U Vowel Words | Short and Long U Vowel Words

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U Vowel Words | Short and Long U Vowel Words! In English, there are two types of vowel sounds: short and long. The difference between the two is the length of time that the sound is held. Short vowel sounds are typically made when the vowel is followed by a consonant, while long vowel sounds are usually made when the vowel is not followed by a consonant.

For example, the word “cat” has a short vowel sound, while the word “cane” has a long vowel sound. While this rule is generally true, there are some exceptions. In some words, such as “mate” and “meet”, both vowels are pronounced equally.

In other words, such as “boot” and “book”, the first vowel is pronounced as a short sound while the second vowel is pronounced as a long sound. The best way to learn how to make these different sounds is to practice reading aloud and Pay attention to the way native speakers pronounce these words.

u vowel words

Short ‘u’ Vowel Sound Words

bum nun bun
gun tug pug
cut rub dug
shrug lug Gus
tuck but nut
sun sum drum
hut mug pun
rut jut gut
cup bug crumb
jug fun bus
hug run gum
hum thumb grub
rum plum pup
sub duck muck
buck bud cud
rug luck slug

Long ‘u’ Vowel Sound Words

barbecue music ensue
route sue confuse
huge hue argue
uniform stew unit
duty bugle fuel
pollute unicorn commute
pure cube minute
tune human due
tissue excuse evolute
accuse nephew union
glute dew resolute
issue duel secure
fuse flute dilute
tribute mature cupid
mule acute tube
jute student execute
mute cute knew
refuse cure new
pew value use

Long U Vowel Sound Words Short U Vowel Sound Words

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