+250 Witch Names For Dogs (Male and Female Pets)

When you get a new pet, one of the most exciting tasks is coming up with their name. Dog owners in particular will have endless possibilities to choose from–but if you are looking for something extra special and unique, why not opt for some witchy inspiration? Despite common misconception witches can be both male and female so we’ve gathered names that fit either gender and all breeds! Whether you’re leaning towards dark, mysterious vibes or lighthearted mischief makers these 250+ magical dog names are sure to spark your creative side.

Many people who are interested in witchcraft choose to name their dogs after famous witches. Some of the most popular witch names for dogs include: Morgaine, Circe, Hecate, and Tituba. Each of these names has a rich history and meaning that dog owners can appreciate.

Witch Names For Dogs

List of Witch Male Dog Names

Lirio Morin Major
Severus Talon Kit
Lucius Linden Lentil
Bellamy Pocus Spirit
Hex Briar Kijo
Finch Owen Hag
Silver Biddy Cauldron
Magic Christopher Lestrange
Raven Moody Ronald
Manon Jareth Tom
Cabot Blake Allan
Nutter Bran Hubble
Warlock Fang Weird
Ritual Ron Fury
Cinder Magus Merlin
Jadis Bale Crone
Spell Wizard Viv
Shade Frog Jin
Grandy Draco Jinx
Harvey Ethal Seer
Flamel Filch Rowan
Herb Newt Price
Riddle Bruxo Houdini
Mim Ward Shushi
Oz Salem Alastor
Granger West Cho
Vey Remus Brew
Mage Ethel Indigo
Stonebrook Bru Gillian
Nero Barty Miller
Craft Chrys Mog
Mater Druid Strange
Kyteler Vixen Kai
Mills Sahir Jafar
Giles Lenox Lucky
Zombi Wile Nyx
Yaga Trick Grimm
Boil Majo Wren
Pluto Zephyr Mombi
Albus Birch Nico
Oscar Sanderson Blaze
Faegan Sam Harry
Malin Downs Tarot
Theo Dark Amazo

List of Witch Female Dog Names

Mary Leech Opal
Laurie Queenie Ursula
Hela Greta Aura
Libby Onyx Luna
Traci Ophelia Ink
Puma Perdita Circe
Nova Fauna Regina
Prue Karma Ciri
Muriel Aloe Abra

Most Famous Witch Names for Dogs

Adriana Bran Zelena
Karayan Vega Sahira
Baba Neve Akeldama
Endroa Ciarda Tabitha

List of Witch Pet Names

Davina Gillian Shelia
Ariane Agnes Tabitha
Drema Greta Esther
Minerva Empusa Clara
Wendy Hope Mary-Beth
Bastianna Jadis Bridget
Samantha Katerina Rowan
Alma Freya Josette

List of Witch Unisex Dog Names

Briar Ravenna Winifred
Blaze Cotton Shade
October Finch Indigo

List of Witch Dog Names For Boys

Hestia Selina Chalice
Jade Melisandre Gemma
Lilli Nyx Hope
Lamia Blair Elsa
Freya Enid Elvira
Mortician Tabitha Dora
Neve Antonia Agnes
Lucia Piper Marie
Zelda Celeste Phaedra
Hermione Evadne Nissa
Sedona Binx Nancy
Alita Pearl Virginia
Baba Coco Diana
Winnie Gaia Lilith
Zelena Avada Myrtle
Omen Agatha Glinda
Petal Claudia Aurora
Kara Endora Sabrina
Bellatrix Amabel Flora
Asa Melisa Anise
Alma Aster Sahira
Triss Angelique Yuko
Empusa Amy Phoebe
Drema Endroa Ariana
Pepper Belinda Ginny
Davina Urania Fiona
Willow Ciarda Alexia
Electra Sukie Louise
Vega Wanda Cotton
Delphi Syrma Sage
Branka Mystic Hilda
Dementia Kadabra Honey
Cayce Medea Shelia
Genie Ravenna Molly
Strega Brook Olive
Clara Clove Eclipse
Fleur Rose Ebony
Faye Bonnie Jane
Iris Alice Jenny
Marnie Sarah Eva

List of Witch Dog Names For Girls

Endora Strega Selina
Sedona Davina Lucia
Aradia Freya Sahira
Elphaba Eva  

Witch Names For Dogs – Pictures

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