Ultra Prefixes: Words That Start With Ultra

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Ultra prefix can be used to describe things that are beyond the normal or usual. For example, an ultra marathon is a race that is longer than a traditional marathon. Ultra running is a sport that has become popular in recent years, as people are looking for new challenges. There are now ultra marathons in all 50 states, and even in other countries.

An ultra prefix can also be used to describe something that is very large or powerful. For example, an ultra-luxury car has all of the bells and whistles, and costs a lot of money. An ultra-sound machine uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. This type of machine is used for diagnostics and treatment purposes.

Ultra Prefixes Words Meanings – List of Ultra Prefixes

Ultrabithorax Meaning

Ultrabithorax meaning is a gene that helps to control the development of the thorax, or chest, in an organism. The Ultrabithorax gene is responsible for organizing and positioning the muscles that make up the thoracic region. This gene is found in a variety of different organisms, from fruit flies to humans. Mutations in the Ultrabithorax gene can lead to a wide variety of birth defects in the thoracic region.

Ultrablond Meaning

What does the term “ultrablond” mean? The term ultrablond is used to describe a very light blond hair color. This hair color is often considered to be very pale and almost white. In order to achieve this hair color, you will need to bleach your hair until it is light enough. Some people may also use a toner to lighten their hair even further.

Ultrabold Meaning

Ultrabold typefaces are designed to be highly visible and stand out from the crowd. They are often used for headings, titles, and other places where extra emphasis is desired. Because of their bold design, ultrabold typefaces can be difficult to read when used in large quantities or for lengthy text. However, when used correctly, they can add an eye-catching flair to any document.

Ultrabook Meaning

Ultrabooks have been around for a few years now, but their popularity has only grown in recent months. So what exactly is an Ultrabook? An Ultrabook is a type of laptop that is designed to be thin and light, with long battery life. They are often compared to MacBooks, as they share many of the same features. However, Ultrabooks typically cost less than MacBooks.

One of the main benefits of Ultrabooks is their portability. They are significantly thinner and lighter than traditional laptops, so they are easy to take with you on the go. Additionally, they typically have longer battery life than other laptops, so you can use them all day without having to charge them.

Ultrabrachycephalic Meaning

Ultrabrachycephalic is a term used to describe dogs with an extremely short muzzle. Dogs with this trait can have problems breathing and regulating their body temperature. The term ultrabrachycephalic is derived from the Latin words ultra meaning extreme and brachy meaning short.

Ultrabrachycephaly Meaning

Ultrabrachycephaly is a rare skull condition that causes the head to be extremely wide. This is because the front of the skull doesn’t grow as much as it should, while the back of the skull continues to grow. The result is an unusually wide head shape. Ultrabrachycephaly can occur in both newborns and children, but is more common in newborns.

Ultrabright Meaning

Ultrabright LEDs are a relatively new development in the LED world. They are so named because they are up to 10 times brighter than traditional LEDs. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where high brightness is required, such as automotive headlights and signal lights.

Ultrabrilliant Meaning

An ultrabrilliant diamond is an amazing sight to behold. With its intense sparkle, it can light up a room and draw the eye of everyone in attendance. But what does ultrabrilliance mean, exactly?

Ultrabrilliance is a term used to describe the level of brightness and fire that a diamond exhibits. It is determined by factors such as the diamond’s cut, clarity, and color. The higher these factors are, the more ultrabrilliant a diamond will be.

Ultrabroad Meaning

An ultrabroad meaning is a term used in linguistics to describe a word or phrase that has a wide range of meanings. Ultrabroad meanings can be difficult to interpret, since they can be interpreted in multiple ways. In some cases, an ultrabroad meaning can be difficult to define because it is not constrained by any specific definition.

Ultrabroadband Meaning

Ultrabroadband has a range of definitions, but is generally understood to be a high-speed internet connection that offers speeds significantly faster than those available through traditional broadband providers. This increased speed can make ultrabroadband perfect for bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming video or gaming.

Words That Start With Ultra

Below is the list of ultra prefixes.

Ultraconservative Ultradiscrete
Ultraviolets Ultrafabulous
Ultravirile Ultrasonography
Ultracompact Ultracentrifugal
Ultra-fast Ultrahydrophobic
Ultraconvenient Ultracritical
Ultrahazardous Ultracentrifugally
Ultrasecret Ultraserious
Ultradisciplined Ultramicro
Ultradry Ultraconfident
Ultraconvenience Ultrafamiliar
Ultrafunky Ultracredulous
Ultraprecise Ultralights
Ultraingenious Ultrasound
Ultramicrotomes Ultracolossal
Ultra-hot jupiter Ultradestructive
Ultramilitants Ultraliberals
Ultrarational Ultraformal
Ultraquiet Ultraliberalism
Ultrarightists Ultrafantastic
Ultrabrachycephaly Ultracontemporary
Ultrafast Ultramasculine
Ultrahypofractionation Ultra-Darwinism
Ultrafiltrates Ultrahigh
Ultrasonics Ultrasharp
Ultraevangelical Ultracentrifugate
Ultraconservation Ultragaseous
Ultraclear Ultramontanism
Ultras Ultrasonic
Ultradesirable Ultrabithorax
Ultrahomogeneous Ultraelegant
Ultracomplexity Ultradolichocephalic
Ultra-high Ultraposh
Ultraliberal Ultracongruent
Ultrafashionable Ultra-horny
Ultracosmic Ultrafinitism
Ultrashort Ultrabrachycephalic
Ultrarealism Ultraviolent
Ultrahot Ultradiverse
Ultramarathoner Ultradiscretization
Ultraintimate Ultramicrotome
Ultraintensive Ultramarine
Ultrafemme Ultraimperialistic
Ultraleftists Ultracool
Ultrafamous Ultrafunction
Ultralight Ultraindulgent
Ultraheavy Ultrabright
Ultrarefined Ultradistant
Ultracentrifugation Ultrademocratic
Ultraintuitionism Ultradistance


Ultracompetitive Ultramafic
Ultraslow Ultradespotic
Ultramontanes Ultrastructures
Ultrasmooth Ultramodernists
Ultradeep Ultraminiature
Ultrarapid Ultrafundamentalist
Ultrageeky Ultraconscientious
Ultrainvolved Ultrasensitive
Ultrapatriotic Ultrabasics
Ultraexclusive Ultracivilized
Ultrafeminine Ultraextensive
Ultraclever Ultrabrilliant
Ultrarealistic Ultrahip
Ultraflat Ultragallant
Ultra-Darwinist Ultradeformable
Ultrarealisms Ultramodern
Ultravirility Ultraconserved
Ultramicrotomy Ultradrastic
Ultrared Ultradifferentiability
Ultradistinct Ultrareliable
Ultradifferentiable Ultracryomicrotome
Ultramarathon Ultrafanatical
Ultrafeudal Ultracheap
Ultraism Ultracryotome
Ultraists Ultraglossy
Ultrafaint Ultraflexibility
Ultrafiltration Ultrawide
Ultraright Ultracapacitor
Ultrafiche Ultracognitive
Ultraeligible Ultraflexible
Ultraclean Ultrarich
Ultradiffuse Ultrabasic
Ultragraph Ultradifferential
Ultragreen Ultraheroic
Ultrafederalism Ultrafreezer
Ultracentrifuge Ultrasmart
Ultracontig Ultrasounds
Ultracompetent Ultraleftist
Ultradispersed Ultraromantic
Ultrainclusive Ultracold
Ultraslick Ultrafilter
Ultraceremonious Ultraimpersonal
Ultrararefied Ultraearly
Ultraintense Ultrafederalist
Ultramicroscope Ultraimperialism
Ultraleft Ultracondensation
Ultradiscreet Ultraenthusiasm
Ultraconformism Ultraheat
Ultrachic Ultracondensed
Ultracapable Ultraheated


Ultravacuums Ultrafanatic
Ultrafine Ultraexpensive
Ultrafractionation Ultraisms
Ultrablond Ultrafinely
Ultramilitant Ultracordial
Ultrarealists Ultrasoft
Ultrapractical Ultramarathons
Ultraexcessive Ultrafunctional
Ultrahyperarid Ultrapure
Ultradistal Ultraharmonic
Ultrafuturistic Ultrahard
Ultrasmall Ultracondenser
Ultravirilities Ultrafastidious
Ultradelicate Ultrastructural
Ultraintellectual Ultravacua
Ultrabroad Ultracooled
Ultramodernist Ultramontane
Ultracareful Ultraholomorphic
Ultrasonically Ultrahuman
Ultrabold Ultrarealist
Ultramarines Ultradurable
Ultrahyperbolic Ultraviolence
Ultracosmopolitan Ultraconcentrated
Ultrasimple Ultrabook
Ultradense Ultracryotomy
Ultraphysical Ultracivil
Ultracellular Ultrastructure
Ultragood Ultraefficient
Ultrareds Ultraprecision
Ultracrisp Ultraimperialist
Ultralow Ultraheats
Ultrahyped Ultraelliptic
Ultraviolet Ultracasual
Ultrathin Ultracentenarian
Ultracrispy Ultracharming
Ultrafiltered Ultracontractivity
Ultraist Ultraheating
Ultrarare Ultracomplex
Ultrahomogeneity Ultrasafe
Ultraconservatism Ultraintelligent
Ultrabenevolent Ultralaborious
Ultratiny Ultrafrivolous
Ultraintuitionist Ultravacuum
Ultraenthusiastic Ultrabroadband
Ultrapowerful Ultraglamorous
Ultrafiltrate Ultradogmatic
Ultracommercial Ultramontanisms
Ultragenteel Ultracautious
Ultralarge Ultraistic
Ultradistribution Ultrarightist
Ultraenergetic Ultradignified
Ultrafiches Ultradetailed
Ultraconformist Ultralean

Ultra Prefixes – Infographics

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