeal Suprahyoid
Supracretaceous Supramammary
Supracomplex Supranormal
Supradental Supranasal
Supracolic Supracloacal
Supragastric Supramacromolecular
Supra-ethnic Supramotor
Supracervical Supraclinoid
Supragingivally Supramammillary
Supracapacity Supracritical
Supramaximal Supralittoral
Supralaryngeal Supramedullary
Supracoronary Supramolecularly
Supramodal Suprafamilial
Suprahepatic Suprafacial
Supraglabellar Supramillion
Supranaturalistic Supramacromolecule
Supralimbic Supraconsciousness
Supranet Supramorphemic
Supracallosal Supramuscular
Suprailiac Supraaortal
Supracondyloid Supramedullar
Supraliminal Supralocalization
Suprachoroid Supraanal
Suprageniculate Supramembrane
Supradentary Supramicrosurgical
Suprablastoporal Supracleithrum
Supranature Suprafamily
Supralapsarian Supramenable
Supraglottis Supraligamentous
Supranatural Supramalleolar
Suprabulbar Supramolecule
Supracentral Supraconscious
Supraclinical Supradiaphragmatic
Supracaudal Supranarial
Suprabasilar Supramental
Supramaximality Supramucosal
Supramax Supradomain
Supranigral Supraaxillary
Suprabranchial Supralumbar
Supraural Supraintestinal
Supraduction Supracalcarine
Supralinguistic Supracostal
Supracondylar Supraglottic
Suprahaplotype Supracerebellar
Supramaxillary Supracentenarian
Supracollicular Supragranular
Supraglottoplasty Supramundane


Supramastoid Supraclavicle
Supramultiplicative Supramultiplicatively
Supracellular Supralocally
Supracarinal Supramassive
Supracrystal Supramesocolic
Supraforaminal Supraauricular
Suprameatal Suprafimbrial
Suprachemistry Supramediterranean
Supra-aural Supradialect
Supranaturalism Supranasally
Supranetwork Supraglenoidal
Supralaminar Supraangular
Supragenomic Supracardiac
Supradural Suprainfection
Suprageneric Supracelestial
Suprahumanity Supracranial
Supralinear Suprahilar
Supralinearity Supralemniscal
Supralethal Supramaxilla
Supraacromial Supracoracoid
Supracapsular Supramitogenic
Supramesenteric Suprainguinal
Supraaortic Supracanonical
Supramaximum Supracrestal
Supradorsal Supracutaneous
Supragenual Suprafascially
Supragingival Supradecompound
Supraglacial Supramodular
Suprabasal Supramitral
Supraclavicular Supralunar
Supraesophageal Supramarginal
Supracephalic Supralethally
Suprabenthos Supracultural
Suprailium Suprabenthic
Supraciliary Suprafascial
Supramodule Suprachiasmatic
Supraluminal Supralocal
Supraganglionic Supracricoid
Supralateral Supracolumnar
Supraconducting Supragnathal
Supraduodenal Supracommissural
Supralocalisation Suprageriatric
Supraloral Suprahuman
Supranational Supraneural
Supralexical Supraglenoid
Supragenic Supracoeliac
Supraacetabular Supraglottal
Supralabial Supramedian
Suprafeminine Supraethmoid
Suprabuccal Supraceliac

Supra Root Word Examples – Infographics

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