Tele Prefix: Words That Start With Tele

What is a tele prefix? A tele prefix is the first few letters of a telephone number that indicate the geographical location of the subscriber. The tele prefix for London, for example, is 020. When you dial a number in London, you must dial the 020 tele prefix first. If you were to call someone in Manchester, you would dial 0161.

Tele Prefix Words Meanings

Telefacsimile Meaning

Telefacsimile meaning is the transmission of a written or graphic image between two points by means of an electronic device that reproduces the image on a telephone line. The telefax machine was one of the first commercial successes for fax technology, and it soon became commonplace for businesses to send and receive faxes.

Telegrapheses Meaning

Telegrapheses is an archaic word that means “to communicate by telegraph.” The term comes from the Greek words tele, meaning “far off,” and graphein, meaning “to write.” The first telegraph was developed in 1837 by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail. It allowed for the transmission of electrical signals over a wire to create text messages.

Telegraphists Meaning

Telegraphists meaning is often misunderstood and this lack of understanding can lead to conflict. Telegraphists have a very important job in the world. They help to keep people safe by passing on information quickly and accurately.

Telemarketers Meaning

When most people think of telemarketers, they think of those annoying people who call them at all hours of the day and night. While there are definitely telemarketers who fall into this category, the term actually refers to a much broader group of people.

Telemarketing Meaning

Telemarketing is a process of marketing goods or services over the telephone. Telemarketing is often used to sell items to customers who are not able to visit the store. It can also be used to follow up on a sale made in a store, or to get information about customers’ needs and preferences.

Telencephalic Meaning

Scientists believe that the telencephalon is responsible for a variety of cognitive processes, including learning, memory, and thinking. It has also been implicated in emotional processing and motivation. The telencephalon is one of the four major subdivisions of the brain, along with the diencephalon, mesencephalon, and metencephalon.

Telencephalon Meaning

The telencephalon is the anterior most region of the brain. It is responsible for higher order functions such as thought, perception and motor control. The telencephalon contains the cerebrum, which is divided into two cerebral hemispheres. Each hemisphere is subdivided into four lobes: the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe. The cerebrum controls movement and sensory information from all parts of the body.

Teleportation Meaning

Science fiction has always been fascinated by the idea of teleportation – moving people or objects from one place to another without any physical movement. But what does the word “teleportation” actually mean?

Televangelist Meaning

In Christianity, a televangelist is a minister who preaches on television. Televangelism is the use of television to spread the gospel. The first televangelist was Herbert W. Armstrong, who started broadcasting on October 2, 1931.

Words That Start With Tele – List of Tele Prefixes

Telegraph office Teleconsultation
Telescope house Teleopsia
Teletex Teleconvention
Telefone Telekinetic
Telecollaboration Teleinformatics
Telelectroscope Telegrams
Teleutospores Telestereograph
Telecoupled Telebriefing
Teleprogramme Telegraphers
Teleoconch Telefactor
Telecasted Telegrammatic
Teleinstructional Telecasts
Telemovie Telephonographic
Televangelism Telemetering
Telebroker Telegraph pole
Telepsychic Teletutorial
Telediagnose Telementoring
Telharmonic Teleconverter
Telegnostic Telephoners
Telescopic Teleabortion
Telegenically Telecomm.
Teleportable Telegrapheses
Telephone number Telecatalogue
Telespectroscope Telecardiography
Teleconsulting Telephonelike
Telemetrically Telencephalic
Telesm Telecolposcopy
Telehealthcare Telephone booth
Teleonomist Teleprogrammed
Telefeature Telecardiogram
Telebus Telecontrol
Telephoning Teletimer
Telephotographic lens Telecasters
Telephoto lens Teledermoscopically
Telementor Teleport
Telecast Telephonic
Teleclone Telesurvey
Teleosts Telefilm
Telecommuted Telecommute
Televangelisms Teleconference
Telerobotically Teleultrasound
Telegenesis Teleshopper
Teleintervention Telemen
Telestic Teleautomaton
Television Teleshopped
Teleoperate Teleputer
Teletubby Teleheating
Telecentric Telecopier
Telescoping Telephone book
Telepaper Teledermatology


Telemark turn Telegraphical
Telemeeting Telemonitor
Telephonies Telepathy
Televisors Telepsychiatry
Teles Television set
Telemark Telekong
Telescopical Teleclass
Telenurse Teleidoscope
Telegeusid Telethermometric
Telepaediatric Telephone-jack
Televangelists Telencephalon
Telepresencing Telepathine
Telecheck Teleseismology
Telefuture Telecom
Teledramatic Teleprinters
Telegraphist Telematic
Telemessage Teleseism
Telepaediatrics Telemental health
Telecaster Teleseminar
Telessar Teletherapy
Telecomputer Telethons
Teleprompterless Telepsychiatrist
Telephonograph Teletypewriters
Telestereography Telepolitical
Telecopy Teleportage
Telemarketer Telephony
Telecollaborative Telephonically
Telegraph code Televisor
Telepractitioner Telegas
Telautograph Telephones
Teleconferences Telecomputing
Teledus Teleradiograph
Telemarketing Telegraphoscope
Telethermograph Telescopable
Teleautomatic Telethermometer
Teletyping Telekung
Telephoneless Teleconversion
Teleparallelism Telechelic
Teleprompt Televisibility
Televangelist Televiewed
Teletubbian Telefacsimile
Telephoto Telemediation
Telecoil Telestereoscope
Teleshow Telekinesis
Telerobotic Teleporter
Telebanking Teleosemantic
Teleonomies Teletsunami
Telerehabilitation Teletransmit
Telemarket Telephone kiosk
Telelearning Telegraphing


Telefaxes Telephone pole
Telejournalistic Telegrapheme
Teletypewriting Teledental
Telegraphs Telecollaborator
Telesmatic Teleprogramming
Telemediated Telegrammed
Teleguidance Teledemocracy
Teleclinic Televisionary
Telepicture Telecottage
Teleologies Teleportitis
Televisional Teletransmitter
Telephonicophilia Telesurgical
Telepathist Telemarketers
Television program Telemedically
Teleportative Televoter
Telepathies Teledermoscopy
Televirtuality Televote
Teletypist Teleprint
Television channel Teleradiographic
Telelens Telepathetically
Teleplasm Telegony
Teleonomy Teletherapist
Telegenetics Telecomedy
Telebusiness Teleomorph
Telephobic Telescopium
Teleses Telephotographic
Telegraphic Telemechanism
Teleported Telega
Teleguide Telescopically
Telecanthus Telecommunicational
Teleexamination Telesticon
Telemotor Telechirograph
Telefiction Telespectator
Teleostome Telecontroller
Teleutostatic Telegraphists
Teleseme Televises
Teleplay Teleseismological
Televiewer Telephone operator
Telekineses Telestudio
Telenovela Telesalesperson
Telemanipulator Telecommunicate
Telephone exchange Teledensity
Telesurgeon Teleselling
Telerobot Telediagnostics
Telediastole Tele-playwright
Teleshopping Telephone girl
Telephoned Telegraphically
Telemedicinal Telemark skiing
Telemetered Telepistemology
Telegramme Telematically


Teleglaucoma Telerans
Teleletter Teledynamic
Telejustice Telephonists
Telepsychology Telecopter
Teleconsultant Telegenetic
Teleplays Televoting
Telegrapher Telemeteorography
Teletypewriter Telebooth
Telemarks Television show
Telemarker Telemachus
Telegraph line Teleshops
Teleiconograph Telemeters
Telescopefish Televisable
Teleradiography Teleteacher
Telepediatric Televise
Telegambling Telephotometer
Teleinterview Telephote
Telecommuting Telelecture
Telemetry Teleconnection
Telesale Teleoanalytic
Telemedicine Telenewspaper
Teledentistry Telephotographer
Telepersonals Telecenter
Telepaths Teleworker
Teleostean Telegraph
Telergy Televisuality
Telephone Teleprocessor
Teleportation Telescreen
Teleinstruction Televised
Telebroking Telemachian
Telecourses Teleseller
Teleost Telehelp
Teledramatist Telepolariscope
Telephoner Telera
Telesonic Telecottaging
Telephobia Telemessaging
Telegramming Telesurgery
Teleologically Telemeter
Telegaming Telecanvassing
Telephone line Telescopic sight
Telecoms Telepresent
Telepractice Teleservice
Telestration Telephone directory
Telautogram Teleprinting
Telescopiform Telenzepine
Telemetrical Teletyped
Telescopies Telepediatrics
Telethon Telefacsimiles
Televisionless Telestereoscopic
Teleconsult Teleconnected
Teleprocessings Telephonophobia
Telecon Telegnosis
Teleseismic Teledermoscopic
Telemetrics Teledermatological
Telesales Telecommunicator
Teleports Telecentre
Telecourse Teleanesthia
Telediastolic Telegram
Telementational Telechiric
Telesmatically Teleforum
Televillage Television series
Telescoped Telegrammic
Teleprinter Televisualisation
Telebureau Telemechanically
Teleserye Telesthesia
Telescience Telescopy
Telemaintenance Telharmonium
Telegonic Telemammography
Telecommuter Telencephalization
Telemeteorograph Teleman
Telecamera Telemetric
Telescopist Teleomorphic
Telepatient Teleonomic
Telepolling Telenephrology
Telegonous Telephotograph
Telecardiographic Telecentricity
Television network Telecasting
Telecommand Televisualization
Telestics Telesis
Telesphoros Telecommunication
Teleiophilic Telemicroscope
Telegraphy Telebroadcaster
Telegraph post Telegraph plant
Telethermoscope Teletypes
Teleportal Telecare
Telephone card Telefax
Teleradium Teleologists
Telehydrobarometer Telephone box
Telecommerce Telescope bag
Telephonist Telebroadcast
Telepathology Teleran
Telephone conference Telegeodynamic
Telex Television-station
Televisually Telecardiology
Telepath Telegraphies
Teleassistance Teletherapeutic
Telegraphese Teleprogram
Teledoctor Telharmony
Telecounseling Telework
Telebooking Televirtual
Telerecording Teleorganic
Telestereoscopy Teleserial
Televiewing Telegramlike
Telestrator Televize
Telergic Teleophyte
Teleiophilia Teleradiological
Telefraud Teleconnective
Teleutospore Telepolitics
Telestichs Telekinetically
Telereality Telebehavioral health
Teleoperator Telecooling
Telelectric Teleology
Telecoaching Telementored
Telexes Televiews
Telepathise Telemechanic
Telephotography Telecommuters
Televisionish Teleplaywright
Telemeteorographic Teleassessment
Telepoint Telestich
Televising Teleosemantics
Teletype Telestial
Teleoperation Telemechanical
Televisions Telenovel
Telemarketings Telephonophobic
Telencephala Teletutoring
Teleview Teleradiology
Teletexts Telegraphed
Telepresence Telerehab
Telebridge Telemachean
Teleporting Teletypewritten
Teledildonics Telexing
Teleologist Teleplastic
Teledermatologist Teledocumentation
Telepsychiatric Telemedical
Telecoupling Telesoftware
Telecloning Televisionlike
Telecobalt Telescope
Television station Telenergy
Telegenic Telecall
Telephonable Teleanesthetic
Teleogenetic Telemid
Teleosaur Teleprocessing
Telestation Telemanipulation
Telecounselor Teleologic
Teledu Telegrammatically
Telephone answering machine Teledrama
Telepathize Teledensity rate
Teleogenesis Telescopes
Teleiophile Telemechanics
Telesto Telecipher
Teleocracy Teleocratic
Teletranscription Telefrag
Telegeodynamics Telehandler
Teledildonic Telegraphone
Telefelony Telenursing
Teleosaurid Telelactation
Teleportational Teleophthalmology
Telerobotics Telemicroscopy
Telediabetes Telefilms
Telecop Teleological
Telecine Telesatellite
Teleo- Telephone call
Teleiotic Teleparallel
Telediagnosis Telelearner
Telepresenter Telecoprid
Teleinformatic Telerecorded
Television personality Telekiosk
Teleshop Telemetre
Television star Televangelistic
Telegramese Teleprompter
Telethermometry Televisual
Teleutosporic Telepic
Telecounselling Telephone jack
Teleinstructor Teleteaching
Telemanipulate Telepathically
Telediagnostic Telepointer
Telephone tag Telebetting
Teletext Teleradiologist
Telegonies Teletutor
Televiewers Teleoanalysis
Telemetrography Telecommutes
Telepathic Teleportations
Telejournalist Telexed
Telefantasy Teleological argument
Telephotos Telescopic star
Teletransmission Telementation
Telepayment Telesync
Telematics Teleconversation
Telehealth Telejournalism
Telemetries Telepathetic

Tele Prefixes – Infographics

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