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The word “tan” is a prefix that has multiple meanings. It can mean “to make brown or tawny” as in the color, or it can mean “a light brownish yellow.” It can also be used as a verb meaning “to make tanned.” The tanning process uses ultraviolet radiation to darken the skin, and it’s often used to improve the appearance of leather. There are also various medical procedures that use UV radiation to treat skin conditions.

Trans Prefix Words Meanings

Transfixion Meaning

The word “transfixion” comes from the Latin word “transfixus” meaning “pierced through.” The definition of the word is to fix or fasten something in a particular position. It can also mean to hold someone’s attention so completely that they are unable to think of anything else. In literature, it is often used as a means of showing extreme emotion or passion on the part of a character.

Transomless Meaning

A transom is a window in the upper part of a door, typically hinged to open outward, that allows light and air to enter a room. The word comes from the Latin transomus, meaning “across the top”. But what happens when there’s no transom?

Transpacific Meaning

The Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement between twelve Pacific Rim countries, including the United States. The TPP was negotiated in secret, and the text of the agreement was only released to the public after it had been signed by the participating countries. Critics argue that the TPP will hurt workers, increase inequality, and undermine democracy. Supporters argue that the TPP will create jobs, increase economic growth, and promote democracy.

Transhipper Meaning

A transhipper is a person who moves goods from one place to another. They may work for a company that transports goods, or they may own their own business. Transhippers use different methods to move goods, including trucks, trains, boats, and planes. They may also use special vehicles such as semitrailers or refrigerated trucks.

Transarctic Meaning

The Transarctic Meaning is a sculpture by British artist Antony Gormley, consisting of a large block of ice from the Arctic Ocean. The work was first exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2009.

Transendocytic Meaning

Transendocytic meaning is the process by which a cell takes in substances from its surroundings by engulfing them in vesicles that pinch off from the plasma membrane. This process allows the cell to acquire nutrients, dispose of waste, and interact with its environment. The transendocytic pathway can be activated by a variety of stimuli, including hormones, growth factors, and cytokines. It is important for cells to respond quickly to changes in their environment, and the transendocytic pathway allows them to do so.

Transgay Meaning

What does transgendered mean? This is a question that doesn’t have a single answer, as the term can be interpreted in many ways. In general, though, transgendered refers to people who identify as something other than the gender they were assigned at birth. This could include people who feel like they are trapped in the wrong body, or those who simply don’t feel like their assigned gender reflects who they are as individuals.

Transilient Meaning

In physics, the word “transilient” is used to describe a sudden change in the behavior of a system, often occurring when a threshold is crossed. In other words, transilience is the point at which a dramatic transformation takes place.

Transendoscopic Meaning

Endoscopic procedures are a common sight in many medical settings. What you may not know, however, is the meaning behind the term “transendoscopic.” Transendoscopic means that the procedure involves passing through an natural orifice and into the body cavity. This can be done through the mouth, nose, or anus. Endoscopes are inserted into these orifices to allow for a clear view of the internal organs.

Transcension Meaning

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the concept of transcension refers to a state of spiritual enlightenment or liberation that goes beyond the bounds of the physical world. It is the ultimate goal of spiritual practice, and represents a complete and permanent escape from the cycle of birth and death. In some traditions, this state is described as an absolute reality that exists beyond the reach of human experience or understanding.

Translesionally Meaning

In order to understand the meaning of translesionally, it is important to first understand the definition of lesion. A lesion is a wound or injury to living tissue. Translesionally, then, can be defined as a process by which damage to DNA is repaired by enzymes that bypass or “jump over” the damaged section. This process allows replication of DNA to continue even when lesions are present.

Words That Start With Trans – Trans Prefixes

Transaminemia Transcritical Transoceanically
Trans female Transalveolar Transcontinental
Transitiveness Transformative Transpile
Transmigrant Transitivize Transcavitary
Transphosphatidylation Transoesophageal Transmethylation
Transomed Transfusionist Transaldimination
Transfixion Transomless Transpacific
Transhipper Transarctic Transendocytic
Transgay Transilient Transendoscopic
Transcension Translesionally Trans-karakoram tract
Transfusional Transondent Transaminate
Transfructosylate Transmedia Translocational
Transfascial Transisthmic Transdiagnostically
Transmedium Transcolate Transgenderist
Transcarbamylation Transanally Transceiver
Transmit Transcursion Transcompiler
Transformerlike Transpancreatic Transnature
Transnational Translanguage Transcendentness
Transfixingly Transfuser Transformer
Transarteriolar Transmogrifier Transfuse
Transmuscular Translumination Transfeminism
Transmutual Transmarine Transcompilation
Transpilation Transoperative Transcendental number
Transformism Transliterator Translatable
Transpondor Transphosphorylase Transfat
Transcriptomics Transclassify Transhumanist party
Transantral Transactionalization Transpeptidase
Transmutative Transhistorical Transcompile
Transmutability Transcreate Transbuccal
Transgirl Transacylated Transire
Transcolation Transientness Transmeridian
Transactivating Transfinite number Transchromosomic
Transblot Transcapacitance Transperson
Translinguistic Transition function Transformylation
Transformational grammar Transaction utility Trans-affirmative
Transmethylate Transdiagnostic Transambulate
Transcriptionally Translation Transchelate
Transocean Transamerican Transcytoplasmic
Tranship Transparentize Transinfection
Transfusible Transaortic Translational bioinformatics
Transcarboxylase Transanimation Transmission
Transitorily Transistorize Transcendental
Transphosphorylate Transfer earnings Translator
Transgress Transeunt Transitionist
Translatology Transplutonium Transilluminated
Transepithelial Translocator Transpontine
Transanimate Transgenically Transfix


Transducin Transitionality Transconjugate
Transboy Transference Transgenesis
Translocative Transfugitive Transistorisation
Transgressive Transfusion Transnatation
Translead Transpondian Transdimerization
Transload Transcalency Transcendent
Transact-sql Translingualism Translationary
Transcoelomic Transactor Transbronchially
Transmogrify Transmodulation Transperitoneal
Translatress Translesbian Transliterate
Transfigurative Transmedulla Transcuprein
Trans-jordania Transcript Transdisciplinarity
Transceptor Transmodally Transosseous
Transdisciplinary Transdural Transflexion
Transhumant Translatorese Transhape
Transcutaneously Transition metal Transovarial
Transpadan Transfer payment Transgenderness
Transatrial Transactivated Transferography
Transcreation Transcardiac Transaxially
Transform fault Transmutableness Transbaikalia
Trans-fat Translocus Transfigurate
Transform and roll out Transitive verb Translocally
Transmediation Transaction block Transition strip
Transigent Transcondylar Transitional deacon
Transcode Transgene Transect
Transclude Transbrake Transcranial
Transfemale Transcendingly Transduction
Transmundane Transcoding Transannulated
Transfemorally Transcardiacally Transmutant
Transcapsular Transacetylation Transitology
Transfluthrin Trans-mars injection Transiency
Transferosome Transequatorially Transient luminous event
Transpartisan Trans-amadi Transferrible
Trans woman Trans-erasure Transduce
Transhemispheric Transchange Transdermal
Transcochlear Transcolumnar Transmember
Transcategorical Transfer rna Transliteratable
Transluminal Transphyseal Transannulation
Transe Transcendentalness Transpirable
Transethnic Transdialectal Transcervical
Translatability Transgenetically Translaminar
Translinguality Transnasal Transdifferentiation
Transin Transactability Transoxianan
Transmodality Transectional Transitively
Transintestinal Transient ischemic attack Transimination
Transcuticular Transabdominally Transaxillary
Translawrencium Transcerebellar Transfectability
Transactivism Transcriptive Transfan
Transdeamination Transamidase Transdialect
Transelectrical Transcaruncularly Transmisogynist
Transnitrosylation Transeuntly Transgressour
Transchelation Translesional Transfluence
Trans-phenomenal Transmutationist Transgenome
Transhistoricity Transactivation Transgelin
Trans guy Transfer agent Translocal
Transpeninsular Translatableness Transcoelomically
Transient ischaemic attack Trans-lesbian Transendocytosis
Transconjunctivally Transgressional Transpolar
Transmeation Transaortically Transfuge
Transdiagnosis Transamidate Transductant
Transhuman Transelement Trans-jordan


Transmigration Transductively Translation studies
Transanal Transillumination Transabled
Transpadane Transfectant Transmitral
Transgendered Transmission tower Trans person
Transbay Transfer student Transfer list
Transferential Transplantee Transborder
Transcytose Trans-continental Transampullary
Transfemininity Transit bus Transfrontier
Transformability Transcaucasus Transmitochondrial
Transmarginal inhibition Transcomplement Translanguager
Transitioner Transimmortalised Transmigratory
Transformational Transmittance Transaminitis
Transitive-verb Transferable Transcalent
Transitory Translatory Transbulbar
Transcendently Transfiguringly Transmigrable
Transferware Transhumanize Transformist
Transperineal Transkei Transmitivity
Transmutationism Trans-baikal Trans-exclusionary
Transaminase Translatome Transoral
Transfrete Transfeminist Transplantability
Transformistic Transitive Transitological
Transitway Transgenderedness Transactional analysis
Transgentleman Transfer rate Transchalcone
Transcendental meditation Transferase Transferability
Transmission line Transcaucasia Transplanetary
Transgastric Translady Translatitious
Transition towns Transaudient Transcendency
Transfer Translateable Transhepatically
Transparentise Transfucosylation Transgenderization
Transmeate Transfinity Transaural
Transjective Transfolk Transitionless
Translatese Transmissive Transiently
Translucence Transmorph Translational
Transnitrosylate Transboundary Transition
Translate Transcomplemented Transaxonal
Trans-female Transactional Transceive
Transistorization Transpicuously Trans fat
Translocality Transfigurability Transonic
Transpeptidation Transcortin Transistorise
Transblotting Transconjunctival Trans-copernicium
Trans effect Transhepatic Transilluminator
Translin Transfretation Transorally
Transgal Transderivationally Transpalatine
Transience Transamination Transformationalist
Transamniotic Transitivity Transfigurable
Transmutational Translucency Transfluent
Transasiatic Transnumeral Transgressor
Transmissometer Translationese Trans patient
Transfer function Trans-neptunian Transducable
Transnationality Transduplication Translocase
Trans-male Transaxle Translationally
Transfection Trans-atlantic Transequatorial
Transcendentality Transcutol Transfluorescence
Transculturality Translavation Transplatin
Transcompartmental Transfinite Transflection
Transmogrification Transmodal Transferral
Transplastomic Translucently Transactable
Transcurrence Transdisciplinarian Transexion
Transphosphorylation Transducted Transcortical
Trans-equatorial Transantagonistic Transponder
Transpare Transmitter Transmetallate
Transploitation Transcarpathian Translon
Transgenderisation Transact Transmutationally
Transactionalist Transdiscursive Transaction
Transmotivation Transallelic Transaxonally
Transcardial Transalpine gaulish Transmisogynistic
Transitive animate Transesterify Transformatively
Transmodern Transferrence Transactionally
Transection Transesterase Transcosmic
Transphobia Transcaspia Transformational rule
Transmanche Transpalatal Transpennine


Transannular strain Transactivist Trans-curious
Transinteraction Transmissionism Transdermal patch
Transformerless Transductor Transnormal
Transhumance Transpedicular Transocular
Transplacental Trans-dimensional Transmale
Transilluminate Transilience Transcriptional
Transition matrix Transcarbamoylase Transepidermal
Transnistria Transadmittance Transmuter
Transdanubia Transapically Transnistrian
Transfer window Transdomain Transcurrent
Transfreight Transness Transmandibular
Transculturisation Transferror Transplanckian
Transcomplementation Transphobism Transpersonally
Transgression Transfusive Transolver
Transearth Transmural Transdifferentiate
Transmissionist Transarticular Transferable skill
Transmute Transiliac Transactionality
Transcendentalise Translogarithmic Transcarbamylase
Transliteral Transcatheter Translocation
Transcarboxylation Transmontane Transcellular
Transcoronary Transmucosal Transferal
Transit Transduodenal Transgenderism
Transjordania Transcytolemmal Transcollateral
Transfect Transjordan Transmissable
Translatrix Transcaspian Transmembrane
Transdeletion Transovarially Transmittal
Transmissible Transmicrovascular Transbutch
Transconductance Transcriptionist Transactivator
Transdominance Transitoriness Transnationally
Transexed Transplantable Transclassification
Transmutably Transdiaphragmal Transeptal
Transflective Transdar Transcutaneous
Translinear Translation memory Transcoder
Transistor radio Transligamentous Transformally
Transcardiopulmonary Transgenderise Transconjugation
Transhumanist Transman Transcriptor
Trans-mat Transgenic Transpiler
Transcriptitious Transcaruncular Transcolonial
Transferree Translog Translucid
Transcorneally Transdiaphragmatic Transhipping
Transphenomenality Transaldolase Transnasally
Transmat Transitional Transcarotid
Transannual Trans lesbian Transatlantically
Transcaucasian sfsr Transferentially Translational energy
Transmasculinity Transfigure Transneptunian
Transmembranal Transjordanian Transcendentalist
Transonics Transparent Transmural care
Transoid Transactivational Transcribable
Translentiviral Transcarpal Transcellularly
Transparentness Transliteracy Transitivization
Transiliency Transhipment Transmove
Transmutable Transaxial plane Transcontextual
Transmittable Transmissivity Transexual
Transcripted Transpalpebral Translocalization
Transpass Transableism Transfructosylation
Transfrag Transentorhinal Trans-lunar
Trans man Transcendental realism Transpicuous
Transdimensional Transferor Transovarian
Transplendent Transcribbler Transition zone
Transgalactic Transpersonal Translunar
Transcephalic Transparence Transmountain
Transganglionically Transability Transactivity
Transiso Transdifferential Transinfected
Transavantgarde Transactive Transjejunal
Trans-neptunian object Transliteration Transisthmian
Transmutatively Translative Transcobalamin
Transheterozygote Transitionary Transcriptase
Transception Transcultural Translunary
Transfictional Transflux Transesterification
Transcystic Transendoscopically Transorbital
Transchromosomal Transendocardial Transcallosal
Transpleural Transoceanic Transcribability
Transguy Transformationally Transneuronal
Transmasculine Transfeminine Transamidation
Transcorporate Transphobically Transhydrogenase
Transfemoral Transperineally Transductional
Transbrachial Translocatable Transgenre
Transmucosally Transcendental idealism Transpleurally
Transbaikal Translucent Transferee
Transcendentally Transalpine Transgender
Transphobe Transmission medium Transacylase
Transcaucasian Transformant Transparentization
Transform Transmittant Transmittible
Transition point Transistorless Transculturation
Transpool Transependymal Transgressively
Transducer Transmittivity Transliterable
Transelevator Transplace Transatlantic
Transbullar Transpadane gaul Translesion
Transit lane Transcarpathia Transcend
Transgingival Transductal Transchoroidal
Trans-jovian Transarterial Transplendency


Transcription Transcortically Transpedicle
Trans male Transcontinentally Transcendental critique
Transhumeral Translingual Transcriber
Transglycosylating Trans-acting Transitionally
Transfeminated Transcapillary Transfund
Translative case Translocon Transpiration
Transmutation Transhumanistic Transfiguration
Transenna Translanguaging Trans fatty acid
Transdermally Transplanter Transcategorial
Transloader Transcendental function Transpeciate
Transpire Transketolase Transcribe
Translatio imperii Transfusable Transcur
Transplacentally Transmurally Transkid
Transformity Transition town Transendothelial
Transmon Transacylation Transantagonism
Transcranially Transphincteric Transcytotic
Translatological Transbronchial Transcardially
Transaction data Transgenerationally Trans-new guinea
Transcountry Transpirational Transom
Transition state Transition element Transbursal
Transfluvial Transmedial Transmethylase
Transcription factor Transancestral Transmitarray
Translatour Transcendental ego Transmissibility
Transmarginal Transferrer Transmew
Transdetermination Transom window Transistor
Transcendentalism Transabdominal Transcytotically
Transendothelium Transmission electron microscope Transmisogyny
Transpicuousness Transelementation Translatioun
Transfenestrate Transnationalism Transobturator
Transglobal Transistorized Transesophageally
Transannular Transculturization Transitional provision
Translation dictionary Translatively Transcaspian oblast
Transclival Translatorship Transacetylase
Transitive dependency Transmembranous Transautophosphorylation
Transgenicity Transgranular Transphenomenal
Transition temperature Transliterally Trans womanhood
Transcorrelation Transmigrate Transaxial
Translocate Transepicondylar Transmutate
Transferred sense Transient Transgenderize
Transparently Transplantation Transclusion
Transhumanism Transactivate Trans girl
Transphobic Translating dictionary Transpierce
Transonance Transferrability Transpolyisoprene
Transbixin Transethnicity Transclass
Transpiratory Transonically Transcendence
Transparency Transglottal Transactinide
Transduct Transmission function Transblack
Transductive Transcallosally Transplant
Transforaminal Transmalleolar Transformationalism
Transesophageal Transfectable Transept
Transbilayer Transcommunication Transmetalation
Transdanubian Transgenerational Transpedicularly
Transitologist Transat Transoxiana
Transdominant Transconjugant Transferrin
Transcorneal Translingually Transformable
Transgenetic Transauricular Transphyseally
Transfermium Transformation Transganglionic
Transferrable Transjugular Transcaval
Transmetallation Transapical Transauroral
Transcytosis Transcender

Trans Prefixes – Infographics

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